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Mt Ida Births

Mt Ida newspaper Births 1869-1909

AITKENSon20.11.1873Mr and Mrs Robert AitkenLeven Street, Naseby21.11.1873Emma Lilian Aitken
AITKENSon10.09.1871Mr and Mrs R. AitkenLeven Street, Naseby15.09.1871George Aitken
ALEXANDERSon15.12.1871Mr and Mrs James AlexanderLeven Street, Naseby22.12.1871Robert Alexander
ARMITAGEDaughter27.06.1880Mr and Mrs Henry ArmitageBlackstone Hill01.07.1880, 03.07.1880Christina Sarah Armitage
ARMSTRONGSon31.08.1884Mr and Mrs W. ArmstrongPalmerston Street, Gisborne04.09.1884, 06.09.1884David McCready Armstrong
ARTHUR-WORSOPDaughter01.10.1880Mrs Arthur-WorsopNaseby07.10.1880, 09.10.1880Agnes Miller Arthur-Worsop
ARTHUR-WORSOPSon26.11.1882Mrs Arthur-WorsopNaseby30.11.1882, 02.12.1882Louis Mainwaring Arthur-Worsop
ASCHOFFSon12.10.1869Mr and Mrs William AschoffNaseby15.10.1869Herman Aschoff - Unable to find an entry in the Registrar General's index. Name found in the Naseby School records.
ASCHOFFDaughter27.02.1884Mr and Mrs William AschoffNaseby28.02.1884, 01.03.1884Linda Millicent Aschoff
ASCHOFFDaughter02.07.1880Mr and Mrs William Aschoff-03.07.1880, 08.07.1880, 10.07.1880Mabel Aschoff - Unable to find an entry in the Registrar General's index. Name found in the Naseby School records.
ASHDaughter19.03.1874Mrs S. AshNaseby21.03.1874Eva Mary Ash
BAIRDSon26.07.1872Mr and Mrs Thomas BairdDerwent Street, Naseby02.08.1872Ernest Cromwell Baird
BAIRDDaughter25.11.1870Mrs T. BairdNaseby02.12.1870Florence Emily Baird
BAIRDSon20.09.1874Mr and Mrs T. BairdDerwent Street, Naseby26.09.1874Graham Dick Baird
BARRATTSon07.01.1875Mr and Mrs W. BarrattNaseby15.01.1875Alexander - birth registered with surname BARRETT
BARRATTSon05.03.1873Mrs W. BarrattNaseby14.03.1873William Henry - birth registered with surname BARRETT
BARRONSon21.03.1877Mrs D. BarronDerwent Street, Naseby22.03.1877Alexander Webb Barron
BARRONSon11.01.1890Mrs D. BarronDerwent Street, Naseby30.01.1890, 01.02.1890Douglas Robert Barron
BARRONDaughter10.02.1881Mrs D. BarronNaseby12.02.1881, 17.02.1881, 19.02.1881Fanny Borthwick Barron
BARRONDaughter05.12.1882Mrs D. BarronDerwent Street, Naseby07.12.1882, 09.12.1882Mildred Annie Barron
BARRONSon17.08.1888Mrs D. BarronNaseby30.08.1888Stuart Gladstone Barron
BARRONSon14.04.1878Mrs D. BarronNaseby20.04.1878Thomas Watson Barron
BAXTERDaughter04.01.1897Mr and Mrs R. W. BaxterNaseby15.01.1897, 16.01.1897Alice Theresa Baxter
BAXTERDaughter21.01.1878Mr and Mrs S. M. BaxterNaseby26.01.1878Margaret Elizabeth Baxter
BAXTERSon12.02.1879Mr and Mrs S. M. BaxterNaseby13.02.1879, 15.02.1879Samuel Fitzgerald Baxter
BEATTIEDaughter26.07.1875Mrs Robert BeattieYork Place, Dunedin31.07.1875Mary Beattie
BECKSon10.09.1884Mr and Mrs C. BeckIdaburn18.09.1884, 20.09.1884Charles James Beck
BECKDaughter20.05.1883Mr and Mrs Charles BeckIda Burn24.05.1883, 26.05.1883Jessie Turnbull Beck
BECKSon23.06.1887Mr and Mrs Charles BeckIdaburn, Rough Ridge02.07.1887John Thomas Beck
BECKDaughter13.06.1882Mr and Mrs Charles BeckManiototo Station15.06.1882, 17.06.1882Margaret Ann Beck
BELLSon12.06.1896Mr and Mrs A. D. BellSt Clair19.06.1896, 20.06.1896Francis Wingman Dillon Bell
BELLETTDaughter20.02.1889Mr and Mrs T. D. BellettKyeburn Station21.02.1889, 23.02.1889Marjorie Mary Bellett
BELLETTDaughter07.04.1890Mr and Mrs T. D. BellettNaseby10.04.1890, 12.04.1890Ruth Bellett
BLAIRDaughter16.07.1899Mr and Mrs F. W. BlairLeven Street21.07.1899Doris Mary Blair
BLEACHDaughter29.10.1889Mr and Mrs P. BleachStation View Farm, Eweburn07.11.1889, 09.11.1889Mary Kathleen Bleach
BLEACHTwins - Son and Daughter11.01.1901Mr and Mrs P. BleachStation View Farm, Ranfurly18.01.1901Monica Ita Ellen Bleach and
Hilary Stephen O'Neill Bleach
BLEACHSon12.12.1890Mr and Mrs P. BleachStation View Farm, Eweburn18.12.1890Patrick Francis Bleach
BLEACHSon28.02.1892Mr and Mrs P. BleachStation View, Eweburn03.03.1892, 05.03.1892Vincent Emmanuel Stafford Bleach
BODDINGTONSon04.01.1905Mr and Mrs H. A. BoddingtonBank of New South Wales, Naseby06.01.1905Ernest Robert Boddington
BOTTINGDaughter24.02.1888Mr and Mrs G. BottingNaseby01.03.1888, 03.03.1888Ada Botting - Unable to find an entry in the Registrar General's index. Name found in the Naseby School records.
