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Dunedin Hotels 1848 – 1937

A comprehensive historical listing of Hotels and their Publicans from 1848 to 1937.
Data from 'Hotels of Dunedin - Historical Record', CSW.
Newspaper adds and photographs from 'Papers Past', National Library of New Zealand

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Hotel NameDescription and Publicans
Abbeyliex House HotelMaclaggan Street, south side between Fleet and Clarke Streets.

1861-62 George Davidson (12 o'clock licence)

1863 C. Freeman
Adelaide Hotel
Hanover Street, at corner of Leith Street.

1865-66 Charles M. Ware

1867-69 C. Rollins

1869-74 Rebecca Murcott

1875-78 R. Fenwick

1879-82 Margaret Fenwick

1883 Matilda J. Royson

1884-88 James Glossop

1889-1902 John Asher

1903-05 Ann Asher

1906-07 A. John Cummings

1908-09 Colin Campbell

Refused licence renewal, June 1909
Albion HotelNorth side of Maclaggan Street between Rattray and Clarke Streets; approximately site of Speights Building.

1871-90 Joseph Davis

1881 Catherine Davis

1891-93 Edwin M. Stentiford

1896 Richard Walsh

After 1896, see under Club Hotel
Albion Hotel (2):North-west corner of Great King Street and St David Streets.

1861 Advertisment in paper

1862-63 J. McNeill

1864-66 John Flannigan
Aldinga Hotel:South-west corner of Stafford and Hope Streets.

1863 - 66 Judah Solomon

After 1866, see under the Clyde Hotel.
Alhambra HotelNorth-west corner Maclaggan and Clarke Streets

1864 Henry Bennett

1865 - 71 Godfrey Jacobs

1872 - 75 B. Perry

Refused licence, June 1876
All Nations HotelMain Road Caversham.

1870 - 71 Donal McFee
Alliance Hotel:South side of Maclaggan Stereet, just below Clarke Street.

1864 G. Boyd

1865 - 66 Hans J. Hansen

1867 R. Wicks

1868 - 69 Loius Busch

1870 Jacob Turnbull
Anchor Hotel:

South side of Maclaggan Street, just above Fleet Street.

1872 - 75 J. Hornby

1876 - 78 A. Hornby

1879 - 81 John Fargie

1882 Alexander Hutchinson

1883 Stanley Willis (a scenic artist)

1884 - 94 Gerald F. Egar (10 o'clock licence)

Refused licence, June 1894
Anderson's Bay Hotel:Ross's Corner, Tomahawk Road.

1864 - 65 William Hildreth

1866 - 67 F. Macguire

1867 - 69 Samuel Howard

1870 - ? James McDonald

1876 - 77 Michael Maloney

1878 - 87 Hugh Ross
Allandale Arms Hotel
Great King Steet, west side, between Dundas and Howe Streets.

1875-81 Adam Anderson

1882-95 George Atkins (10 o'clock licence)

1896 Mrs George Atkins

1897-89 Alexander Owens

1900-01 Jane Lippert

1902-03 Annie Day Walsh

Refused licence, June, 1903
Apollo Hotel:Corner Carroll and Maitland Streets. Prior to 1890 see under the Maitland Hotel.

1890 George Richard West

1891 - 92 Harry Dunn

1893 - 94 Richard Powley

Refused licence, June 1894
Arcade Hotel:North side of the Arcade (Manse Street)

1864 William Prescott

1865 M. Moran
Argyle Hotel:Kaikoria Valley Road

1870 - 74 John Whyte

1875 - 80 Donald Matheson

1881 - 92 D. Heffernan

Refused licence in 1892, considered not needed in the district.
Artillery Hotel:West side of George Street, between St. andrew and Hanover Streets. Prior to 1869 see under the Bath Hotel.

1869 - 71 Charles Hickling

1872 - 73 John Forster

Auld Reekie Hotel:West side of Great King Street, be.r tween St. David and Dundas Streets.
1866-68-—-Abraham Hare.
Auld Scotland Hotel:On the site of the present Law Court, Hotel, corner Cumberland and Stuart
1864-81 William Fiddler.
1882 Edgar Bastings.
1883 Gerald F. Eagar.
1883-87 Malahar Cuthberrson (10 o’clock licence).
1888-90 Andrew Smith.
1891-1901 John Mime Shearer.
After 1901, see under the Law Courts Hotel
Australasian Hotel:North side of Maclaggan Street, iust one door above the Alhambra, later moved to the corner and called the
1861-65 A, Griffiths.
1866 James Campbell.
1867 Andrew King and Co.
1868 B. Gibbons.
1869.73 James B. Hutton.
1874-79 James Patterson.
1880-81 Francis McCluskey.
1882-83 Henry M. Hills.
- 1884-85 John Toomey.
1$86 J. Still.
1887-1900 Dougald McLeod.
1901-02 William Pacey.
After 1902, see under the Shamrock Hotel
Ayrshire Hotel (1):1870-73—James Richmond
West side of Great King Street, between St. Andrew and Hanover Sts.
Ayrshire Hotel (2):South side of King Edward Road, between the railway crossing and Bowen Street.
1882 Francis McCluskey.
1883-85 William Graham.
1886 H. McCutcheon.
1887-88 Catherine McLennan.
1889-90 John Tiffen.
1891-93 Margaret Carroll.
114)4 M, J. Woodhouse.
Refused a licence, June, 1894.

Ballarat HotelSouth side of Carroll Street, between London Terrace and Melville Street
(or Belfast Hotel).
1868 T. Doyle
Bath HotelWest side of George Street, between St. Andrew and Hanover Streets.
1863 Edward George.
1864 Angus McRae.
1865-68 Peter Helming.
After l868 see under the Artillery Hotel
Bay Horse Hotel:Corner Portobello Road and Anderson’s Bay Road.
1876-70 Robert Cadzow
Bay View Hotel (1):West side of Maitland Street, between Steep and Stafford Streets.
1865 James Lowe.
1866 - 67 Henry Crone.
1867 (September) James Turner.
1868 - 69 James Duncan.
1870 Adam Anderson.
1871 Denis McBrearty.
1872-73 W. P. Woodifield
Bay View Hotel (2):Corner Anderson’s Bay Road and Bay View Road.
1867-71 John Mitchell.
1872-78 Peter Paxton.
1879 John H. Jewitt.
1880-83 Daniel Buchanan.
1885-87 David I. Scott.
1888 Frank Gordon Parkes.
1889 Sydney George Parkes. Ann Brosnan.
1890-99 Francis Gaffney.
1900-02 Mary Day.
1904-11 Mary Day.
1912-14 Catherine Walsh.
1915-16 Mary Day.
1927-28 David P. Wilson, jun.
1929-30 S. Massetti.
1931-32 H. C. Mountney.
1933-36 R. K, Aitchison.
In 1933 this hotel was included in the Chalmers electorate, which was "dry” that year due to the result of the 1902 poll. Appeal upset the poll. In 1912 the district in which the hotel is situated was restored to the Dunedin South electorate
Bayley’s HotelCorner High and Fleet Streets. Prior to 1868, see under the Old Identity.
1868-75 Frederick Bayley.
1876-79 Lucy Bayley.
1880-82 Archibald McMaster.
1883-88 Walter E. Carmalt,
1890-92 Kathleen F. Carmalt.
1893’94 Johana O’Connor.
Refused a licence, June, 1894.
Belfast Hotel:1868 T. Doyle
See under the Ballarat Hotel.
Belvidere Hotel:South side of Duncan Street, near the corner of York Place.
l864 - 65 George Greenfeld.
Black Bull Hotel:South-west corner George and London Streets, site of the Royal Albert Hotel.
1864-65 James R. Hood.
1866 - 76 William Carveth.
1875-79 J. B. Luks.
After 1879, see under the Royal Albert Hotel
Blake’s Hotel:South side of High Street, just above St. James Theatre.
1865-69 Robert Blake.
Botanical Gardens HotelNorth-east Valley Road, west side, and few doors from the Gardens Corner.
1883 Edward Kirk.
1884 Francis McGrath.
1885 - 87 T. M. Kirk.
1890 - 95 James Brown (II o’clock licence).
1896 -1900 James McLaren.
1901-03 Mary McLaren.
Bowling Green Hotel:71 Fredrick Street

1878-81 Edward Holmes.
1882-85 David Fergusson.
1886 J. J. Addison.
1887-99 Edward Holmes.
1900-25 Walter Dighy Wyatt.
1926-28 F. W. Rudkin.
1929 W. Quirk.
1930-32 T. Hannon.
1933-36 G. H. McDonald.
1936-37 J. P. O’Brien.
Boyd’s Hotel:High Street. (Very little record,)

1865 C. G. Boyd.
Branson’s HotelBranson's Hotel (C. B. M. Branson. Proprietor), corner of Great King and St. Andrew Streets, Dunedin. This hotel is now (1904) one of the best equipped and most popular hotels in the city. The management is superintended by Mr. Branson, who is supported by a large staff of experienced assistants.

South-west corner Great King Street and St. Andrew Street. Prior to 1904, see under the Harp of Erin Hotel.
1904-10 Charles B. M. Branson.
1911 A. B. Branson.
1912-16 S. J. T. Branson.
1917-26 James McKendry.
1927-36 Young Brothers.
1936-37 T. F. Mackie.
Bristol Hotel:South-west corner Cumberland and St. Andrew Streets.
1865-66 Annie Stuart.
1867-68 William Hall.
Licence lapsed till 1875. after which year see under the Victoria Hotel
Britannia Hotel:North-east corner George and Hanover Streets.
1864-65 Denis Heeman.
1866-85 Alexander MacGregor.
1986 G. W. Hemshall.
1887-88 Thomas Hannon.
1889 J. Dwyer.
1890-92 Robert Allan.
1893-94 Dan. M. Campbell.
Refused a licence, June, 1894
Bull and Mouth Hotel:South side of Maclaggan Street, just above the Crown Hotel.
1867-69 William Edmundsen.
1870-71 W. H. Haydon.
1872-94 Godfrey Jacobs.
Refused a licence, June, 1894.
Bunting’s Hotel:Corner Taiert and Leith Valley Roads. See under the Halfway Bush Hotel.
1876-92 William Thomas Bunting. Refused a licence, June, 1892.

Cafe de Paris:North side of Jetty Street, just below the old Chief Post Office.
1863-64 John Riordan.
1865 Riordan Brothers.
After 1865, see under the Atlantic Hotel till 1870.
1870-72 William Cousens.
Caledonia Hotel

West side of Great King Street, between Union and St. David Streets.

1870-73 Francis Krull.
1874-80 Patrick Cotter.
1881-82 D. Boyd.
1883-88 Patrick Cotter.
1889-90 John M. Stream.
1891-1906 John William Cummings.
1907-09 George Thomas Race.
Refused a licence, June, 1909
Caledonian Hotel (1):Caledonian Hotel (William Henry Skitch. proprietor 1904-07), corner of Walker and Hope Streets, Dunedin. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. The original hotel of the same name, on the same site, was one of the oldest hostelries in Dunedin. It was destroyed by fire in 1874. when the present stone building was erected. The house has a two-storey frontage on Walker street and three stories on Hope Street, and is the freehold property of the proprietor. It contains thirty rooms. including dining and sitting rooms. Standing on an elevated site, it commands a view of the city and harbour, and is within easy distance of the Post Office and the central business premises of the city. The Caledonian Hotel is a family and commercial house, and receives a large patronage from country visitors. It was taken over by the present proprietor in August, 1903, when it was thoroughly renovated and improved
NZETC Creative Commons licensed

South-west corner Hope and Carroll Streets. Site of the present Rugby Hotel.
1863-68 William Christie,
1869-73 William Fraser.
1874-79 James Hutton.
1880 Griffiths Roberts.
1881-82 Bonifacio Zurharo.
1883-84 John Infield.
1885 Emmanuel Martiney.
1886 M. Joel.
1887-89 G. Nelson.
1890-92 J. D. Hutton.
1893 R. MacKenzie.
1894-96 John Augustus Goldring.
1897-98 Annie Walsh.
1899 John Tansey.
1900-03 John Barlow.
1904-07 William H. Skitch.
1998-09 William Andrew Woods.
1910-13 John J. Roughan.
1914-20 James Barclay.
1921-24 P. V. Stevens.
After 1924. see under the Rugby Hotel.
Caledonian Hotel (2):Near the old Caledonian Grounds, corner of Anderson's Bay and Hillside Roads.

