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A Scottish Father

Scottish fathersThe publication contains the following essays – Peter Thomson
Nick Thomson
Alexander Brownlee 1876-1955
– A story of blacksmiths and an earthquake Pendreigh Brown
Alexander Hill – A tribute to my father 1914-1962 Catherine Munro Stevens (nee Hill)
James Tulloch 1847-1929 JudyPethig
William Pool 1853-1932
Heather Bray
John Henderson 1850-1899 – My Great Grandfather Pauline V McLeay
William Mcleod Of The West Taieri Bobbie Amyes
John Meek 1840-1913 – My 2x Great Grandfather Heather Bray
Peter McTainsh – A True Scottish Father c1820-1876 Rosemary Anderson
Donald Gollan 1811-1887
Elsie Monahan
Alexander William Craig 1905-1984 Marie Perham
Thomas Ponton I Punton 1861 – 1911 – A Scottish Father Janet Close
William Sanderson Fitzgerald 1838 -1920 – A Father Of Education
Patricia Ellis
John Rankin 1837-1913 Sandra Seaton
Hugh McClymont 1802-1892 Sandra Seaton
Henry Smith 1856-1922 and his son David 1879-1935 My great grandfather and grandfather Caroline Smith
James Burnett 1848-1918 – My great grandfather Raewyn Miller
Matthew Graham Harvey 1847-1930 aka Bonnie Doon Harvey Ruth Ward
Samuel Burns 1848-1928 – A Scottish Father Sandra Seaton
The Thomson Brothers
From Ayrshire to New Zealand via Canada Barbara Wells
Page 12
Malcolm McGregor – Shepherd from Strathspey Barbara Wells
John Dempster 1809-1878 – My Great Great Great Grandfather John Wilson
James Campbell Wilson 1851-1933 – My Great Grandfather John Wilson
John Shennan 1827-1922 Caroline Smith
Robert Johnston c1844 – 1925 – World Traveller Sarah Hewitt
William Third Noble 1907-1962 Beth Hooper
John Archie of Tillyduke 1851 – 1917 Nick Thomson
Alexander Howie Of No 2 Line Matarawa Bobbie Amyes
John Forbes McGregor and the Invisible Grandfather Iain McGregor Stockwell


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