BOTTINGDaughter26.10.1885Mr and Mrs G. BottingNaseby29.10.1885Helena Frances Jane Botting
BOTTINGSon09.02.1892Mr and Mrs G. BottingNaseby18.02.1892, 20.02.1892Robert William Mauley Botting
BOTTINGSon18.05.1872Mrs R. W. BottingNaseby24.05.1872, 31.05.1872William Henry Botting
BOURCHIERTwins - Sons21.11.1886Mr and Mrs Richard BourchierNaseby25.11.1886, 27.11.1886Stanley Bourchier and
Thomas Bourchier
BREMNERSon11.01.1873Mrs John BremnerNaseby17.01.1873Allan Preshaw Bremner
BREMNERDaughter24.01.1877Mr and Mrs J. G. BremnerTapanui15.02.1877Elsie Margaret Bremner
BREMNERSon03.11.1873Mr and Mrs William Bremner, StrathtaieriDerwent Street, Naseby07.11.1873John Cook Bremner
BREMNERSon21.07.1871Mr and Mrs J. BremnerNaseby28.07.1871John Robert Wilson Bremner
BREMNERSon31.03.1870Mr and Mrs Joseph BremnerHamilton08.04.1870Joseph Allen Bremner
BREMNERSon30.11.1874Mrs John G. BremnerNaseby04.12.1874Joseph Reid Bremner
BREMNERSon10.12.1871Mr and Mrs Joseph BremnerHamilton15.12.1871Robert James Bremner
BRENTDaughter25.05.1889Mr and Mrs G. H. BrentColonial Bank of New Zealand, St Bathans30.05.1889, 01.06.1889Gladys Brent
BRENTSon11.06.1885Mr and Mrs G. H. BrentBank of New South Wales, St Bathans18.06.1885, 20.06.1885Herbert Cyril Brent
BROOKESDaughter17.07.1872Mr and Mrs M. BrookesLeven Street, Naseby19.07.1872Elizabeth - birth registered with surname BROOKS
BROOKESDaughter15.12.1876Mr and Mrs Michael BrookesLeven Street, Naseby21.12.1876Letitia Catherine Brookes
BROOKESDaughter04.06.1878Mrs M. BrookesNaseby13.06.1878, 15.06.1878Mary Agnes Brookes
BROWNSon31.01.1881Mr and Mrs James BrownNaseby05.02.1881, 10.02.1881Alexander Ernest Brown
BROWNSon22.07.1890Mr and Mrs James BrownNaseby07.08.1890, 09.08.1890Alfred Gladstone Brown
BROWNSon29.09.1875Mr and Mars Andrew McGinnell BrownNaseby08.10.1875Andrew Joseph Brown
BROWNDaughter28.07.1872Mrs John BrownBlackstone Hill02.08.1872Annie Hastie Brown
BROWNSon11.05.1883Mr and Mrs Charles Brown, Rough RidgeNaseby17.05.1883, 19.05.1883Charles Augustus Brown
BROWNDaughter09.03.1879Mr and Mrs James BrownNaseby13.03.1879, 15.03.1879Florence Ada Brown
BROWNTwins - Sons18.11.1887Mr and Mrs James BrownNaseby26.11.1887, 01.12.1887Harold Grant Brown and
Edmund Ewart Brown
BROWNDaughter12.02.1885Mr and Mrs Charles Brown, Rough RidgeNaseby21.02.1885Helen Cairns Brown
BROWNSon23.04.1890Mr and Mrs Charles Brown, Ida ValleyNaseby24.04.1890, 26.04.1890Herbert Ernest Brown
BROWNSon12.07.1883Mr and Mrs James BrownNess Street, Naseby19.07.1883, 21.07.1883James Arthur Brown
BROWNDaughter27.11.1874Mrs James BrownNaseby04.12.1874Jessie Watson Brown
BROWNDaughter18.05.1872Mrs A. McG. BrownNaseby24.05.1872Margaret Mary Brown
BROWNDaughter12.01.1873Mr and Mrs James BrownNaseby17.01.1873Marion Brown
BROWNDaughter13.07.1886Mr and Mrs Charles Brown, Rough RidgeNaseby07.08.1886Selina Brown
BROWNSon - Stillborn24.08.1876Mr and Mrs Charles Brown, Rough RidgeSt Bathans01.09.1876Stillborn - birth not registered
BROWNSon20.09.1887Mr and Mrs Charles BrownNaseby01.10.1887Oscar John Brown
BROWNESon17.09.1882Mr and Mrs Richard H. BrowneNaseby21.09.1882, 23.09.1882Cecil Gunton Browne
BROWNESon18.05.1886Mr and Mrs Richard H. BrowneNaseby20.05.1886, 22.05.1886Charles Warden Browne
BROWNESon28.08.1908Mr and Mrs H. Browne-18.09.1908Doreen Graham Brown - not birth notice indicated it was a son
BROWNEDaughter21.09.1888Mr and Mrs R. H. BrowneNaseby29.09.1888Eileen Annie Browne
BROWNESon20.09.1878Mr and Mrs Richard H. BrowneNaseby26.09.1878, 28.09.1878Richard Herbert Browne
BROWNEDaughter16.06.1876Mr and Mrs R. H. BrowneWaikouaiti23.06.1876Selina Maude Browne
BROWNESon05.02.1880 (sic)Mr and Mrs R. H. BrowneNaseby04.07.1880, 07.02.1880William Grahame Brown
BUCHANANDaughter28.05.1876Mr and Mrs Alexander BuchananNaseby02.06.1876Christina Isabella Buchanan
BUCHANANDaughter17.09.1899Mr and Mrs J. D. BuchananAlexandra South29.09.1899Elizabeth Campbell Buchanan
BUCHANANSon22.10.1869Mr and Mrs Alexander BuchananGimmerburn, Rough Ridge12.11.1869John Duncan Buchanan
BURNETTSon19.11.1882Mrs BurnettHawkdun Station, St Bathans23.11.1882, 25.11.1882George Anthony Troup Burnett
BURNETTDaughter02.10.1885Mr and Mrs W. BurnettHawkdun Station, St Bathans17.10.1885Dorothy Kathleen Burnett
BURNETTSon18.06.1891Mr and Mrs W. BurnettHawkdun20.06.1891Gilbert Alexander Burnett
BURNETTDaughter08.11.1889Mr and Mrs William BurnettHawkdun14.11.1889, 16.11.1889Olive Minna Burnett
BURNETTSon28.04.1888Mr and Mrs W. BurnettHawkdun05.05.1888William Burnett
CADDICKDaughter24.06.1881Mrs W. CaddickHome Gully, Naseby30.06.1881, 02.07.1881Mary Ann Caddick
CADDICKDaughter29.01.1880Mr and Mrs William CaddickNaseby04.07.1880, 07.02.1880Theresa Caddick
CAMPBELLDaughter14.10.1885Mr and Mrs A. H. Noble CampbellBank of New South Wales, Naseby15.10.1885, 17.10.1885Alice Muriel Noble Campbell
CAMPBELLDaughter18.03.1877Mr and Mrs Alexander CampbellKyeburn Station22.03.1877Christina Campbell
CAMPBELLSon17.06.1881Mrs Alexander CampbellKyeburn Station30.06.1881, 02.07.1881David Sutherland Campbell
CAMPBELLSon29.02.1888Mr and Mrs A. H. Noble CampbellBank of New South Wales, Naseby01.03.1888, 03.03.1888Frederick Alderson Noble Campbell
CAREWSon22.01.1872Mr and Mrs E. H. CarewBlacks26.01.1872Unable to locate a birth registration
CAREWDaughter19.08.1870Mrs E. H. Carew-26.08.1870Birth registered but without Christian names
CAREWSon10.06.1869Mrs E. H. CarewMt Ida11.06.1869Charles Frederick Carew
CARVALHODaughter19.12.1901Mr and Mrs J. E. CarvalhoWaipiata28.12.1901Elizabeth Amelia Mary Magdeline Ellen Carvalho
CHAPMANSon29.04.1874Mr and Mrs Ernest A. ChapmanManiototo01.05.1874Arthur Henry Chapman
CHAPMANSon05.05.1873Mrs G. A. ChapmanThe Kyeburn Hotel, Leven Street, Naseby09.05.1873Benjamin Alfred Chapman
CHAPMANSon24.11.1877Mrs E. A. ChapmanManiototo Station01.12.1877Birth registered but without Christian names
CHAPMANDaughter03.06.1875Mr and Mrs G. A. ChapmanThe Kyeburn Hotel, Leven Street, Naseby04.06.1875Emma May Chapman
CHAPMANSon08.07.1876Mr and Mrs Ernest A. ChapmanManiototo Station14.07.1876Ernest Frederick Chapman
CHAPMANDaughter11.04.1875Mr and Mrs Ernest Chapman, Maniototo-17.04.1875Florence Jessie Chapman
CHUNGSon02.01.1881Mrs Dy ChungKuong Wing Shang Store, Kyeburn Diggings06.01.1881, 08.01.1881Henry Chung - Unable to find an entry in the Registrar General's index. Name found in the Drybread School records.