1882-83 John Ogg
1884-1906 John Blaney.
l907 - 12 Annie Blaney.
1913-22 William S. Glasse,
1923-25 J. Plank,
1926-36 Mrs. J. Plank.

Caledonian Hotel (3)South-east corner of Maclaggan and Clarke Streets, next door to the Alliance Hotel.
1867 F. Bailey: W. Clements (September).
1868-69 W. Thompson.
1870 Samuel Hatfield.
1871 Bowie.
Cannongate HotelBrown Street, near the corner of Duncan Street.
1871-73 Charles Field.
1874-76 John Colder.
1877-79 A. J. Hams.
1880-81 G. W. Driscoll.
1882 Gerald F. Eager.
1883-84 Frederick Braines.
1885-87 Henry Quinn (10 o’clock licence).
1888-89 A. Low.
1890-92 John McAlpine Stewart.
1893-94 Charles Stewart Pacey.

Refused a licence, June, 1894.

Canton Hotel:Corner Surrey and Alfred Streets. Prior to 1883 see under the Darley Hotel.

1883 Henry Bloxham.
1884 John Grant.
1885-86 John Bryant.
1887-89 Alex Graham.
Refused a licence, June, 1888.
Canton Hotel (2):North side of High Street. Prior to 1925, see under the Commercial.
1934 J. Richardson.
See Hotel Carlton.
Captain Cook HotelSouth-west corner Great King Street and Albany Street.
1865-67 Michael Brown.
1862-68 J. H. Brunce.
1869-70 Williarn Clarkson.
1871-78 J. Buck.
1879-81 John Scott.
1882-84 Eliza Scott.
1885-92 John Haydon.
l893-1903 James Kerr.
1901-I 1 William Collie.
I912-13 John Monaghan.
1914-18 William Henry Ward.
1919 William Collie.
1920 Mrs. Eliza Cahill.
1923 H. M. Allan.
1924-26 J. Treacy.
1927-36 W. L. Buddicom.

Captain Cook Hotel (William Collie, proprietor), corner of Great King and Albany Streets, Dunedin. This old established and well known hostelry, which is situated opposite the Albany Street Post Office, is the freehold property of the proprietor. It is a compact building of two stories, and contains sixteen rooms. Since Mr. Collie took possession of the establishment, in 1903, considerable improvements and re-furnishings have been effected. The large yard at the back of the premises is asphalted, and stabling, including stalls and a loose box, is provided.
The Cyclopedia of New Zealand NZETC
Carriers’ Arms Hotel:West side of Princes Street south, between Market and Jones Streets, next to the Peacock Hotel.

1861 H. Steel.
l865-70 Michael Fagan.
1871-76 Patrick Pagan.
Cattle Market Hotel (1):West side of Northeast Valley Road.
1864 William Read.
1865-73 Jarnes Armstrong.
1974-79 Willian, Fraser.
1880-82 Edward Kirk.
Cattle Market Hotel (2):Kaikorai Valley Road, near the old Mills

1876-8I David Ferguson
Caversham Hotel:

North side of the Main South Road, near car stop.

1871 -1909 Francis Porter.
Refused a licence, June, 1909.
Central Hotel:

West side of Princes Street, between Dowling Street and Moray Place. Prior to 1889, see under Donning’s Hotel.
1889-96 Thomas Cornish.
1897-98 E. J. Power.
1899-1904- William Henry Haydon.
1905- 09 Catherine 3. Haydon.
Refused a licence, June, 1909,
City Buffet:West side of Princes Street, between Dowling Street and Moray Place

1863-66 Michael Riordan.
1866 James Guardiola.
1867 Charles Grey, Alfred Lawrence (September).
1868-69 Rogers.
1870-73 Peter P. Allen.
After 1873, see under Dunning’s Hotel.
City Hotel:South-east corner of Princes Street and Moray Place. Prior to 1877, see under the Glasgow Arms Hotel.
1877-81 Michael Murphy.
1882-88 Nancy Murphy.
1889-98 J. F. Nixson.
1899-190 John T. Harris.
1902 J. A. Turner.
1903-04 J. F. Nixson.
1905-09 William John Watson.
1910-16 William Andrew Woods.
1918-19 Frederick Carter.
l920 William Quirk.
1921-23 Samuel Dunn.
1924-36 L. F, McCormack.

The City Hotel (W. J. Waters, proprietor), Princes Street and Moray Place, Dunedin. Telephone 603. P.O. Box 212. Bankers, National Bank of New Zealand. This favourite and first-class hotel is a handsome three storey stone and brick building with large frontages to Princes Street and Moray Place East, and has for many years been a favourite hotel with tourists and commercial men. It contains forty-five bedrooms, four sitting rooms, ladies' drawing rooms, commercial and reading rooms, and a beautiful well lighted dining room capable of seating eighty guests. The ground floor accommodates the public and private bars, which are stocked with the best spirits, wines, and cigars obtainable; and a large billiard room and private office are also on the same floor. The main entrance is from Princes Street, and a fine broad stairway leads from the entrance hall to the first floor, which has the dining room, commercial room, and ladies' drawing rooms. There are bathrooms with hot and cold water and shower connections in each storey. The hotel in its construction is as nearly fire proof as possible, and handsome iron balconies, with concrete floors on each storey, afford every facility for escape in case of fire. There are several well lighted sample rooms for the use of commercial men. The whole house is furnished with taste and luxury, and the comfort of the guests is the study of the host and hostess. The City Hotel occupies a most central position, within a short distance of the Post Office, banks, warehouses, railway station and wharf.
The Cyclopedia of New Zealand NZETC
Clarendon Hotel:North side of Maclaggan Street, one door from the corner of Rattray St.
1878-81 Mary Ann Woodley.
1882-83 William Wishart.
1884 Robert Neilson.
1885-88 Ann Diamond.
1888-89 Patrick Fogarty.
After 1889, see under the Gladstone Hotel,

Club Hotel:

Maclaggan Street, Prior to 1898, see under the Albion Hotel.

1898 George Weir,
1899 Alexander Owen.
1900-03 Alexander Owen.
Refused a licence, June, 1903

Photo National Library of New Zealand
Clyde Hotel:South-west corner of Stafford and Hope Streets. Prior to 1867, see under the Aldinga Hotel.
1867-70 Alexander Cook,
1871-72 Archibald McMaster.
Refused a licence, December, 1872
Coach and Horses Hotel:South side of Carroll Street, one door below Melville Street.
l865 Henry Jones.
Colls’ Club Hotel:Manse Street.

1865 Samuel B. Coils.
Commercial Hotel:

High Street, on the site of the present Carlton Hotel. Prior to 1891 see under Watson’s Hotel.

1891-1925 John Watson.
After 1925, see under the Carlton Hotel
Photo National Library of New Zealand

Commercial Hotel (James and John Watson, proprietors), High Street, Dunedin; Telephone 128; Post Office Box 106. This fine hotel, which was established by the present proprietors in 1874, is a brick building of three stories. The “Commercial” was conducted by Messrs. Watson till October, 1883, when they entered into possession of the Grand Hotel, then just completed. The brothers were well known as proprietors of that splendid establishment for the succeeding ten years, when they again became landlords of the house they now conduct.
Commercial Hotel (2):Frederick Street, near the corner Clyde Street.

1885-1911 Catherine Mills.
After 1911, see under the Middlemarch Hotel.

Commercial Hotel (3):Corner Main South Road and David Street, Caversham.

1881-82 Henry Owen.
1883-94 James Muir.
Refused a licence, June, 1894
Commercial Inn Hotel:North side of High Street, on the then waterfront. First hotel in Dunedin.

1848 (June) T. S. Watson (drowned in a boat accident at Port. - 6th October, 1849).
1849-50 S. Shaw and Isabella Shaw.
1850-51 Charles Hopkinson.
1852 Thornas Martin.
1853-56 C. S. Partridge.
1857-58 C. Duncan (new building erected, midnight licence). 1839-61 R. S. Cantrell.
l861-62 Vause and Chaplin.
Late 1961 Dan. White (temporary).
1862-64 S. Jones.
l865 Henry Wissenden.
1866 Edwin Hooper
Cooper’s Family Hotel:On east side of Princes Street, be’ tween the Octagon and Moray Place. The site of the old Provincial Engineer’s office.

1862-65 James Cooper.
1864-65 Mrs. Harriet B. Cooper.
The hotel was destroyed by fire on 8th February, 1866.

Cornwall Arms Hotel:East side of George Street, corner of Pall Mall.
1864 John Cornwall.
1865 Hyman Cohen.
1867 Vacant.
1868-71 Alexander Lyons.
1872 J. F. Sanders.
Lost its licence in December, 1872.
Craigieburn Hotel:North-east corner Princes and Carroll Streets.

1864-66 James Gunn MacKay.

Craigieburn Hotel (2):West side of George Street, between St. Andrew and Hanover Streets.

1866-67 James Gunn MacKay.
After 1867, see under the Duke of Edinburgh.

Cricketers’ Arms HotelWest side of Princes Street south, between Lees and Maitland Streets.

l863-65 George C. Keith.
1866-68 James Briggs.
1869-76 Thomas Farrell.

Criterion Hotel:On the north-west corner of George Street and Moray Place (site of the Savoy) up till 1912. From 1912 onwards it was in Moray Place.

1862 Henry Reynolds.
1863-64 Reynolds and Co.
1865 Frank Tritton.
1866-71 Percival Barker.
1867 Destroyed by fire, 1st April.
1872-74 Barker and Nixson.
1875 P. Barker.
1876-81 William Thompson.
1882-83 William H. Haydon.
1884 John Haydon.
1884-93 William H. Haydon.
1894-99 James Liston.
1900-05 John Joseph Connor.
1906 Frank Toomey.
1907-22 James Murphy.
1912 Transferred to the Old Coffee Palace.
1923-24 Mrs. James Murphy.
1925-27 A. Mclvor.
1928-35 W. McLachlan.
1935-36 Estate of W. McLachlan,
1936-37 F. J. Fay.

Crown Hotel (1):Corner of Rattray and Maclaggan Streets.

1861-63 Daniel White.
1864-65 J. Campbell.
1866-67 William Edinondson.
1867-69 James Campbell.
1870- William L. Philp.
1871 A. Lawrence.
1872-73 J. Williams.
1874-78 James Campbell.
1879-1904 Patrick Keligher.
1905-10 Mary Clare Keligher.
1911-19 W. J. Coughlan.
1920 John Cherry.
1921-24 John Richardson.
1925-27 W. B. Metcalfe.
1928-29 Branson Brothers.
1930 John Cherry.
1931-36 H. A. Edmonds.

The Crown Hotel (P. Keligher, proprietor), corner of Rattray and Maclaggan Streets. This old established hotel, which is centrally situated at the corner of Rattray and Maclaggan Streets, is a fine brick building containing over fifty rooms. It is a favourite calling place with travellers and country visitors and families. The main entrance from Rattray Street opens into a spacious passage. Thence the visitor may enter the large dining room, which has seats for fifty guests. The commercial room, reading room, and billiard room are reached from the same passage. On the first floor there are several private sitting rooms, bedrooms and a drawing room for ladies. The second storey contains both single and double bedrooms. There are bathrooms with hot and cold water, and lavatories, on each floor. The whole establishment is furnished in good taste, and the visitor is sure of every comfort and attention, Water-hose are placed in convenient and accessible places in each flat in case of fire, and the fine balconies which run round both the first and second stories, give every facility for escape., However, as the house is constructed of brick, it is practically fire proof. The cookery of this hotel is well known in Dunedin, and the number of daily visitors at luncheon and dinner proves that the dining room is a feature of the establishment. The bar, which is separated from the main portion of the hotel, has a reputation for the quality of its liquors and cigars. The domestic arrangements are under the personal supervision of Mrs Keligher, one of the most popular landladies in Dunedin.
The Cyclopedia of New Zealand NZETC
Crown Hotel (2):Main South Road, Caversham, next to the Baptist Church.

1865-69 John William Feger.
1970 J. F. Campbell.
1871 Thomas Arrow.

Darley Hotel:Corner Surrey and Alfred Streets.

1878-80 James Forrester.
1881 Refused for this year on account of the disgraceful state of conduct at the hotel.
1882 Refused again to Patrick John Ballett.
1883 H. Bloxham.
After 1883, see under the Carlton Hotel.
Douglas Hotel:

North-west corner of the Octagon and George Street. Site of Civic Center. Prior to 1877, see under the Hibernian Hotel.
1877 George Falconer.
l878-82 George Falconer.
1883-92 James Liston.
1893-95 Frank H. Guinness.
1896 Edward Power.
1897 J. Whelan.
1898-1900 K. D’Arcy.
1901-05 John Crane.
1906.09 James Geddes.
Refused a licence, June, 1909.
Duke of Edinburgh North side of Russell Street, between Arthur Street and York Place.

1869-70 Joshua Eccies.
1871-75 D. Radcliffe.
1876-78 G. BIson.
1879 Vacant.
I880- 81 George Nelson.
1882-83 Robert Margrie.
1884-85 Adam Anderson.
1886-87 Joshua Eccies.
1888 John Walker.
1889-93 Joshua Eccles,
1894-96 Michael Kane.
1897 John Parker.
1898 C. S. Lamb.
1899-1902 Frederick Hansen.
1903-06 Daniel White.
I 907-09 Duncan Mackenzie.
Refused a licence, June, 1909.
Dunedin Hotel:Maclaggan Street.

1865-67 Mary Power.
1868 Vacant.
1869-75 Michael Cox.
Refused a licence in 1875.
Dunning’s Hotel:Princes Street nurth, west side, be’ tween Dowling street and Moray Place

1875-79 A. T. Dunning.
l880-81 A. T. Dunning.
1882-83 John Golder.
1884-85 R. T. Waters. (Called the Baldwin Hotel, but more usually termed Dunning’s.)
1886 J. Daly.
1887 T. Read.
1888 J. D. Hutton.
After 1888 see under the Central Hotel.
Eagle Hotel:South side of Stafford street, between Melville and Hope Streets.

1870 John Blamford.
1871 Daniel Berry.
1872 M. Boland.
Refused a licence, December, 1872.
Edinburgh Castle Hotel1861-65 John Feger.
1865-68 William Henry Arrow.
1869-73 John Paul.
1874 Patrick Lyng,
1875-78 William Paul.
l879-89 Mary Paul.
1890 James Paul.
1891 John Outred.
1892-94 Edward M. Bellamy.
Refused a licence, June, 1894.

West side of the Main South Road, Caversham. Corner of Station Street.

Ellis Family Hotel:West side of Great King street, between Dundas and Howe Streets.
1869-70 Robert Ellis.
Empire Hotel (1):West side of Princes Street south. Prior to 1899 see under the Union Hotel.
1899-1918 Daniel Calvin.
1919-20 A. F. Taylor.
1921 Andrew Pringle.
1922-30 J. Carter.
1931 F. A. O’Malley.
1932 Mrs. A. Riach.
1933-36 A. A. Campbell.
1936-37 A. Mitchell.
Empire Hotel (2):George Street.
1889 G. Nelson.
1890 John Dwyer.
1891-92 Frank Hart Guinness.
Empire Hotel (3):On the site of the present Southern Cross Hotel.
1862-64 James Osgood.
1865 Henry Hoyt.
1866-67 A. Griffiths.
1867-69 J. T. Chaplin.
1870 Caleh Moore.
1871-75 George Dobson.
1876-79 Thomas H, Dobson.
1880 Robert Watson.
1881.83 James Watson.
After 1883 see under the Grand Hotel.
European Hotel (1):On the north-east corner of George and Bath Streets.
1864-65 H. Muller.
1866 Halliday Bros.
186769 C. B. Peterson.
1870 F. L. Meuller.
1871 R. W. Shepherd.
1872-76 Keligher and O’Donnell.
1877-92 John Carroll.
1893-95 Patrick Dwyer.
1896-97 Edward Dwyer.
1898 F. G. Culling.
1889.1901 James Power.
1902 Edmond Power.
1903-05 W. F. Bastings.
1906-20 John Morrison.
1921-28 Mrs. A. Ainge.
1929-30 F. A. Cheyne.
1931-36 R. F. Marshall.
1936-37 F. Loughran.
Excelsior Hotel (2):side of Princes Street between Moray Place and the Octagon.
1864 P. Donnecher.

Excelsior Hotel (1):On the south’weat corner of Prince. and Dowling Streets. Prior to 1889 see under the Oriental Hotel.

1889-90 Nancy Murphy.
1891 Georgina S. Holloway.
1892’93 Nancy Murphy.
189497 Robert Allen.
1898.99 John Donaldson.
1900-15 Roderick Mackenzie.
1916-21 David Young.
1922-27 William Quirk.
1928-36 J. Trengrove.

Excelsior Hotel (Roderick Mackenzie, proprietor 1909-15), corner of Dowling and Princes Streets, Dunedin. This handsome hostelry occupies a conspicuous position in the centre of the city, and is within three minutes' walk of the railway station, post and telegraph offices. Notwithstanding the fact that the hotel is comparatively a new building, it was found necessary, recently, to extend the premises to provide additional accommodation. The hotel now contains fifty rooms, well furnished and properly equipped, and may claim to be an up-to-date commercial and family hotel. There is a well-lighted reading and commercial room, with a number of combined American writing desks and secretaries, easy chairs, files of the leading newspapers, and writing and corresponding conveniences. A private sitting room, set apart for ladies, contains, among its attractive furnishings, a Brinsmead piano, music stands, writing desks, and couches and cushions. Luxurious bridal chambers, exquisitely furnished, adjoin private sitting rooms equipped to match. The bedrooms are furnished with mirrored wardrobes, chests of drawers, and other furnishings, manufactured from the special designs of the proprietor. To show the careful study that has been given to details, each bed, in addition to the customary wire-woven spring mattress, is provided with specially-designed felt rugs, which prevent the remotest danger from dampness. There are bathrooms and lavatories on each floor, and throughout the entire house there are fire-house appliances, placed in conspicuous positions, for use in cases of emergency. Every provision for escape in case of fire has also been carefully attended to; and iron gangways and iron stairways lead from the window to the ground. Privacy for the residential portion of the building is secured by a private entrance from Dowling Street. The dining room, which is a large, handsome apartment, is liberally patronised by city business men; and this is ample evidence of a well-kept table.
The Cyclopedia of New Zealand NZETC
Exchange Hotel:Princes Street north, between Dowling and Rattray Street. (Quick and Co.’s coaches left here.)
1862-63 Child and Little.
1864 Thomas Little.
1865 T. Sheenan.
Destroyed by a fire on 25th January, 1865, which also destroyed the Bank of Otago and First Church.
Exchange Hotel (2):South side of Carroll Street, five doors above Hope Street. Prior to 1869 see under the Royal Exchange.
1869-71 Thomas Cleary.
1872 M. Butler.
Refused a licence, December, 1872.

OTAGO CLUB COMPANY, LIMITED. Officers: Messrs. Thomas Brown (chairman), James Edgar (hon. treasurer), and T. K. Harty (secretary). The premises leased by this company, which are used as the domicile of the Otago Club, were formerly known as the Exchange Hotel. The building—a three-story stone structure—contains about forty rooms, Including dining, reading, and billiard rooms, the whole being handsomely fur­nished. The company was Incorporated in 1887. and has about 200 shareholders, who are likewise members of the club, which Is one of the principal residential clubs in Otago.
The Cyclopedia of New Zealand NZETC

Exhibition Hotel:East side of Great King Street, between Frederick and Albany Streets.
1866 Douglas.
1867 Charles Clutterbuck.
1867 George C. Keith.
1867 George White (September).
1868 C. Carter.
Fitzroy Hotel:South Dunedin.
1884-86 John McKersey.
1887-88 Jane Ingram.
1889 Edward Lyons.
1890-93 Robert. Brown.
1894-96 George Barker.
1897-98 J. Wiley.
1899-1903 William Hewitt.
1904-05 Patrick Mackie.
l906-07 James Gibbons.
1908-11 James Stenhouse.
1912-15 Harry Rea.
l9l6-18 Joseph Carter.
1919-20 Mrs. C. B. Hewitt.
1921 -25 lrvine Kaye.
1926-33 C. G. Shand.
1934-36 T. H. Cahill.

Foundry Hotel:East side of Great King Street, between St. Andrew and Hanover Streets
1864-66 F- Champness.
I 867 James Forrester. William Clements (May). S. M. S. Voisey (September).
1868 S. M S. Voisey.
1869-75 Vacant.
1876 John Leary applied for a licence, but refused.
1877 John Leary granted.
1878 Refused to Michael Moriaty.
Freemasons’ Hotel:South side of Maclaggan Street, between Fleet Street and a right-of-way.

1864-65 R. Henderson.
1866 James Cahill.
1867-69 Hayman Cohen

Geelong Hotel:
National Library of New Zealand

North-west corner of Castle and Albany Streets.
1863 James Tonkin.

Gladstone Hotel:
North side of Maclaggan Street. where it stands to-day. Prior to 1889 see under the Clarendon.
1889-92 J Morkane.
1893-94 Catherine Morkane.
1895 William Home.
1896 Henry Phillips.
1897-98 Margaret Laveity.
1899 Andrew Cow
1900-20 John Collins.
1921-22 James H. Barry.
1923-24 J. D. Winte,,
1925 H. W. Winter.
1926-27 P. A. Fahey.
1928-35 J. M. O'Brien.
1933-36 P. Treacy.

National Library of New Zealand

The Gladstone Hotel (John Collins, proprietor), Maclaggan Street, Dunedin. Telephone 63. This hotel is a handsome brick and cement building, erected in 1878 to replace the old wooden hotel known as the “Scandinavian.” It has a commercial room, reading room, and dining room on the ground floor, and the dining room is a fine apartment, with seats for sixty guests. On the first floor there are several handsomely furnished sitting rooms, a ladies' drawing room, a smoking room, and several large airy bedrooms. The second storey is taken up with bedrooms, single and double. Bathrooms, with hot and cold water, and lavatories, are conveniently placed on each storey. Great pains have been taken to make escape easy in case of fire, and balconies with concrete floors have been erected on each storey. The whole house is furnished with a view to comfort, and the hotel enjoys the patronage of many country visitors and the travelling public. Mr. Collins is a connoisseur in liquors, and his bar and cellars are stocked with the best wines, spirits, and cigars in Dunedin. The hotel is centrally situated near the Post Office, banks and other public buildings, the Roslyn cable tram, and city electric trams.

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand NZETC
Glasgow Arms Hotel:South-east corner of Princes Street and Moray Place.
I 863 John Crawford.
1864-76 John Aikman.
Alter 1876 see under the City Hotel.