CHURCHDaughter10.10.1903Dr and Mrs R. ChurchNaseby30.10.1903Alice Jean Church
CHURCHSon29.12.1898Mr and Mrs Robert ChurchNaseby31.12.1898James Stuart Church
CHURCHSon28.12.1894Dr and Mrs ChurchNaseby03.01.1895, 04.01.1895, 05.01.1895Robert Allan Harry Church
COGANSon29.01.1875Mrs John CoganLeven Street, Naseby06.02.1875Unable to locate a birth registration
COGANSon05.08.1873Mrs John CoganMelbourne Hotel, Naseby08.08.1873Charles Thomas Cogan
COGANSon01.11.1876Mr and Mrs John CoganMelbourne Hotel, Leven Street, Naseby11.11.1876George Emanuel Cogan
COLLERICKDaughter10.01.1879Mrs T. CollerickNaseby16.01.1879, 18.01.1879Emily Bertha - birth registered with surname COLLORICK
COLLORICKSon05.11.1880Mr and Mrs T. CollorickOwaka, Catlins11.11.1880, 13.11.1880Robert Collorick
COLLORICKSon07.11.1877Mr and Mrs T. CollorickNaseby08.11.1877William Gordon Collorick
COOKTwins - Son and Daughter14.08.1882Mr and Mrs John CookLivingstone14.09.1882, 16.09.1882James Newsome Cook and
Mary Farquharson Cook
COOKDaughter24.09.1872Mr and Mrs John CookKyeburn Diggings27.09.1872Martha Cook
COOKTwins - son and daughter02.01.1881Mr and Mrs John CookLivingstone06.01.1881, 08.01.1881Robert Cook and
Elizabeth Cook
COOPERDaughter30.05.1870Mrs M. N. CooperMt Ida03.06.1870Birth registered but without Christian names
COOPERDaughter14.01.1873Mrs W. J. CooperNaseby17.01.1873Flora Matilda Cooper
COSTELLODaughter21.09.1872Mr and Mrs A. CostelloMt Ida Hotel, Earn Street, Naseby27.09.1872Sarah Ann Costello
COSTELLOSon01.04.1871Mr and Mrs A. CostelloMt Ida Hotel, Earn Street, Naseby07.04.1871Thomas Francis - birth registered with surname of COSTELLOE
COSTELLOESon11.04.1900Mr and Mrs T. F. CostelloeNaseby13.04.1900Andrew John Costelloe
COYLESon05.04.1891Mr and Mrs John CoyleLower Kyeburn11.04.1891Edward Coyle
COYLESon24.07.1888Mr and Mrs Edward CoyleCarriers Arms Hotel, Lower Kyeburn28.07.18988John Francis Coyle
CREIGHTONSon17.08.1873Mrs John CreightonNaseby22.08.1873Unable to locate a birth registration
CROSSANDaughter17.04.1878Mrs H. CrossanEden Creek20.04.1878Agnes Lousia (sic) Crossan
CROSSANDaughter18.03.1881Mrs H. CrossanWedderburn19.03.1881, 24.03.1881, 26.03.1881Ida Mary Crossan
CROSSANSon28.04.1883Mrs H. CrossanWedderburn03.05.1883, 05.05.1883John George Crossan
CUNNINGHAMSon03.09.1878Mrs and late Mr George D. CunninghamOamaru05.09.1878, 07.09.1878Georgiana Ann Betson Cunningham - note birth notice indicated it was a son.
CURRIESon02.04.1883Mr and Mrs W. CurrieSwinburn Farm05.04.1883, 07.04.1883George Currie
CURTISSon14.03.1891Mr and Mrs Paul CurtisFoxton21.05.1891, 23.05.1891Clarence Logan Curtis
DANIELSDaughter01.01.1873Mr and Mrs R. W. Daniel (sic)Empire Hotel03.01.1873Emma Ada - Birth registered with surname of DANIEL
DARLINGSon17.11.1887Mr and Mrs R. Compton DarlingSchoolhouse, Eweburn24.11.1887, 26.11.1887Fenwick Robert Darling
DARLINGSon22.03.1880Mr and Mrs R. C. DarlingSt Bathans25.03.1880, 27.03.1880Frederick Miller Darling
DAVEYSon14.09.1908Mr and Mrs Charles E. DaveyNaseby18.09.1908Charles Gordon Davey
DAVISDaughter31.03.1884Mr and Mrs H. J. DavisMosgiel03.04.1884Mabel Maud Davis
DAVISSon02.07.1876Mr and Mrs Oscar DavisIsland Stream, Maheno07.07.1876Oscar William Davis
DAVISSon08.03.1880Mr and Mrs Oscar DavisIsland Stream, Maheno11.03.1880Samuel James Davis
DAVISSon02.04.1878Mrs Oscar DavisIsland Stream, Maheno06.04.1878Stephen Ash Davis
DAWSONSon30.01.1899Mr and Mrs James DawsonNaseby03.02.1899, 04.02.1899James Scobie Dawson
DE LAUTOURSon03.03.1873Mrs de LautourDerwent Street, Naseby07.03.1873Unable to locate a birth registration
DE LAUTOURDaughter17.07.1874Mrs de LautourNaseby18.07.1874Unable to locate a birth registration
DE LAUTOURSon02.10.1877Mr and Mrs Harry A. de LautourOamaru11.10.1877Edward Arthur de Lautour
DE LAUTOURSon12.09.1877Mrs C. A. de LautourOamaru13.09.1877Edward Lionel de Lautour
DE LAUTOURDaughter29.08.1875Mrs C. de LautourNaseby03.09.1875Harriet Eva de Lautour
DEAKERDaughter22.08.1877Mr and Mrs John DeakerBroom Street, Naseby23.08.1877Mary Elizabeth Deaker
DEAKERDaughter30.11.1878Mr and Mrs John DeakerNaseby05.12.1878, 07.12.1878Birth registered but without Christian names. Naseby School records indicate this child is Charlotte Deaker.