Glasgow Hotel:

North side of Dowling Street, lust above the present Dunedin Savings Bank building.
1890-96 John Charles Short,
After 1896 see under the Shades Hotel.

Glasgow Pie and Porter Rooms
1864 Robertson and Gibson

Glasgow Pie House:
North-east corner, George Street and Moray Place.
1876-82 John Donaldson.
1883 Alexander Donaldson.
1884.57 John Donaldson.
1888-89 J. Toomey.
Globe Hotel:
East side of Princes Street south, opposite the Market Reserve.
1872-76 Mrs. Ann Diamond.
1877 D. Harris,
1878-80 Alexander Owen.
1881-84 Mrs. Ann Diamond.
1885-92 Joseph Reany.
1893 John C. Banoatyne.
1894-97 Mary Bannatyne.
l899-1903 James McKewen.
Refused a license, June, 1903.

Gold Diggers Rest Hotel:Kaikorai Valley Road, opposite the Mills, on the site of the Cattle Market (q.v,).
1862 Ewen McCol1.
Golden Age Hotel:South side of Stafford Street, one door above Hope Street, between the Aldinga and the Rose of Australia.
1862-64 Jones and Co.
1865-66 Jones and Mee.
1867-69 Thomas Jones.
1870 John Galloway.
1871-73 Vacant.
1874-77 Thomas Mackay.
1878-80 John Shortel.
1881 Henry Paget.
1882-83 Peter D. Young.
1884 Patrick Daly.
1884-85 James J. Harris.
Refused a licence, June, 1885
House considered unfit for use.

Grand Hotel:
Corner High and Princes Streets. Southern Cross site today. Prior to 1883
see under the Empire Hotel.
1883-92 James Watson.
1893 Henry Samuel Lobb.
1894-95 John Philip Piercy.
1896-97 William D. Revington.
1898-1901 W. L. Philp.
1902-08 J. A. Ainge.
3909-14 Annie Ainge.
1915-17 Mrs. J. Ainge.
1918-20 A. A. Paape.
1921.24 D. F. Wark.
1925-36 A. A. Paape.

The Grand Hotel (Joseph A. Ainge, proprietor), corner of Princes and High Streets, Dunedin. Telephone 537. P.O. Box 96. This hotel, which cost over £40,000, takes rank as one of the finest houses in the Southern Hemisphere and occupies a commanding site, in the business centre of Dunedin, within a minute's walk of the Post Office, Bank of New Zealand, railway station and wharf. The building is constructed of stone and concrete, and contains five floors, exclusive of the basement. The chief entrance is from High Street, by handsome glass folding doors, through which visitors pass into the central hall or vestibule, with its beautiful mosaic floor and decorated glass dome. The ground floor accommodates the offices, the public bar with its entrance from Princes Street, a large commercial room, with space for one hundred persons, two luggage rooms, a beautifully decorated private bar, and a most commodious and comfortable smoking and writing room, which is supplied with the best current literature of the day. Guests have a choice of ascending by a fine stairway, or by the powerful Otis elevator, which communicates with the various floors of the house, to the gallery which surrounds the hall on the first floor. This gallery is used as a lounge by lady visitors. The dining room is a palatial apartment, capable of seating one hundred guests. Its cornices and panels are exquisitely decorated. When the room is fully laid out for half-past six o'clock dinner it presents a truly sumptuous appearance. A serving pantry, which opens into the dining hall, communicates with the kitchen, where a first-rate master cook is helped in his important duties by several experienced assistants. This floor has a large private writing and smoking room for the use of visitors only, and also a beautifully furnished drawing room, from the windows of which guests have a full view of the traffic of the main thoroughfare. There are also several suites, each with its sitting room and bedrooms, on this flat. The second and third floors contain the bedrooms. On each of these floors there are two bath rooms, with hot and cold water, and shower connections. The whole hotel is furnished with a degree of luxury and taste seldom seen except in the leading hotels of Europe. Two beer cellars and a large wine cellar are in the basement, and are stocked with the best and most expensive brands of wines, liquors, and cigars; indeed Mr. Ainge has a colonial reputation for these, and his stock is the largest connected with any hotel in the colonies. The building is considered to be as nearly as possible perfectly fire-proof, and insurance companies regard it as one of the best risks in the colonies. Every advantage has been taken by the architect in its construction to provide easy ways of escape in case of fire. The total number of rooms is 110, of which seventy are bedrooms. The bars, which are separated from the main portion of the hotel, are supplied with only the best liquors, wines and cigars. The “Grand” is one of the oldest established hotels in Dunedin, but the present building was erected about 1880. It is a favourite house with tourists, and has been patronised by His Excellency the Governor and suite. Altogether, the appointments, cookery, and general management of the Grand Hotel entitle it to a prominent place amongst Australian hotels of the first order.
The Cyclopedia of New Zealand NZETC
Grand Pacific Hotel (2):
Prior to 1907 see under the Racecourse Hotel.
1907 Margaret Parker.
1908-09 William J, Marshall.
Refused a licence, June, 1909.

Grand Paciñc Hotel (11878-79 James Stenhouse.
1880 J. P. Jones.
1881-82 Thomas Mackridge.
1883-84 Louis Hume.
1885-86 William James Pellet
Grange Hotel:Corner Grange and Hanover Streets.
1879-82 C. Bunbury.
1883-85 Charles W. Henshall.
1886 C. W. Weavers.
1887 John Dwyer.
1888 Maurice Coghlan.
1889 Maurice Coghlan.
1890-92 J. C. Bannatyne.
1893 William H. Haydon.
Refused a licence, June, 1894.

Great Northern Hotel:
North.west corner Creat King Street and Duke Street.
1877-92 James Cummings.
1893-95 Patrick Toomey.
l896-1900 Margaret Braun.
1901-03 J. Higgins.
1904 Margaret Braun,
1905-06 George R. Westcott.
1907-09 Joseph Toomey.
Refused a licence, June, 1909.

Gridiron Hotel:
East side of Princes Street south.

1862-63 Charles William.
1864 Clarke and Mcllroy.
1865-71 Alexander Mcllroy.
1872-74 Mrs: Mcllroy.
1875-76 Dan Black,
1877-79 James Martin.
1880 Margaret Martin.
1881-84 Michael Pagan,
l885-88 Margaret Roach.
1889 J. Roach.
1890-95 John Lawson.
l896 George Burton.
1897-98 William Agnew.
1899 John Laffey.
1900 Archibald Smith.
l901-02 James Connelly.
l903 Laurence Clancey.
1904-08 James Caldwell.
1909-20 Samuel W. Geddes.
1921 T. Quirk.
1922-23 Charles Hinchcjiff.
1924-26 A. W. Brown.
1927-31 W. D. Cowie.
1932 A. M. Mclvor.
1933-35 S. W. Ceddes.
1936 D. J. Finnegan

Hamburg Hotel:East side of Rattray Street. One door below Dowling Street.
1865-66 C. E. Paterson.
1867-69 Willliain Halliday
Harp of Erin Hotel:South-west corner Great King and St. Andrew Streets.
l874-79 Francis McGrath.
1880 James Campbell.
188l-89 Francis McGrath.
1890-93 John Infield.
1894-96 Joseph Wareham.
1897-1903 Charles B. M. Branson.
After 1903, see under Branson’s Hotel.
Hibernian Hotel:North-west corner Octagon and George Street.
1864-76 John Carroll (commonly known as Carroll’s Hotel).
After 1876 see under the Douglas Hotel.

Hillside Railway HotelCorner Cargill Road and King Edward Road. Prior to 1878 see under the South Dunedin Hotel.
1878 F. C. Naumann.
1879-81 Richard Hunter.
Hit or Miss Hotel:South-west corner of Princes and Carroll Streets.
1867-69 M. McCarthy.
After 1870, see under the Munster Arms Hotel.
Horse and Jockey Hotel:Maclaggan Street.
1867 James W. Cotton.
Hotel Carlton:High Street.
Prior to 1925 see under the Commercial.
1925-36 J. Richardson
Hubert’s Café and Club:Corner Manse and Stafford Streets.

1863-64 L. M. Hubert.
After 1864 see under the Provincial Hotel
Imperial Hotel:
Corner Princes and Hope Streets.
1863-69 James McGuire.
1870-71 Mrs. James McGuire.
1872-74 W. H. Haydon.
1875-83 William Haydon.
1884-92 Mary Orton.
1893-95 Thomas Broadway.
1896-98 Eliza Sinclair.
1899 George Burton.
1900 Jessie E. Burton. Ben Fuller.
1901 George Searle.
1902-03 Michael McAllen.
Refused a licence, June, 1903.

Inverness Hotel:East side of Cumberland Street.
1887 Mary Jackson granted a licence, but the hotel was never

Jones’ Hotel:Stafford Street, north side, between Hope and Melville Streets.
1863 Jones and Co.
Kaikorai Hotel:Halfway Bush Road.
1866-70 William Shedden

Kensington Hotel:
Corner of Princes Street south and King Edward Street.

1874-83 Tim Hayes.
1854-86 Peter Casey.
1887-1900 Denis Maloney.
1901 Alfred H. Cox.
1901 Janet Cox.
1902-03 J. P. Liston.
1904-06 James Murphy.
1907 Edward Puddy.
1908-10 Thomas Kett.
1911-16 Michael Fenton.
1917-20 Harry Rea.
1921-22 E. E. Rowe.
1923-24 A. Niall.
1925-26 A. Plumley.
1927-31 C. Aitchison.
1932-33 P. Treacy.
1934-35 A. Ferguson.
1935-36 T. Muir.
1936-37 H. P. Dunne.

Krull’s A1 Hotel:Corner of Forth Street and Union Street.
I 883-86 Francis Krull.
After 1886 see under the Pelichet Bay Hotel.
Krull’s Family Hotel:George Street.
1874-82 Francis Krull.
1883-84 Bernard Krull.
1885-87 Alfred F. Austin.
Law Courts Hotel:South-cast corner of Cumberland and Stuart Streets. Stands as such to-day.
Prior to 1902 see under the Auld Scotland Hotel.
1902-12 Florence Shearer.
l9l3 Samuel Pellett Leith.
1919-36 Alexander Stewart
Liverpool Arms Hotel:East side of Filleul Street, one door from St. Andrew Street.
1869-90 S. Edmund, P. O’Keeffe.
1891-94 Alfred H. O’Keeffe.
Refused a licence, June, 1894.
London Hotel:South side of Prince Albert Road, St. Kilda.
1883-84 Pharaoh Thomas.
1884 F. C. Naumann.
l885 Denis Barry. 1885 (September)—James Hartstonge.
1886-91 Charles Finlayson.
1892 Alfred Smith.
1893 Malcolm Allen.
Refused a licence, June, 1893.

London Hotel (2):South side of Jetty Street. Three doors from Princes Street. Later (1885) moved to the corner Princes Street.
1864 Hugh E. Cann.
1865 H. H. Moody.
1866 H. E. Moody.
1867 Moody and Co.
1868-71 William Kennedy.
1872-73 H. H. Moody.
1874-80 William Ed. Couzins.
1880 Andrew McKinnon.
1881 Charles Finlayson.
1882-88 Thomas Cornish.
1889-92 James McDonald.
Refused a licence. June, 1892, on the grounds that the hotel was not needed.
London Tavern Hotel:North side of Carroll Street, between Richardson and Melville Streets.
1864 S. B. Coils.
1865 J. Crouch.
1866-67 S. Craft.
1868-75 Ephriam Machin.
Refused a licence, June, 1876

Maitland Hotel:South-east corner Maitland and Carroll Streets.
1868-71 H. Crone.
1872-76 James Baxter.
1877-78 J. J. Connor.
1879-80 Charles Norris.
1881-84 James Deane.
1885 John Infield,
1886-88 James Knight.
1889 J. Harold.
After 1889 see under the Apollo Hotel
Martin’s Hotel:
North side of Stafford Street, between Hope and Melville Streets.
1862 F. Martin.
1863-64 C. and F. Martin.
1865 George Martin.
1866 Frederick Martin.
1867 Charles Wilmott.
1868-69 William Couzens.
1870 Edward Hammond.
1871-73 Vacant.
1874-76 Robert Skitch.
1877-80 Hugh Black.
After 1880 see under the Stafford Hotel.
Mechanics Arms Hotel:North side of Lower Stuart Street, between Moray Place and Cumberland Street.
1865 Taylor and Duckworth
Mee’s Family Hotel:1882-86 Thornas Mee.
1887 S. P. Galloway.
After 1887 see under the Star Hotel
Melbourne Club Hotel:Corner of High and Manse Streets.

1862-64 Charlotte Dawson.
After 1864 see under the Occidental Hotel.

Melbourne Hotel:South side of Maclaggan Street.

1864 - 66 James Johnstone.

Metropole Hotel:St. Clair, Forbury.

Prior to 1892 see under the St. Clair Hotel.
1892-93 Annie Maria Daly.
1894-95 Joseph H. Lowden.
1896-98 George T. Searle.
1899-1900 Margaret Parker.
1901 Thomas Silk.
l902-03 Alic Silk.
Refused a licence, June, 1903:

Metropolitan Hotel:South side of Maclaggan Street. Prior to 1909 see under Universal Hotel.

1909-10 T.J. Grant
1911-13 A. G. McKay.
1914-20 Thomas Grace.
1921 J. F. Harnmerly.
1922-24 J. Hope.
1925-27 W. Mackintosh.
1928-36 M. Kean,

Middlemarch Hotel:North-west corner of Frederick and Clyde Streets. Prior to 1902 see under the Commerical Hotel.
1902-05 F. C. Peters.
1906 R. J. McLintock.
1907-11 John Thomas Harris.
1912 T. J. Grant.
After 1912 see under the Oriental Hotel
Miners’ Arms Hotel:North side of Carroll Street, between Hope and Richardson Streets.
1865 William Wood.
Moir’s Family Hotel:National Library of New Zealand

East side of Manse Street, on the site of the present Wain’s Hotel.
1862-63 Andrew Moir.
1864-65 Job Wain.
After 1865 see under Wain’s Hotel.

Mornington Hotel:Meadow Street. corner Parkhill Avenue.
1871-76 Matt. Fogarty.
1877-79 Francis McCluskey.
1880-81 John Sneade.
1882-84 John William Cummings.
1885-86 William Sachtler.
1887-91 John Colder.
1892-93 Nathan Greaves.
1894-95 Ada Conway.
1896-1903 John Colder.
Refused a licence. June, 1903.

Photo National Library of New Zealand

Munster Arms Hotel:
South corner of Princes and Carroll Streets. Prior to 1870 see under the Hit or Miss Hotel.
1870-71 Mary O’Brien.
1872-85 Patrick O’Brien
Musselburgh Hotel:Or Musselburgh Arms.) Anderson’s Bay Road.
1883-86 Richard Bale.
Destroyed by fire, 1886.
N.E. Valley Hotel:
East side of N.E. Valley Road corner.
1870-72 T. Brown.
1873-76 James Brown.
1877 William Brown.
1878-79 Vacant.
1880-83 F. McGrath.
1884 John McGrath.
1885-87 James McGrath.
1888-90 Francis McGrath.
1891-95 Sarah Sinclair.
1896-97 Alexander Edwards.
1898-99 Robert Allen.
After 1899 see under the N.E. Valley Shades.
N.E. Valley Shades Hotel:

Prior to 1900 see under the N.E. Valley Hotel.
1900 Robert Allen.
1901-09 James Barclay.
Refused a licence, June, 1909.
National HotelEast side of Great King Street, between Moray Place and St. Andrew Street.
1876-77 Joseph R. Mills.
1878-80 Michael Fleming.
1881 John Fleming.
1882-83 Martin O’Connell.
1884 John Colder.
1884-87 Patrick Daly.
1888-92 A. Graham.
Refused a licence, June, 1892, on the grounds that the hotel was not needed in that district.

New Club Hotel:North side of Maclaggan Street, just above the Dunedin Club.
1865 T. Rosenberg.

New Market Hotel:Princess and Hope Streets

1863 Momford Wilkes
Newmarket Hotel:Corner of Hope and Manor Place.
1862 Mumford Wilkes.
1863 Ross and Johnston,
1864-65 Matilda Wilkes.
1666-70 Edward Brown.
1871-73 J. Hyndman.
1873-75 Edward Scott.
1876-84 Henry Scott.
1885 John Ireson.
1886 J. Vezey.
1887-62 F. R. White.
1889-91 D. J. Scott.
1692 J. McLaren.
1893-04 James R. Day.
Refused a licence. June, 1894.
Normanby Hotel:At the terminus of the Normanby car, where it stands as a hotel to-day.
1878-82 Thomas Brown.
1883-87 John Walker.
l888-90 George Visen.
1891-92 Catherine Carroll.
1893-95 James Cummings.
1896-1911 Catherine Carroll.
1912-13 M. T. Hall, -
1914-16 John Martin.
1917-18 Peter R. Reekie,
1919 M. T. Hall.
l921-2 Martin Klimeck.
1923-25 Mrs. I. Cattanach.
1926-36 A. H. Bedford,
North Dunedin Hotel:George Street, north-east corner Howe and George Streets.
1874-81 John Hardie.
1882-84 William Price.
1885 Sarah Sinclair.
1886 J. Cahill.
1887 J. Hardie.
1888-91 J. Kerr.
Refused a licence, June, 1891, the house not needed in the district.
Oban Hotel:At the corner of Stuart Street and the Octagon. Prior to 1883 see under the
Octagon Hotel.
1883-90 Archibald McMaster.
1891-92 Jane McMaster.
1893-95 John Beecher.
1896-98 Roderick MacKenzie.
1899-1906 Alexander Gray.
1907-20 John Millar.
1921-24 A. A. Paape.
1926-33 F. G. Paape.
1934-36 J. Millar.

The Oban Hotel (Alexander Gray, proprietor), corner of Stuart Street and the Octagon, Dunedin. This long established and popular hotel is named after the town of Oban in Argyleshire, Scotland. It is a two-storey brick building of twenty-five rooms, including sitting-rooms, commercial and private parlours, and numerous well furnished bedrooms. An iron balcony surrounds the Stuart Street side of the building, affording escape in case of fire. The hotel, which has long been patronised by country visitors, is in the very heart of the city, within a few minutes' walk of the new railway station and Law Courts; the city tram passes within a few yards of the door, and the Kaikorai tram is also within easy distance. The bar is isolated from the rest of the establishment, and is supplied with the choicest brands of whiskies, wines, and cigars.
Occidental Hotel:
At the corner of Manse and High Streets. Prior to 1865 see under the Melbourne Club Hotel.
1865-93 Henry John Walter.
Licence lapsed 1893.

Ocean Beach Hotel:Corner Prince Albert Road and Victoria Road, St. Kilda.

1884-86 John Asher.
1887-88 Charles Hay Paterson.
1889-93 Simon McKechnie.
1894-1903 Thomas Peter Farrell.
1904-08 Sarah Farrell.
1908-09 Joseph Biggins.
1909-12 C. H. Street.
1912-13 James Stenhouse.
1914-21 Mrs. Annie Stenhouse.
1922-26 M. Quirk.
1927-28 J. Simpson.
1929-36 J. H. Pearson.
Ocean View Hotel:Corner King Edward Road and Macandrew Road.

1875-82 Nicholas Maloney.
1883-85 Denis Maloney.
1886-88 Patrick Dwyer (II nclock licence).
1889 John Infield.
1890-93 Thomas Joseph Treacy.
1894-95 Catherine Carroll.
1896 Edward Kirk.
1897-1900 Ceorge Margorian.
1901 Michael McKay.
1901-02 John Henry.
1903-11 John D. Parsons.
1912-36 W. J. Hargreaves.

Octagon Family Hotel:1862-63 William Mellush,
1864-65 Waters.
1866-67 Guy Bennett.
1867 (later in the year), Joseph Harding.
The hotel was destroyed by fire on 2nd April, 1867.

On the west corner of the Octagon and Princes Street—the HB. corner
Octagon Hotel:Octagon Hotel:
Odd Fellows’ Arms Hotel:West side of George Street, between Moray Place and St. Andrew Street.
1866-67 William Woodland.
1867-69 Frank Tritton.
Odd Whim HotelGreat King Street. east side; southeast corner of St. David Street.
1866 Vacant. No record.
Old Brigade HotelEast side of George Street, between Pall Mall and Hanover Street.

Prior to 1892 see under the York Hotel.
1892-93 Thomas O’Gorman.
1894 George Searle.
Refused a licence, June, 1894.
Old Dunedin Club Hotel:Old Dunedin Club Hotel:
Old England HotelCorner of Dunbar and Stuart Streets.
1864 Alexander Allan.
1865-67 Henry Williamson.
1867 Henry Muir.
1868 Henry Williamson.
1869-72 Alexander Muir.
Lost its licence, December, 1872
Old Glasgow Arms Hotel:North side of Maclaggan Street, a few doors above the Dunedin Club.
1863-64 C. Wallington.
1865 William O’Brien.
1866 William Stentilord.
1867-68 J. Cotton
Old Identity Hotel:High Street.
1863 William Lang.
1864 John Crawford.
1866-67 Frederick Bayley.
After 1867 see under Bayley’s Hotel.
Opoho Hotel:Signal Hill Road.
1883-86—John Fearon
Oriental Hotel:Corner of Frederick and Clyde Streets. Stands to-day. Prior to 1913 see under the Middlemarch Hotel.
1913-18 T. J. Grant.
1919-25 T. H. Cahill.
1926-27 H. L. Malthus.
1928-30 C. W. Hoggan.
1931-32 Mrs. C. W. Hoggan.
1933-36 H. C. Johnston.
1936-37 T. C. Muir.
Oriental Hotel (2):Corner Prince, and Dowling Streets.
1864 Harriet B. Cooper.
1865 Horace Bastings.
1866-69 Edgar Bastings.
1870-72 John McCubbin.
1872-74 John Scott.
1875 C. Nankeris.
1876 Joseph Braithwaite.
1877-78 Willian Gawn.
1879 R. Isaac.
1880 Francis O’Kane: September, Maurice Tondut.
1881-82 Donald Macrae.
1883 Henry Newey.
1884-86 Ceorge Thomas Stanbrook.
1887 Joseph Wilson.
1888-90 Nancy Murphy.
After 1890 see under the Excelsior Hotel.
Otago Club Hotel:High Street.
1869-70 Joseph A. Jones.
Otago Hotel:
North side of Rattray Street, Second door from the corner of Princes St.
1862-69 John McCubbin.
1870-90 Louis Court.
1891-1900 Margaret Court.
1901-03 John Laftey. Called the Otago Shades 1903
Refused a licence, June, 1903.
Otago Shades Hotel:On the site of the Otago Hotel. Prior to 1902 see under the Otago Hotel.
1902-03 John Laffey.
Lost the licence, 1903.
Oval Hotel:Princes Street South, opposite the Oval Grounds, between Lees and
Melville Streets, Prior to 1927 see under the Farmers’ Arms Hotel.
1927-31 C. Burrell,
1932-36 A. Burreli,

O’Driscoll’s Hotel:Corner Princes and Hope Streets.