DEAKERSon02.09.1881Mr and Mrs John DeakerNaseby08.09.1881, 10.09.1881Birth registered but without Christian names. Naseby School records indicate this child is Richard William Deaker
DEAKERSon26.03.1875Mr and Mrs John DeakerBroom Street, Naseby02.04.1875Joseph Deaker
DUFFSon14.09.1873Mr and Mrs James DuffBlackstone Hill26.09.1873Charles Walter Alexander Duff
DUFFTwins - Son and daughter both stillborn15.08.1872Mr and Mrs James DuffBlackstone Hill23.08.1872Stillborn - births not registered
DUNCANDaughter19.07.1897Mr and Mrs D. DuncanEweburn30.07.1897, 31.07.1897Florence Caroline Ann Duncan
ECCLESDaughter30.12.1875Mrs John EcclesThe Welcome Inn, Naseby31.12.1875Margaret Eccles
ECCLESSon24.08.1873Mrs John EcclesLeven Street, Naseby29.08.1873John Eccles
ECCLESDaughter23.01.1878Mr and Mrs John EcclesWelcome Inn, Naseby26.01.1878Margaret Eccles
ECCLESDaughter25.11.1869Mr and Mrs J. EcclesLeven Street, Naseby26.11.1869Mary Eccles
ECCLESSon13.09.1871Mr and Mrs J. EcclesLeven Street, Naseby15.09.1871William Eccles
EVANSSon08.12.1890Mr and Mrs S. J. EvansNaseby18.12.1890Arthur Stanley Evans
EVANSDaughter28.10.1884Mr and Mrs S. J. EvansNaseby30.10.1884, 01.11.1884Harriet Dulcina Evans - Unable to find an entry in the Registrar General's index. Name found in the Naseby School records.
FARQUHARSon19.10.1883Mr and Mrs F. J. L. FarquharBlackstone Hill25.10.1883, 27.10.1883Thomas Collingwood Farquhar
FARQUHARSONSon29.04.1871Mr and Mrs David FarquharsonFlag Swamp, Waikouaiti05.05.1871George Farquharson
FRANCISSon07.04.1909Mr and Mrs J. Francis-07.05.1909Allan Thomas Francis
FRATERDaughter03.07.1870Mrs J. FraterNaseby08.07.1870Birth registered but without Christian names
FRATERSon09.06.1871Mr and Mrs John FraterNaseby16.06.1871Birth registered but without Christian names
FRATERDaughter05.10.1872Mr and Mrs John FraterNaseby11.10.1872Ellen Amy Frater
GASONSon17.04.1870Mrs Joseph GasonNaseby29.04.1870Unable to locate a birth registration
GASONDaughter23.08.1875Mr and Mrs Joseph H. Gason, Commercial HotelDerwent Street, Naseby27.08.1875Amy Gason
GASONSon14.01.1872Mr and Mrs Joseph GasonDerwent Street, Naseby19.01.1872George William Gason
GASONDaughter08.09.1873Mrs Joseph H. GasonThe Commercial Hotel, Derwent Street12.09.1873Lilly Gason
GILMORESon23.09.1876Mr and Mrs A. O. GilmoreCommercial Hotel, Naseby29.09.1876Robert Hunter - Birth registered with surname of GILMOUR
GLENDININGDaughter25.05.1885Mr and Mrs R. W. GlendiningGlenburn, Southland04.06.1885, 06.06.1885Ethel Logan - Birth registered with surname of GLENDINNING
GLENNSon04.04.1893Mr and Mrs R. GlennNaseby08.04.1893Andrew Samuel Glenn
GLENNDaughter27.10.1886Mr and Mrs Robert GlennNaseby04.11.1886, 06.11.1886Annie White Millar Glenn
GLENNDaughter17.10.1875Mr and Mrs Robert GlennEarn Street, Naseby23.10.1875Catherine Isabella Glenn
GLENNSon06.09.1881Mr and Mrs Robert GlennNaseby08.09.1881, 10.09.1881David Baxter Glenn
GLENNDaughter09.07.1879Mrs R. GlennNaseby10.07.1879, 12.07.1879Elizabeth Glenn
GLENNSon27.08.1877Mrs R. GlennNaseby01.09.1877George Craig Glenn
GLENNSon16.11.1869Mr and Mrs Robert GlennNaseby19.11.1869James Glenn
GLENNSon19.02.1874Mrs R. GlennNaseby20.02.1874John Glenn
GLENNSon09.08.1872Mr and Mrs R. GlennNaseby16.08.1872Robert Glenn
GOGARTYDaughter28.07.1873Mrs Thomas GogartyLeven Street, Naseby08.08.1873Elizabeth Ann Gogarty
GREERSon06.04.1878Mr and Mrs P. J. GreerSowburn13.04.1878Samuel Greer
GRUMITTSon27.03.1879Mrs William GrumittBank of New South Wales, Naseby03.04.1879, 05.04.1879Unable to locate a birth registration
GRUMITTDaughter30.09.1872Mrs William GrumittNaseby04.10.1872Henrietta Lilian Grumitt
GRUMITTDaughter08.04.1883Mr and Mrs William GrumittNaseby12.04.1883, 14.04.1883Kate Alice Grumitt
GRUMITTSon27.12.1876Mr and Mrs William GrumittNaseby06.01.1877Phillip Harry Grumitt
GRUMITTSon09.03.1874Mrs William GrumittNaseby14.03.1874William Grumitt - Unable to find an entry in the Registrar General's index. Name found in the Naseby School records.
GUFFIEDaughter20.07.1886Mr and Mrs William GuffieNaseby22.07.1886, 24.07.1886Annie Helen Guffie
HANDYSIDEDaughter10.06.1879Mr and Mrs J. S. HandysideLauder Station12.06.1879, 14.06.1879Elizabeth Fosbery Handyside
HANDYSIDEDaughter01.06.1876Mr and Mrs J. S. HandysideLauder Station09.06.1876Mary Georgina Handyside
HANDYSIDESon20.10.1880Mr and Mrs J. S. HandysideLauder Station28.10.1880, 30.10.1880William Handyside
HANGERDaughter06.09.1889Mr and Mrs W. HangerSt Bathans12.09.1889, 14.09.1889Myra Hanger
HANGERSon23.11.1887Mr and Mrs W. HangerSt Bathans01.12.1887Samuel Hanger
HAYDaughter02.08.1871Mr and Mrs William HayDerwent Street, Naseby04.08.1871Mary Hay
HEALYDaughter06.04.1882Mr and Mrs Thomas HealyEast Kyeburn Station13.04.1882, 15.04.1882Jane Healy
HEALYSon09.05.1883Mr and Mrs Thomas Healey (sic)East Kyeburn Station10.05.1883, 23.05.1883Thomas John Healy
HELMDaughter30.11.1881Mrs William HelmEweburn Station08.12.1881, 10.12.1881Agnes Elizabeth Helm
HELMSon06.08.1879Mr and Mrs William HelmEweburn Station07.08.1879, 09.08.1879George Robert Helm
HELMSon20.06.1878 (sic)Mrs William HelmEweburn Station20.06.1878, 22.06.1878John William Helm
HELMSon18.01.1890Mr and Mrs William HelmEweburn Station23.01.1890, 25.01.1890Walter Oliver Helm
HILLDaughter07.09.1878Mr and Mrs A. HillSt Bathans14.09.1878Minna Lavinia Hill
HITCHMANDaughter24.10.1878Mr and Mrs Edward HitchmanNaseby31.10.1878, 02.11.1878Mary Margaret Hitchman
HJORRINGSon24.02.1904Mr and Mrs P. C. HjorringNaseby04.03.1904Ivan Larnach Hjorring
HJORRINGSon03.06.1874Mr and Mrs N. P. HjorringDerwent Street05.06.1874Percy Hjorring - Unable to find an entry in the Registrar General's index. Name found in the Naseby School records.
HOBBSSon13.02.1882Mrs John HobbsAll Saints Parsonage, Gladstone, Invercargill16.02.1882, 18.02.1882William Barton Hobbs
HOREDaughter21.01.1880Mrs Joseph HoreAvoca Street, Naseby22.01.1880, 24.01.1880Gertrude Lavinia Jane Hore
HORESon23.05.1882Mr and Mrs Reuben Rowse HoreMount Ida Farm27.05.1882Unable to locate a birth registration
HORESon07.08.1876Mr and Mrs John HoreNaseby11.08.1876Joseph Hore
HORESon14.02.1878Mr and Mrs Silas HoreAvoca Street, Naseby23.02.1878Reuben Rowse Hore
HORESon24.07.1878Mrs John HoreNaseby01.08.1878, 03.08.1878William Davies Hore
HORSWELLDaughter16.01.1872Mr and Mrs Edmund HorswellEarn Street, Naseby19.01.1872Ida Horswell
HORSWELLDaughter23.06.1869Mr and Mrs Edmund HorswellRoyal Hotel, Naseby25.06.1869Mary Horswell
HOSIESon23.03.1895Mr and Mrs Robert HosieWillowbank House, Naseby30.03.1895, 04.04.1895, 05.04.1895Peter Donald Brown Hosie
HOSIESon16.09.1904Mr and Mrs Andrew HosieNaseby23.09.1904Robert David Hosie
HOWARDDaughter31.03.1882Mr and Mrs P. HowardRough Ridge01.04.1882, 06.04.1882Amy Elizabeth Howard
HOWARDSon17.02.1884Mr and Mrs Peter HowardHyde23.02.1884Peter Ernest Howard
HUNTERDaughter20.05.1872Mrs William HunterEmpire Hotel, Naseby24.05.1872Elizabeth Ann Hunter
HUNTERSon30.12.1870Mr and Mrs William HunterNaseby13.01.1871Leslie Hunter
HUNTERSon20.05.1869Mr and Mrs William Hunter, Empire HotelNaseby21.05.1869Thomas Hunter
INDERSon23.12.1870Mr and Mrs Samuel InderBlackstone Hill06.01.1871Alfred Inder
INDERSon09.09.1871Mr and Mrs Walter InderLeven Street, Naseby15.09.1871Charles James Inder
INDERSon09.06.1874Mr and Mrs Walter InderLeven Street, Naseby12.06.1874Clarence Inder - Unable to find an entry in the Registrar General's index. Name found in the Naseby School records.
INDERSon15.03.1907Mr and Mrs C. J. Inder-22.03.1907John Walter Inder - Unable to find an entry in the Registrar General's index. Name found in the Naseby School records.
INDERDaughter03.07.1877Mrs Walter InderLeven Street, Naseby05.07.1877Lousia (sic) Winfried Inder
INDERSon30.03.1869Mr and Mrs Samuel Inder, Prince Alfred HotelBlackstone Hill02.04.1869Simeon Inder
INDERSon09.09.1869Mr and Mrs Walter InderNaseby17.09.1869William Francis Inder
JACOBSon24.05.1889Mr and Mrs Henry JacobNaseby30.05.1889, 01.06.1889William Francis Wilson Jacob
JEWISSDaughter28.02.1894Mr and Mrs William JewissSt Bathans08.03.1894, 10.03.1894Sarah Ann Jewiss
JOHNSTONSon19.10.1870Mr and Mrs R. Johnston, Blackstone HillOld Victorian Hotel21.10.1870William Alexander - Birth registered with the surname JOHNSTONE
JOHNSTONESon27.04.1876Mr and Mrs Robert JohnstoneBlackstone Hill05.05.1876Daniel John Johnstone
JOHNSTONESon14.03.1879Mr and Mrs R. JohnstoneBlackstone Hill15.03.1879Gordon White Johnstone
JOHNSTONEDaughter22.03.1874Mrs Robert JohnstoneBlackstone Hill28.03.1874Margaret Alexander Johnstone
JOHNSTONESon06.07.1872Mr and Mrs Robert JohnstoneBlackstone Hill12.07.1872Robert McCloy Johnstone
JOHNSTONESon27.08.1884Mr and Mrs R. JohnstoneBlackstone Hill28.08.1884, 30.08.1884Roy Johnstone
JOHNSTONEDaughter - Stillborn03.05.1881Mrs Robert JohnstoneBlackstone Hill05.05.1881, 07.05.1881Stillborn - birth not registered
JONESDaughter20.06.1897Mr and Mrs Arthur JonesNaseby03.07.1897, 09.07.1897Adeline Victoria Jones
JONESDaughter24.04.1883Mr and Mrs Arthur JonesNaseby26.04.1883, 28.04.1883Charlotte Mary Jones
JOPPDaughter11.04.1884Mr and Mrs A. JoppPuketoi Station17.04.1884, 19.04.1884Georgina Fassie Jopp
JOPPTwins - Son and Daughter21.08.1882Mr and Mrs A. JoppPuketoi Station24.08.1882, 26.08.1882Robert Jopp and
Mary Lumsden Jopp
JOPPSon06.04.1886Mr and Mrs A. JoppPuketoi Station15.04.1886, 17.04.1886William Alexander Tolmie Jopp
JOPSONDaughter04.01.1884Mr and Mrs James JopsonRough Ridge24.01.1884, 26.01.1884Violet Jopson
KEARNEYDaughter11.03.1882Mrs John KearneySpringfield Farm16.03.1882, 18.03.1882Sarah Ann Kearney