1862-63 G. O’Driscoll.
After 1864, see under Imperial Hotel,
Pacific Hotel:Great King Street, corner Albany Street.
I 870 Adam Adamson.
1871-75 John Campbell Galloway.
1875-78 Tom William Bunting.
1879-81 Walter Edward Carmalt.
1882-88 John Lawson.
1889-90 D. O’Connor.
1891-92 Mary Knox.
1893 Sarah Fogarty.
1894 George Robb.
Refused a licence, June, 1894.
Panama Hotel:Corner of Upper Stuart Street and Smith Street.
1867-73 Harris Friedlich.
1874-78 C. Isaacs.
1879-82 S. Jsaacs.
1883 Maurice O’Rorke.
1884 Daniel O’Rorke.
1885-86 Thomas McNainara.
1887 George Barker.
1888 John Dwyer.
l889 W. Imrie.
1890-92 James Barclay.
1893 John J. Waver, Jun.

1894, Refused a licence, June 1894.
Parkside Hotel:Main South Road, Parkside.
1863-64 John Hamrnell.
1865-77 Henry Mitchell.
1878-1904 Ebenezer Kingsford.
1905-36 Matthew Henry Dawson.

Peacock Hotel:Corner Princes and Market Streets,
1864-65 WiIliam Bastings.
1866-70 Edmund Venable Godso.
1871-74 J. W. Cotton.
1875-76 Thomas McReney.
1877-78 Thomas Macready.
1879-80 John Honeywill.
1881-82 Patrick Sheahan.
1883-84 William Maitland.
1885 Alexander Duncan.
1886-87 A. Short.
1888 Honora Mee
1889-92 Thomas Mee.
Refused a licence, June, 1892.

Pelichet Bay Hotel:
Southeast corner of Forth and Union Streets. Prior to 1886 see under
Krulls Al Hotel.
1886-95 George Bateman.
1896-97 George S. Lamb.
1898 John Collins.
1900 Thomas Murray.
1901-03 A. W. Brown.
Refused a licence, June, 1903.
Pier Hotel:North-west corner of Jetty and Crawford Streets.
1869-73 Julius Hyman.
1874-75 Guy Bennett.
1876 Ophilia Bennett.
1877-88 Joseph Baxter.
1889 Annie Edmonds.
1889-90 William Heffernan.
1891-92 Rebecca Heffernan.
1893-98 Nancy Murphy.
1899 James Connelly.
1900 John Blackmore.
1901-02 Margaret Parker.
1903 M. O’Halloran.
Refused a licence, June, 1903.

Pioneer Hotel:
St. Kilda. Prince Albert Road.
1882-83 WilIiam Halligan,
1881-85 Isabella Gibbs.
1886 John Hardie.
1887-88 Mary Ann Hutton.
1889-96 James Stenhouse.
1896 Mrs. Shore.
1897-1903 P. J. Bellett.
Refused a licence, June, 1903
Plough Inn and Go-Ahead Dining Rooms:Stafford Street.
1863 Purnell, Athridge and Co.
1864 William Palfrey
Plough Inn Hotel:Main South Road, at the junction of Eglinton Road.

1865-74 William Puddy.
Portobello Hotel:
Prince Alfred Hotel (1):West side of Princes Street between Manse and High Streets.
1869-75 Henry Williamson.
1876 John Scott.
After 1876 taken over to form the front part of Wain’s.
Prince Alfred Hotel (2):West side of Great King Street between Dundas and Swan Streets.
1870-86 John E. Hutchinson.
1886-88 E. A. Harris.
1888 (September) William Corback.
1889-90 Sarah Sinclair.
1891-92 George F. Hutchinson.
1883 Thomas Hutchinson.
1894 Ed. Kirk.
Refused a licence, June, 1894.

Prince Imperial Hotel:Vogel Street, South Dunedin.
1882-85 Richard Healey.
1886 Refused to Mr. Joel.
1887 Refused again, final.

Prince of Wales Hotel:West side of Princes Street south, between Carroll Street and Manor Place,

1862-64 George Davis.
1865-66 Ellen Tulley.
1867 N. J. Coneys.
1868-73 Henry Pike.
1874-76 James Cummings.
1877-81 R. T. Waters,
1882 William James.
1883-85 Bonifacio Zuraro.
1886-87 J. Dillon.
1888-90 Alfred Short.
1891-92 William Robert Doyle.
1893-94 Patrick Fagan.
1895-98 William H- Haydon.
1899-1900 Archibald Shaw.
1901-03 Dugal McLeod.
1904-06 James McKewen.
1907 Archibald Fraser.
1908-09 Alexander Gray.
1910-12 Alexander Stewart.
1913 M. A. Tubman.
l9l4-20 Henry Thomas Andrews.
1921-23 E. C. Eranson.
1924-36 C. Hinchcliff
Provincial HoteI:
North side of Stafford Street. Stands as such to-day.
1859 J. Sibbald.
1860 Bridgeman and McNeill.
1861-64 S. Jones.
1865-69 Charles E. Bird.
1870-88 J. Sibbald.
1889-97 John Wells.
1898-1905 John Cebbie.
1906-11 Maurice Coughlan.
1912-15 C. H. Street.
1916-18 Arthur Harvey.
1919-24 Maurice Coughlan.
1925-26 C. H. Street.
1927 Mrs. C. H. Street.
1928-36 D. C. Jolly.
Queen's Hotel:
South-east Corner of Castle and Albany Streets

1867-76 Daniel White
1877-81 John Golder
1882-87 Charles Norris (Norris's Hotel)
1888-98 Daniel White
1899-1903 Daniel Spatz
1904 Elizabeth Spatz
1905 Elizabeth Young
1906-09 John Crane
Refused licence, June 1909
Queen’s Arms Hotel:
West side of Princes Street south, between Stafford and Carroll Streets.
1858-61 J. W. Feger.
1862-63 J. McNeill.
1864-65 J. Hogan.
1866-78 Thomas Hancock.
1879-80 M. Moloney.
1881 William Fitzgerald. John Plank.
1882-87 Alfred Cainsford.
1887 (Sept.) Andrew Smith.
1888-90 Johanna McLean.
After 1890 see under the Union Hotel.

Racecourse Hotel:Victoria Road.
1878 James Mastic.
1879-84 John C. Thompson.
1884 David Peters.
1885 John Drums.
1886-89 Lyndon Rutledge.
1890 James Ward Cotton.
1891 Daniel Hart.
1892 Thomas Cuttle.
1893 James Jennings.
1894-95 Simon McKechnie.
1896 Alexander Owen.
1897-98 F. Sibbald.
1899-1903 Henry Alexander.
1904-06 James Stenhouse.
After 1906 see under the Grand Pacific Hotel.

Railway Hotel:South-east corner, Cargill’s Corner.
1884 Nicholas Maloney.
1885-98 John Ogg.
1899-1903 Donald McDonald.
Refused a licence, June, 1903.
Railway Workshops Hotel:
Corner Cargill Road and Cutten Street

1884-93 George Hutchings.
1896-99 George Robb.
1900-09 Francis Gaffaney.
Refused a licence, June, 1909
Rainbow Hotel:
South-west corner of George and St. Andrew Streets.
1863-64 Ben. Halliday.
1865 Thomas Hancock.
1866-67 D. Radcliffe.
1868-69 J. Seeger.
1870-71 Fred Wain.
1872-74 T. Hudson.
1875-76 Hugh Falconer.
1877-79 M. Tondu (t.).
1880-92 Patrick Pagan.
1893-96 Thomas Cuttle.
1897-1909 William Gleeson.
Refused a licence, June, 1909.

Red Lion Hotel:North side of Stafford Street, between Princes and Hope Streets.
1865-66 Whitlock and Thompson.
1867-73 William Thompson.
1874-75 Walker and Thompson.
1876-85 Henry Walker.
1886-87 J. Wilson.
1888-97 John Walker.
1898-99 Fred. Carter.
After 1899 see under the Tattersall’s Hotel.
Richmond Hill Hotel:Richmond Hill, Mornington.
1867-69——J. E. Attwood.
Rising Sun Hotel:
Carroll Street.
1871-75 0. Melican.
1876 Mary Melican.
1877-81 Robert Skitch.
1881-88 Charles J. H. Robertson.
1889-92 R. McKenzie.
1893-1903 WilIiani H. Skitch.
Refused a licence, June, 1993.
Robert Burns Hotel:East side of George Street, between Hanover and Frederick Streets. Stands
as such to-day.
1859-63 Kennedy and Morrison.
1864-69 A!exander Morrison.
1870 John Ross.
1871 Millar and Hall.
1872-78 E. Holmes.
1879-81 Henry Mayo.
1882 David M. Sinclair.
1883 Alexander Donaldson.
1884-85 Catherine Harstonge.
1886 T. Kerney.
1887 J. Markham.
1888 Ellen Maloney.
1889-95 Thomas Chapman.
1896-1911 Patrick Cotter.
1912-20 Edward Chilcott.
1921-25 Young Brothers.
1926-30 J. Hope.
1931-36 Mrs. A. Hope.
1936-37 M. O’Brien.

Robin Hood Family Hotel:Junction of York Place and Rattray
1862-66 Horace Bastings.
Rodney Hotel:South’west corner of Princes Street and the Octagon. Prior to 1866 see under the Victorian Hotel.
1866 Thomas Corbett
Rose of Australia Hotel:South side of Stafford Street, between Hope and Melville Streets.
1867-68 Willian B, Couzens
Roslyn & Kaikorai Hotel:City Road, Roslyn.
1885-87 Sam Conway.
1888 John Smith.
1889-90 Sam Conway.
1891-92 Thomas G. Laurenson.
Refused a licence, June, 1892. Hotel considered not needed in the district.
Royal Albert Hotel:Corner of George Street and London Street. Stands as such to-day. Prior to 1880 see under the Black Bull Hotel.
1880-81 Daniel White.
1882 Joseph Strong.
1883-89 Robert Allen.
1890 Alfred Low.
1891-92 Mary Campbell.
1893-95 Michael Moloney.
1897-1900 John McLeod.
1901-03 Margaret Braun.
1904-06 Thomas Lawson.
1907 Robert James McClintock.
1908-10 George L. McGavin.
1911-12 M. J. Cahill.
1913-18 Eliza Cahill.
1919-28 Mrs. S. Laurenson.
1929-36 H. M. Allan.

Royal Exchange Hotel (1):North side of Lower High Street.

1878-81 William Wishart.
1882-83 Dora O'Meagher.
1884 Edwin Cookson.
Hotel sold by order of the mortgagee.
Royal Exchange Hotel (2): Carroll Street.
1864 Mary Power.
1865-68 Thomas Cleary.
After 1868 see under the Exchange Hotel. -
Royal George Hotel:
North-west corner of George Street and Moray Place.
1860-66 William Towers.
1867-70 William Woodland.
1871 Mrs. Towers.
1872-73 Guy Bennett.
1874-75 Mrs. Cuthbertson.
1876 Thomas O’Donnell.
1877-78 W. B. Thornton.
1879-81 George McGavin.
1882-83 C. Finlayson.
1884-85 Donald McRae.
1886-87 T. McGuire.
1888 T. Chapman.
1889 John Thomson.
1890 J. M. Walker.
1891-93 Joseph Toomey.
Refused a licence, June, 1894.
Royal Hotel:Maclaggan Street, Prior to 1852 see under the Union Hotel.
1857-59 W. J. Dyer.
Royal Hotel (2):West side of Great King Street, between Howe and Duke Streets.
1865-66 Daniel White.
1867-74 Job. Wain, Sen.
1875-78 David Auld.
1879 Job. Wain.
1880-81 James S. Douglas.
1882 F. T. Hainer.
1883-85 Ann Brooks.
1886 R. L. Villain.
1887 Alexander Macgregor.

Royal Hotel (3):North side of Carroll Stret, between Princes and Hope Streets.
1862-73 Wrn. Watson.
1874-75 John Pattison.
1876-81 Thomas Cornish.
1882 George Nelson.
1882-83 F. C. Naumann.
1884-89 Vacant.
1889-94 Patrick O’Brien.
Refused a licence, June, 1894.

Royal Hotel (4):Corner David Street and the Main-South Road, Caversham.
1880 James Muir.
After 1880, see under the Commercial Hotel.

Royal Hotel (5):
N.E. corner of Princes and Rattray Streets. Opened by a public dinner, January 10, 1849. Second hotel in Dunedin.
1849-51 Alexander McDonald.
1852-53 Chas. Hopkinson.
1855-57 George Smith.
Royal Oak Hotel:
Corner Stuart Street and the Octagon. Opposite the Oban.
1863-65 Thornas Martin.
Destroyed by fire, February, 1865.
Royal Oak Hotel (2):East side of Great King Street, between Dundas and Howe Streets.
1871-74 William Wood.
Rugby Hotel:Corner uf Carroll and Hope Streets. Prior to 1925 see under the Caledonian
1925 J. D, Shea.
1926-28 W. J. Bevis.
1929-36 J. Simpson.
Salutation Hotel:
South-east corner Rattray and Arthur Streets.
1865-66 J. and T. Brown.
1867-78 J. M. Brown.
1879-81 Alexander McKenton.
1882-85 Richard Pearson.
1886-88 A. Anderson.
1889-92 G. W. Geddes.
1893-95 Jane Barclay.
1896-99 James Barclay.
1900-01 Kieran D’Arcy.
1902 W. R. Cooksley.
1903 Michael Qualter.
Refused a licence, June, 1903.
Scandinavian Hotel:South-west corner Maclaggan and Clark Streets.
1863-64 T. Hudson and Co.
1866-69 Thomas Hudson.
1870-73 Thomas Winstanley.
1866 Shifted down the street in April— Next to the Shakespeare, after the fire of ‘66.
1874-76 Char1es Woodley.
1877 Mary Ann Woodley.
Built a new building, the Clarendon (q.v.).
Shamrock and ThistleEast side of Great King Street, between Fredrick and Albany streets
1869-1874 Bernard Magee
1875-1889 James Scanlan
1890-1891 Arthur Kirby
1892-1894 James Dwyer
Refused licence in 1894
Scotia Hotel:
Corner Dundas and Leith Streets.
1874-75 James A. Lawrie.
1876 James A. H. Richmond.
1877-78 John Scott.
1879 Gilbert McLeod.
1880-81 John W. Cummings.
1882-84 John H. Kerr.
1885-86 William lmrie.
1887-88 John Abbot.
1889.93 John Patterson.
1894-98 Hugh 0. E. Lippert.
1899 James Outred.
1900 William R. Cooksley.
1901-02 M. O’Halloran.
1903-05 Annie Edmund.
1906 Joseph Toomey.
1907 John Ritchie.
1908-09 John J. Roughan.
Refused a licence, June, 1909.
Settlers’ Hotel:In the vicinity of the Old Court House.
1852 Donald Ross.
Shades Hotel:North side of Dowling Street. Prior to 1897 see under the Glasgow Hotel.
1897-1901 Joseph Toomey.
1902-03 Christopher Tilburn.
Refused a licence, June, 1903.
Shakespeare HotelNorth-west corner of Maclaggan Street
and Rattray Street.
1863-65 T. B. Smith.
1866 James King.
Shamrock Hotel:Junction of Rattray and Maclaggan Streets. Site of Speight’s building
1862 Donald Murphy.
1863-65 Murphy and Co.
1866-73 Dan Murphy and Co.
1874-76 Thomas Hetherington.
187779 W. L. Philp.
1880-81 Robert Margrie.
1882-83 John Daly.
1884-90 Janet Gebbie.
1891-92 John Gebhie.
1893-97 Christopher Tilburn.
1898-1902 William J. Couglan.
After 1902 the licence and were transferred to the Shamrock Hotel, corner Clark and Maclaggan streets (q.v.).
Shamrock Hotel
Built in 1862 by the Murphy brothers who came from Portland, Maine, this hotel was very popular with Americans. In I863 the Murphys made considerable improvements including converting the assembly room into a new dining room, forming by far the largest and handsomest dining hall in the city, measuring 40 feet long by 30 feet wide.
The oak walls were decorated with six large mirrors in massive gold frames and the carved ceiling had two richly embossed centrepieces with cut glass chandeliers, the fittings further enriched by gold beading.
Many clubs and societies held regular meetings at the Shamrock, and Speight's also held many functions there, most of them characterized by long toast lists and musical items or recitations by almost everyone present.
The Cyclopedia of New Zealand NZETC
Shamrock Hotel (2):North-west corner Clark and Maclaggan Streets.

1903-10 William J. Couglan.
1911-12 Mary Campbell.
1913-25 Charles Burrell.
1926 H. J. Mulqueen.
1927 Howard and Taylor.
1928-34 L. P. Howard.
1935-36 G. F. Hartnett.
1936-37 Mrs. C. F. Hartnett.
Southern Hotel:
Corner Anderson’s Bay Road and Princes Street south. Stands to-day.
1875-78 Patrick Pagan.
1879-82 Thomas Heffernan.
1883-85 Arthur McHardy.
1886-88 James Barron.
1889-92 P. Dwyer.
1893 James Walls.
1894 Mrs. James Walls.
1895-96 Edward M. Bellamy.
1897-98 Hugh McEldowney.
1899 Jean McEldowney.
1900-03 William Collie.
1904-06 John Millar.
1907 Charles McVeigh.
1908-12 Henry Thomas Andrews.
1913-21 A. W. Brown.
1922-24 A. H. Bedford.
1925-26 J. Cullen.
1927-29 H. Rea.
1930-33 T. H. Cahill.
1934-36 T. F. Collins.
1937 J. S. Ainger
Spread Eagle Hotel:South side of Maclaggan Street, between the Freemasons’ and the Melbourne Hotels.
1863-64 George Staples.
1865-67 Mrs. Hansen.
St. Clair Hotel:
Corner of Forbury Road and Bedford Street.
1882-86 John Wells.
l887-89 John Iveson.
1890-92 Thomas Broadway.
After 1892 under the Metropole Hotel

St. Kilda Hotel:Prince Albert Road.
1873-79 John P. Jones.
188O-81 J. D. Hutton.
1882 John Molloy.
1883 Maurice E. Barton.
1884-85 J. D. Hutton.
1886 James Donaldson.
1887-89 J. D. Hutton.
1890-95 Mary Ann Hutton.
1896 John Loughlin.
1897-1900 James Stenhouse.
1901-05 William C. Bransgrove.
1906 Henry McArtrey.
1907-11 Edward Chilcurt.
1912-23 David Porter
1924-26 Henry M. Allan.
1927-33 M. Quirk.
1935-36 D. P. Wilson.
St. Vincent Hotel:St. Vincent Hotel:
Stafford Hotel:North side of Stafford Street, between Hope and Maitland Streets. Prior to 1881 see under Martin’s Hotel.

1881-88 Hugh Black.
1889-91 Mary Black.
Refused a licence, June, 1891. Bench considered the hotel not needed in the district.
Star and Garter:North side of Rattray Street. Just below Dowling Street.
1869-73 Hyman Cohen.
After i873 see under the Britannia Hotel.

Star and Garter (2):Albany Street.
1874-81 John Haydon.
18$2 Maurice Tondut.
Star Hotel:At the corner Cargill Road and King Edward Street. Prior to 1888 see under Mee’s Hotel.
1888-90 Margaret Carroll.
189194 Kenneth McKenzie (South Dunedrn Shades).
Refused a licence, June. 1894.
Steam Packet Hotel:Maclaggan Street, next to the Crown.

1864 J. Crouch.
Sunnydale (or Sunnyside):1883-84 John Hardie.
1885 St. Lawrence.
l886-95 Margaret Webb
Supreme Court Hotel:North side of Stuart Street, between Cumberland and Castle Streets.
1864 H. Williamson.
1865 John Cornwall.
1866-70 R. W. Shepherd.
1871-75 R. Fenwick.
I876 Henry M. Morrison.
New building erected near the Cumberland Street corner.
1877-85 C. O’Driscoll.
1887-91 William Sachtler.
Refused a licence, June, 1891.

Sussex Hotel:
East side of George Street, between Moray Place and St. Andrew Street.
l865-66 H. Pilling.
l867 Alf. Lawrence.
1867-73 D. Bannatyne.
1874-81 Thomas Oliver.
l882-84 Thomas McGuire.
1885-91 Michael Fagan.
1891-92 John Toomey.
1893 Joseph Scott.
1894-95 Thomas Oliver.
1896 Jessie Guinness.
1897-1903 J. G. Green.
Refused a licence, June, 1903.
Talbot Hotel:West side of George Street between St. Andrew street and Moray Place.

1864-65 John Williamson.
After 1865 see under the Oddfellows’ Arms Hotel.
Tamora Hotel:South side of High Street. One door above the Princess Theatre.
1863-64 J. D. Jones.
1864 Charles .Purkiss.
Tattersall’s Hotel:North side of Stafford Street, just above the Provincial Hotel. Prtor to 1898 see under the Red Lion Hotel.
1898-1904 Fredericlc Carter.
1905 John A. Peters.
1906-15 Eliza C. Peters.
1916 Charles H. Taylor.
1917-36 Mrs. Annie Bianey.
Telegraph Hotel:East side of George Street, corner of the Octagon, opposite the Douglas.

1864-65 Angus McRae.
Destroyed by fire, March 16, 1865.
Temperance Hotel (2):Maclaggan Street.
1873-75 Thomas Burgess.

Terminus Hotel:Corner of Cumberland and Rattray Streets. (Sometimes called Philp’s Hotel.)
1880-92 W. L. Philp.
1893-95 Ben Bern.
1896 Charles Goldsmith.
1897 J. C. Short.
1898-1903 Thomas Cornish.
1904-05 Mary Cornish.
1906-23 John Sweeney.
1924-25 John Morrison.
1926 J. D, Shea.
1927-29 W. Dawkins.
19.30 J. Morrison.
1931-36 P. S. Flood.

Cornish's Terminus Hotel (Mrs Cornish, proprietress). Corner of Lower Rattray and Cumberland Streets (opposite the Triangle, Gardens, Railway Station, and Wharves), Dunedin; Telephone 578; Post Office Box 317. This splendid hostelry, which occupies a fine corner section, is three stories in height, and contains superior accommodation. On the ground floor are situated the bar, Dunedin jockey club-room, lavatories, kitchen, and other conveniences. The first floor contains private apartments, a large smoking-room, and a spacious dining-room capable of seating some fifty persons, while the second floor is entirely devoted to bedrooms, sitting-rooms, drawing-rooms, and bath-rooms. The situation is one of the most convenient in Dunedin, and the menu is all that can be desired. The “Terminus,” though situated in a busy locality, is one of the quietest hotels in the city, and can be recommended as a decidedly first class house.

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand NZETC
Tramway Terminus Hotel:Main South Road, Caversham.
1879 Ephraim Machin.
1880-81 Edgar Bastings.
1882-83 George Dixon.
1884-85 Henry Owen.
1886-87 Hannah Allan.
1888 Christen Hansen.
1889-90 John Welsh.

Traveller’s Rest Hotel:North side of Carroll Street, between Hope and Princes Streets.
1864-69 George Dodd
Union Hotel (1):Princes Street suuth. Prior to 1891 see under the Queen’s Hotel.
1891 Elizabeth Colville.
1892 Johanna McLean.
1893 George Searle.
1894-96 Robert Baxter.
1897-98 J. Louglin.
1899 Daniel Galvin.
After 1899 see under the Empire Hotel.