KEENANSon10.12.1869Mr and Mrs Robert KeenanNaseby17.12.1869John Keenan
KEENANSon29.05.1871Mr and Mrs R. KeenanOvens Hotel, Leven Street, Naseby02.06.1871Michael Keenan
KENNEDYSon12.02.1891Mr and Mrs J. E. KennedySowburn Hotel26.02.1891, 28.02.1891Herbert James Kennedy
KENNEDYSon14.03.1888Mr and Mrs James E. KennedySowburn29.03.1888, 31.03.1888James Edward Kennedy
KENNEDYSon11.08.1889Mr and Mrs J. E. KennedySowburn29.08.1889William Henry Kennedy
KENNYSon12.09.1869Mr and Mrs P. Kenney, Commercial HotelSt Bathans17.09.1869Patrick John Kenny
KERRDaughter21.01.1889Mr and Mrs William KerrNaseby24.01.1889, 26.01.1889Mira Constance Kerr
KINGSon12.04.1875Mr and Mrs T. KingCafe de Paris, Leven Street17.04.1875Albert Edward King
KINGSon14.01.1872Mr and Mrs Thomas KingEarn Street, Naseby19.01.1872Alfred King
KINGDaughter29.02.1892Mr and Mrs Arthur KingNaseby03.03.1892, 05.03.1892Ethel Bramwell King
KINGSon26.05.1884Mrs Thomas KingThe Criterion Hotel, Naseby05.06.1884, 07.06.1884Herbert Henry King
KINGDaughter21.05.1886Mr and Mrs Thomas N. KingNaseby29.05.1886Matilda Maud King
KIRBYSon13.10.1896Mr and Mrs James KirbyNaseby30.10.1896, 31.10.1896George Stanley Kirby
KIRBYDaughter01.04.1873Mrs W. T. KirbyDerwent Street, Naseby04.04.1873Mary Kirby
KIRBYSon12.02.1875Mr and Mrs W. T. KirbyDerwent Street, Naseby20.02.1875Simeon Kirby
KIRBYSon14.07.1871Mr and Mrs W. T. KirbyDerwent Street, Naseby28.07.1871Stephen Treadgold Kirby
KIRBYSon09.02.1877Mr and Mrs W. T. KirbyDerwent Street, Naseby15.02.1877William Henry Kirby
KIRKSon12.04.1906Mr and Mrs James Robert KirkIlion, Mt Ida, Naseby12.04.1906Horace MacGregor Kirk
KIRKSon18.04.1904Mr and Mrs James Robert KirkNaseby22.04.1904Keith Kenelm Kirk
LAUGHTONSon01.10.1883Mr and Mrs Peter LaughtonPleasant View Cottage, Hyde11.10.1883, 13.10.1883Peter Laughton
LAVERTYDaughter18.05.1885Mr and Mrs John LavertyCommercial Hotel, Naseby21.05.1885, 23.05.1885Mary Terrsa Laverty
LAWERDaughter23.03.1879Mr and Mrs Richard LawerNaseby29.03.1879, 03.04.1879Unable to locate a birth registration
LAWERDaughter15.02.1882Mrs Richard LawerHome Gully, Naseby23.02.1882, 25.02.1882Beatrice Jane Lawer
LAWERDaughter22.07.1892Mr and Mrs Richard LawerHome Gully, Naseby28.07.1892, 30.07.1892Rachel Grace Lawer
LAWERDaughter - Stillborn08.08.1876Mr and Mrs Richard LawerNaseby18.08.1876Stillborn - birth not registered
LAWERSon21.05.1886Mr and Mrs Richard LawerNaseby29.05.1886Thomas John Vini Lawer
LOGANSon03.10.1898Mrs Robert LoganMaritanga, Kokonga14.10.1898, 15.10.1898John Logan
LOGANSon25.06.1892Mr and Mrs Robert LoganTe Whare, Kyeburn02.07.1892Preston Logan
LOGANSon19.04.1894Mr and Mrs Robert LoganMaritanga, Kyeburn21.04.1894Robert Logan
LOGANSon - Premature survived only a few hours23.12.1890Mr and Mrs Robert LoganTe Whare, Kyeburn24.12.1890, 27.12.1890Thomas Logan
LUNDONDaughter25.05.1892Mr and Mrs J. LundonBank of New South Wales, Naseby02.06.1892Annie Louise Lundon
MacINTOSHSon18.10.1887Mr and Mrs W. S. MacIntoshBank of New South Wales, Ophir22.10.1887Stuart Victor MacIntosh
MacKENZIESon03.07.1878Mr and Mrs M. J. S. MacKenzieKyeburn Station06.07.1878Unable to locate a birth registration
MacKENZIESon11.01.1885Mr and Mrs M. J. S. MacKenzieKyeburn Station22.01.1885, 24.01.1885Unable to locate a birth registration
MacKENZIESon27.03.1883Mr and Mrs M. J. S. MacKenzieKyeburn Station29.03.1883, 31.03.1883Addison Scobie MacKenzie
MacKENZIESon07.04.1877Mr and Mrs M. J. S. MacKenzieKyeburn Station12.04.1877Alexander Kenneth Sedric MacKenzie
MacKENZIEDaughter13.02.1880Mr and Mrs M. J. S. MacKenzieKyeburn Station19.02.1880, 21.02.1880Sheila Scobie MacKenzie
MacWHIRTERSon24.04.1877Mrs Thomas MacWhirterEast Kyeburn Station26.04.1877Thomas Moffat Yorston - Birth registered with the surname McWHIRTER
MALCOLMSon07.05.1892Mr and Mrs J. P. MalcolmNaseby12.05.1892, 14.05.1892Ralph Malcolm
MARSHALLDaughter25.03.1883Mr and Mrs Andrew MarshallKeswick Street29.03.1883, 31.03.1883Ellen Marshall
MARSHALLDaughter24.05.1886Mr and Mrs Andrew MarshallNaseby29.05.1886Angelica Mary Marshall
MARSHALLSon21.06.1878Mrs MarshallIdaburn22.06.1878Anthony Andrew James Marshall
MARSHALLSon22.04.1875Mr and Mrs Andrew MarshallNaseby30.04.1875David Hannah Marshall
MARSHALLSon02.07.1879Mr and Mrs Andrew MarshallDerwent Street, Naseby03.07.1879, 05.07.1879McKenzie McKay Marshall
MARSHALLSon10.09.1877Mr and Mrs Andrew MarshallNaseby13.09.1877William James Marshall
MARSHALLSon12.06.1876Mr and Mrs William MarshallEweburn Station, Ida Burn16.06.1876William Turnbull Marshall
MARTINSon12.08.1877Mrs John R. MartinAvoca Street, Naseby16.08.1877David Martin
MARTINSon14.07.1875Mr and Mrs J. R. MartinNaseby16.07.1875William Martin
MATHIASSon17.05.1883Mr and Mrs A. G. MathiasHamilton Station24.05.1883, 26.05.1883Alured George Mathias
MATHIASSon19.10.1886Mr and Mrs Alured G. MathiasHamilton21.10.1886, 23.10.1886Herbert John Mathias
MATHIASDaughter30.11.1879Mr and Mrs Alured G. MathiasHamilton Station11.12.1879, 13.12.1879Lucy Mathias
McAUGHTRIESon05.10.1887Mr and Mrs William McAughtrieQuailburn, Benmore27.10.1887William George McAughtrie
McCARTHYDaughter01.11.1891Mrs S. E. McCarthySunny View, Naseby05.11.1891, 07.11.1891Dorothy Amy McCarthy
McCARTHYSon03.12.1889Mr and Mrs S. E. McCarthy-12.12.1889, 14.12.1889Herbert Raymond McCarthy
McCLUSKEYDaughter05.08.1882Mr and Mrs George McCluskeyNaseby17.08.1882, 19.08.1882Frances Alice McCluskey
McCLUSKEYSon21.05.1872Mrs A. J. McCluskeyThe Camp, Naseby24.05.1872Frederick William McCluskey
McCLUSKEYSon09.08.1881Mr and Mrs P. McCluskeyNaseby15.09.1881, 17.09.1881George Francis McCluskey
McCLUSKEYDaughter26.04.1884Mrs McCluskey-01.05.1884, 03.05.1884Georgina Sarah McCluskey
McCOSH SMITHDaughter15.03.1876Rev and Mrs James McCosh-SmithThe Manse, Naseby17.03.1876Ann Eliza - Birth registered with the surname SMITH
McCOSH SMITHDaughter09.07.1872Rev and Mrs James McCosh-SmithThe Manse, Naseby12.07.1872Jane Abernethy - Birth registered with the surname SMITH
McCOSH-SMITHDaughter16.09.1880 (sic)Rev and Mrs J. McCosh-SmithPresbyterian Manse, Naseby16.09.1880, 18.09.1880Christina Stewart - Birth registered with the surname SMITH
McCULLOUGHSon04.12.1873Mr and Mrs Samuel McCullough, DrybreadBlacks12.12.1873George McCullough
McGAVINSon27.06.1883Mr and Mrs P. McGavinThe Crown and Sceptre Hotel, Naseby28.06.1883, 30.06.1883John Edward McGavin
McGREGORDaughter15.03.1876Mr and Mrs J. R. McGregorNaseby17.03.1876Ellen McGregor
McGREGORSon07.09.1871Mr and Mrs J. McGregorLeven Street, Naseby15.09.1871Francis Reighles McGregor
McGUCKINSon06.12.1885Mr and Mrs James McGuckinCambrian10.12.1885, 12.12.1885William George McGuckin
McHARDYDaughter04.08.1873Mr and Mrs Alex McHardyKyeburn Diggings22.08.1873Elizabeth Jane McHardy
McHUTCHESONDaughter03.11.1877Mr and Mrs W. McHutcheson-08.11.1877Blanche Swinton McHutcheson
McHUTCHESONDaughter01.05.1885Mr and Mrs W. McHutchesonNaseby07.05.1885, 09.05.1885Elsie Wallis McHutcheson
McHUTCHESONDaughter19.04.1879Mr and Mrs W. McHutchesonTelegraph Villa, Naseby24.04.1879, 26.04.1879Minnie Ethel McHutcheson
McHUTCHESONDaughter01.11.1880Mr and Mrs William McHutchesonNaseby04.11.1880, 06.11.1880Muriel Philp McHutcheson
McHUTCHESONDaughter - Stillborn29.08.1876Mr and Mrs W. McHutcheson-01.09.1876Stillborn - birth not registered
McKAYDaughter17.03.1889Mr and Mrs John McKaySowburn21.03.1889, 23.03.1889Catherine Annie McKay
McKAYDaughter04.05.1898Mr and Mrs John McKaySpring Farm, Wedderburn06.05.1898, 06.05.1898Elise Flockhart McKay
McKAYSon25.09.1893Mr and Mrs John McKaySpring Farm, Wedderburn28.09.1893, 30.09.1893Frederick Dellof Langmach McKay
McKAYDaughter08.08.1892Mr and Mrs John McKaySpring Farm, Wedderburn11.08.1892, 13.08.1892Jane McKay
McKAYSon22.04.1882Mr and Mrs John McKaySt Bathans27.04.1882, 29.04.1882John Ambrose McKay
McKAYDaughter19.11.1899Mr and Mrs John McKaySpring Farm, Wedderburn24.11.1899Lucy McKay
McKAYSon27.07.1883Mr and Mrs John McKayUpper Shag16.08.1883, 18.08.1883Patrick McKay
McPHAILSon06.01.1872Mr and Mrs A. S. McPhailHawkdun Station12.01.1872Herbert Alexander McPhail
McPHEESon15.10.1879Mrs John McPhee-06.11.1879, 08.11.1879Francis McKenzie McPhee
McPHEEDaughter01.06.1881Mrs John McPheeHogburn Gully23.06.1881, 25.06.1881Rosanna McPhee
McSKIMMINGSon02.07.1892Mr and Mrs R. McSkimmingPatearoa07.07.1892, 09.07.1892Robert Henry McSkimming
McWHIRTERSon16.09.1878Mr and Mrs Thomas McWhirterEast Kyeburn Station19.09.1878, 21.09.1878Hugh Yorston McWhirter
McWHIRTERSon25.05.1869Mr and Mrs James McWhirterKyeburn Diggings04.06.1869, 11.06.1869Isabella Sarah McWhirter - note this was a daughter not a son
MILLARSon14.04.1893Mr and Mrs J. C. MillarNaseby20.04.1893, 22.04.1893Ivan Hope - Birth registered with the surname MILLER
MILLARSon11.09.1870Mr and Mrs W. J. Millar, Old Victorian HotelNaseby16.09.1870Robert Alexander Millar
MILLARDaughter - Stillborn16.08.1872Mr and Mrs W. J. MillarThe Old Victorian Hotel, Naseby23.08.1872Stillborn - birth not registered
MILLARSon14.04.1877Mr and Mrs W. J. MillarSpring Mount19.04.1877Thomas White McCloy
MILLERDaughter - Stillborn01.07.1891Mr and Mrs J. C. MillerNaseby16.07.1891, 18.07.1891Stillborn - birth not registered
MONKSon02.12.1886Mr and Mrs Benjamin MonkPass Hotel, Kyeburn Diggings04.12.1886, 09.12.1886Benjamin Monk
MONKDaughter01.03.1882Mrs B. MonkNaseby04.03.1882, 09.03.1882, 11.03.1882Elizabeth Harriet Monk
MONKDaughter04.03.1884Mr and Mrs Benjamin MonkNaseby08.03.1884, 13.03.1884, 15.03.1884Emily Annie Monk
MONKDaughter26.01.1890Mr and Mrs B. Monk, Pass Hotel, KyeburnNaseby01.02.1890, 06.02.1890Harriet Elizabeth Monk
MONKSon11.12.1892Mr and Mrs Benjamin Monk, Pass Hotel, Kyeburn DiggingsNaseby15.12.1892William Henry Monk
MOORESon15.10.1891Mr and Mrs Richard MooreDerwent Street, Naseby24.10.1891, 29.10.1891Frederick William Monk
MORRISONSon16.12.1874Mr and Mrs John MorrisonLeven Street, Naseby18.12.1874Wilson Cameron Morrison
MORRISONDaughter15.12.1871Mr and Mrs John MorrisonLeven Street, Naseby22.12.1871Alice Morrison
MORRISONDaughter20.03.1876Mr and Mrs John MorrisonLeven Street, Naseby25.03.1876Elizabeth Jane Morrison
MORRISONDaughter27.05.1878Mrs John MorrisonNaseby01.06.1878Eva Hutton Morrison
MORRISONSon15.07.1873Mr and Mrs John MorrisonLeven Street, Naseby18.07.1873John Morrison
MORRISONDaughter18.05.1870Mrs John MorrisonLeven Street, Naseby20.05.1870Louisa Ann Morrison
MURPHYDaughter17.03.1877Mr and Mrs George MurphyDerwent Street22.03.1877Sophia Jane Murphy
NEILDSon14.06.1905Rev and Mrs Alfred NeildNaseby16.06.1905John Reynell Neild
NEWMARCHSon - premature stillborn15.03.1875Mr and Mrs J. F. NewmarchNaseby19.03.1875Stillborn - birth not registered
NEWMARSHDaughter06.10.1877Mr and Mrs G. F. NewmarshNaseby11.10.1877Alice Ellen - Birth registered with the surname NEWMARCH
NICHOLASSon13.04.1869Mr and Mrs Edward NicholasNaseby16.04.1869Birth registered but without Christian names
NICOLDaughter18.01.1897Mr and Mrs Robert NicolSherman Street, Waimate22.01.1897, 23.01.1897Alice Juanita Nicol
NICOLSon16.03.1881Mrs R. NicolNaseby31.03.1881, 02.04.1881George Nicol - Unable to find an entry in the Registrar General's index. Name found in the Naseby School records.