Union Hotel (2):Stafford Street. North side, between
Hope and Princes Streets.
1857 Thomas Birch.
1858-59 George Crowhurst.
1860-61 Crowhurst and lnglis.
1862-66 J. Harding and Co.
1867 P. J. Fitzpatrick.
1867 Charles Grut,
1868-69 T. Webb.
1870-77 Edward Lyons.
1873-83 Charles C. Armstrong.

Union Hotel (3):Maclaggan Street. Formerly Settlers’ Hotel.
1850-57 Thomas Birch.
After December, 1857, see under Royal Hotel.
United States Hotel:South-west corner of Princes and Carroll Streets.
1863 Moses Lie.
1864-66 Vacant.
Then see under the Hit or Miss Hotel.
South-west corner of Princes and Carroll Streets.
1863 Moses Lie.
1864-66 Vacant.
Then see under the Hit or Miss Hotel.
South side of Maclaggan Street, between Broadway and Clarke Street.
1867-78 T. Pavletich.
1879-87 Ann Pavletich.
1888 Mrs. Nicholson.
1889-90 Ann Pavletich.
1891 Thomas Low.
1892-1900 Mary Knox.
1900 W. H. Anderson.
1901-07 C. K. Little.
1908 John Ross.
After 1908 see under the Metropolitan

Victoria Hotel (1):Southwest corner of Cumherland and St. Andrew Streets. Stands as such to-day. Prior to 1875 see under the Bristol Hotel.
1875-81 William Bastings.
1882-83 Elizabeth Bastings.
1884 W. Bastings.
1885-97 Elizabeth Bastings.
1898-1900 William F. Bastings.
1901-08 A. Bastings.
1909-11 John Gardiner,
1912-13 Margaret Bastings.
1914 John Tracey.
1915-17 Mrs. M. Bastings,
1918-19 John Monaghan.
1920-26 J. A. Griggs.
1927 Allan and Pringle.
1928 D. Hutcheon.
1929 N. Taylor.
1930-31 William Mackintosh.
1932-36 J. Mitchell.

Keyword(s): Victoria Hotel (1)

Victoria Hotel 2:North-west corner George and Hanover Streets.
1869-74 Charles T. Lange.

Victorian Hotel:South-east corner of the Octagon and Princes Street.
1862 Guy Bennett.
1863 J. A. Chevannes.
1864-65 Guy Bennett.
After 1866 see under the Rodney Hotel.

Wain’ s Hotel:
East side of Manse Street, and later extended to Princes Street, as it is today. Prior to 1866 see under Moir’s Iamily Hotel.
1866-73 Job. Wain.
1874-79 J. F. Jones.
1880-84 J. F. Nixson.
1885-89 Job. Wain.
1890-1903 Alexander Palmer.
1904-19 Walter Brinsted.
1920-24 A. Harvey.
1925-27 D. McKenzie.
1926 D. H. Blackie.
1929-32 V. Paine.
1933-36 G. A. Coughlan.
(In 1892 the Manse Street bar was closed.)
Wain's Hotel (Water Binsted, proprietor), Princes and Manse Streets, Dunedin. Telephone, 1107. P.O. Box 219. This high class hotel is a very imposing building of stone and brick, with frontages to Princes and Manse Streets, and occupies the block between these two streets. The Princes Street portion is five stories in height, and the Manse Street frontage three stories. The ground floor next Princes Street is occupied by the private bar and other offices, with the approach to the dining room and commercial room. Several private sitting rooms are situated on the first floor which is reached by a broad staircase of easy ascent; and similar stairs lead to the second, third, and fourth stories. The commercial and reading room is a large, luxuriously furnished apartment, overlooking the busy thoroughfare of Princes Street. On the same floor there are several private sitting rooms, with pleasant outlooks to the city and harbour; also a finely proportioned dining room, capable of accommodating from seventy to eighty guests, and a large billiard room, well lighted from the roof, and supplied with two billiard tables. The second and third stories are taken up chiefly by bedrooms. From the second and third stories an unsurpassed view of the city, harbour, and peninsula, with the Pacific Ocean in the distance, is obtained. The new portion of the hotel, facing Manse Street, contains bedrooms, sitting rooms and a waiting room. There are bath rooms and lavatories on each flat, with hot and cold water and shower connections. The bedrooms are supplied with electric bells, and nearly every bedroom has the luxury of a fire place. The house contains about eighty rooms. “Wain's” has long been regarded as one of the leading houses in the Australasian colonies, and is furnished with a luxury, and managed with an ability worthy of its reputation. Tourists from all parts of the globe frequent “Wain's”, which is also held in high favour by country families. The bars, in both Princes Street and Manse Street, are separated from the other portions of the hotel, and are supplied with only the choicest liquors and cigars. The building, which was erected at a cost of over £30,000, is designed and finished with the object of making it as near fire proof as possible, and every facility is provided for escape in case of fire. The hotel is an architectural ornament to the city, and for comfort and good management is surpassed by no other hotel in the colonies
The Cyclopedia of New Zealand NZETC
Water of Leith Hotel:Duke Street, east side of King Street corner.
1862-64 W. Woolley.
1865-66 Thomas Curran.
1867 W. F. Philp.
1867-69 F. Bayley.
1870-71 S. Craft.
1872 John Tuck.
Refused a licence, December, 1872.
Waterford Hotel:Princes Street south.
1868 Vacant. No record.
Waterloo Hotel:Forbury Corner. Stands as such to-day.
1883-84 John T. Sneade.
1885 Matthew Jackson.
1886-87 William Graham.
1888 John Walsh.
1889-92 George Searle (called it the Grosvenor, 1889-92).
1893-96 William Hewitt.
1897-98 G. Barker.
1899-1900 John J. Weavers.
1901 John Monaghan.
1902 John Ryan.
1903-05 George Searle, (called it Searle's Hotel)
1906-24 William Crossan.
1925 V. Paine.
1926-27 H. P. Campbell.
1928 P. Torrie.
1929-32 R. K. Aitchison.
1933-36 William Crossan.

Searle's Hotel (George Searle, proprietor), Caversham, Dunedin. This hotel occupies a prominent position at the corner of Forbury and Cargill roads, and is within a short, distance of St. Clair and Ocean Beach. It is a two-storey brick building, well furnished throughout, and the table and household arrangements are under the capable supervision of Mrs Searle. The tariff is moderate, and visitors to Dunedin, who wish to stay in a healthy locality, near the sea, can find comfortable accommodation at the “Searle.” There are stables adjoining the hotel
The Cyclopedia of New Zealand NZETC

Watson’s Commercial Hotel:North side of High Street. On the site of the present Canton.
1873-90 John Watson.
After 1890 see under the Commercial Hotel.
Waverley Hotel:
Moray Place east, between Great King Street and George Street site of Mills, Dick and Co.
1862-65 Thomas Birch.
1866 Worral.
1867-79 Licence lapsed during this period.
1880 - 82 Emrna Williamson.
1883-85 William O’Brien.
1886 S. Conway.
1887-89 Emma Williamson.
1889-90 Damiano Vannini.
1891 Margaret Vannini.
1892-93 Wilhelm Braun.
1894-95 Margaret Braun.
1896-97 Patrick Maloney.
1898-1903 Henry Coughlan.
Refused a licence, June, 1903.
West Coast Hotel:East side of Princes Street. between Moray Place and the Octagon. Prior to 1879 see under the South Australian.
1879 Ben Thomas Applebie.
1880-81 William Turner.
1882-91 William H. Skitch.
Refused a licence, June, 1891, on the grounds that the hotel was not needed in the district
Westlake’s Hotel:East side of Great King Street, between Dundas and Howe Streets.
1867-69 John Westlake.
Wharf Hotel:1880-83 Joseph Reaney.
1884-85 Roland Could,
I886-90 Ben Bern.
1891-93 William Pacey.
1893 Hugh McEldowney.
1894-95 Jane Sarey.
1896 P. Owyer.
1897 Edward McKewen.
1898-l904 L. Pavletich.
1905-20 Joseph F. Mills.
1921-30 Mrs. J. Mills.
1931-32 L. Pavletich.
1933-35 J.J. Brennan.
1935-36 A. Messent.
l937 W. J. Bevis.

White Horse Hotel:
South-east corner George and Frederick Streets.
1866 William H. Shepherd; (July), James McArtney.
1867 John Hall.
1867-69 William L. Philip.
1870 Thomas Collins.
1871-78 George McGavin.
1879-91 James Daly.
1882-84 William N. Ball.
1885 Griffiths Roberts.
1886 W. James.
1887-89 Joseph Toomey.
1890-94 Patrick Cotter.
Refused a licence, June, 1894.
Wilmont’s Hotel:Corner Fleet and High Streets.

1866-69 Charles Wilmont.
Woodhaugh Hotel:1883-85 Edward Holmes.
1886 J. R. James.
1887-90 No record.
1891 Terence Dunn.
Refused a licence, June, 1892; not needed in the district.
Wybar’s Family Hotel:At Cargill’s Corner.
1878-81 George Wybar.
After 1881 see under Mee’s Family HoteI
York Hotel:East side of George Street, between Hanover Street and Pall Mall.
1862-67 John Hall.
1867-69 Alexander Miller.
1870 A. Mee.
1871 H. J. Chapman.
1872-73 E. Brown.
1874-76 Thomas Linklater.
1877-83 Patrick Carroll,
1884-90 Catherine Carroll,
1891-92 John Fisher Robertson.

After June, 1892, see under the Old Brigade Hotel.

Otago Witness 2 May 1874 pg 16 Missing Friends
If this should meet the Eye of Ann DUBERLEY, who came from Ludlow, Shropshire, England, she can hear of a friend by applying to the York Hotel, George, Street.
South Australian Hotel:East Side of Princess Street north, between Moray Place and the Octagon
1867-1869 C.M. Ward
1870-1873 M.C. Fleming
1874-1879 John Fleming

After 1879 see under West Coast Hotel
Atlantic HotelJetty Street, just below the Post Office. Prior to 1866, see under Café de Paris
1866-1868 William Kennedy
Carlton HotelCorner Surrey and Alfred Streets. Prior to 1883, see under Darley Hotel.
1883 Henry Bloxham
1884 John Grant
1885-1886 John Bryant
1887-1889 Alex. Graham
Refused licence in 1888
Carlton HotelNorth side of High Street. Prior to 1925 see under the Commercial.
1934 J. Richardson
See Hotel Carlton
Farmers' Arms Hotel
West side of Princess Street south, on the site of the Oval Hotel.
1866-1903 James Knox
1904-1906 Alexander Owen
1907-1909 H.E. Whitlaw
1910-1912 George Thomas Race
1913-1914 Hannah Race
1915-1920 Mrs C. T. race
1921-1923 M.T. Hall
1924-1926 M.H. Richards
See Oval Hotel
Ship HotelMaclaggan Street
1865-1867 William Wilson
Ship Inn HotelSouth east corner of Jetty and Princess Streets
1866-1878 Moss Moss
1879 Angelo J Davis
1880 Moss Moss
1881-1894 Alexander Owen

Refused a licence in 1894
Shamrock and ThistleEast side of Great King Street, between Fredrick and Albany Street.
1869-1874 Bernard Magee
1975-1989 James Scanlan
1890-1891 Arthur Kirby
1892-1894 James Dwyer
Refused licence in June 1894
South Dunedin HotelEast side of King Edward Street
1880 Peter Forrester
1881 William Hare
1882-1912 Thomas Heffernan
1913 -1936 Wiliam Heffernan
South Dunedin Hotel (2)Corner of Cargill Road and King Edward Street
1874-1877 F.G. Naumann
After 1877 see under the Hillside Railway Hotel.