NICOLDaughter17.08.1888Mr and Mrs R. NicolMillview Cottage near Naseby23.08.1888, 25.08.1888Ivy Ruby Nicol
NICOLDaughter28.10.1882Mrs NicolManiototo Flour Mill02.11.1882, 04.11.1882Violet Ereana Nicol
NICOLSon16.05.1886Mr and Mrs Robert NicolNaseby20.05.1886, 22.05.1886William Harold Nicol
NORMANSon26.08.1886Mr and Mrs Leslie A. NormanNaseby26.08.1886Basil Russel Trood Norman
NORMANSon20.09.1888Mr and Mrs Leslie A. NormanNaseby20.09.1888, 22.09.1888Leopold Brent Norman
NORMANSon15.01.1884Mr and Mrs Leslie A. NormanNaseby19.01.1884Leslie Athol Hornbrook Norman
NORMANDaughter14.10.1887Mr and Mrs Leslie A. NormanNaseby15.10.1887, 20.10.1887Liela Blanche Norman
OLIVERSon26.03.1871Mr and Mrs George OliverEweburn Station, Mt Ida31.03.1871, 07.04.1871George Robert Oliver
OLIVERDaughter28.03.1875Mrs G. OliverEweburn Station02.04.1875Johanna Oliver
OLIVERSon24.11.1877Mr and Mrs George OliverEweburn Station01.12.1877William James Oliver
O'MALLEYDaughter10.12.1903Mr and Mrs James F. O'MalleyWelcome Inn, Naseby18.12.1903Elizabeth Mary Veronica O'Malley
PACKMANSon27.08.1872Mr and Mrs Joseph PackmanEarn Street, Naseby30.08.1872Joseph Packman
PARKERSon09.03.1904Mr and Mrs E. F. ParkerKyeburn Diggings18.03.1904William Francis Parker
PETRIESon30.05.1888Mr and Mrs J. A. PetrieBank of New South Wales, Naseby31.05.1888, 02.06.1888Alan Julian Petrie
PETRIESon07.06.1885Mr and Mrs J. A. PetrieBank of New Zealand, Naseby11.06.1885, 13.06.1885Kenneth Francis Petrie
POTTERDaughter11.09.1891Mr and Mrs J. C. PotterNaseby17.09.1891, 19.09.1891Millicent Cleghorn Potter
PRESCOTTDaughter26.07.1875Mr and Mrs G. PrescottSt Bathans31.07.1875Alice Frances Prescott
PRESCOTTSon01.04.1879Mr and Mrs George PrescottSt Bathans12.04.1879William George Prescott
PRESHAWDaughter01.05.1875Mr and Mrs John A. Preshaw, Bank of New South Wales, CromwellHampden15.05.1875Maria Lydia May Preshaw
PURTONSon19.04.1874Mr and Mrs George PurtonSt Bathans25.04.1874Edmund Leo Purton
PURTONSon26.03.1879Mr and Mrs George PurtonSt Bathans29.03.1879, 03.04.1879George William Purton
PURTONSon19.08.1875Mr and Mrs George PurtonSt Bathans27.08.1875Maurice Joseph Purton
PYLESon18.04.1892Mr and Mrs William PyleSt Bathans21.04.1892, 23.04.1892Cyril Cuthbert Pyle
PYLEDaughter21.09.1887Mr and Mrs W. PyleSt Bathans29.09.1887, 01.10.1887Eleanor Margherita Pyle
PYLESon17.01.1889Mr and Mrs William PyleSt Bathans24.01.1889, 26.01.1889William Rupert Pyle
RAMSAYSon00.00.1888Mr and Mrs John Johnston RamsayHyde16.08.1888, 18.08.1888James Thomas Ramsay
RAMSAYSon27.10.1895Mr and Mrs J. J. RamsaySpringfield, Hyde31.10.1895, 01.11.1895, 02.11.1895Murray Herbert Ramsay
RASMUSSENDaughter31.08.1884Mr and Mrs H. P. RasmussenNaseby04.09.1884, 06.09.1884Bolette Mary Rasmussen
REEDSon05.03.1904Mr and Mrs J. W. ReedNaseby11.03.1904Francis Edward Reed
REEDSon08.08.1885Mr and Mrs Nicholas ReedNaseby13.08.1885, 15.08.1885Jacob Graham Reed
REEDDaughter01.08.1907Mr and Mrs J. W. ReedNaseby09.08.1907Miriam Evelyn Reed
REEDSon22.11.1901Mr and Mrs J. W. ReedNaseby29.11.1901Nicholas Henry - - Birth registered with the surname REID
REIDSon01.08.1890Mr and Mrs John ReidNaseby09.08.1890, 14.08.1890John Robert Reid
RENWICKDaughter23.05.1879Mr and Mrs Robert RenwickSt Bathans29.05.1879, 31.05.1879Jane Murray Renwick
RENWICKSon - Premature19.01.1878Mr and Mrs William RenwickPatearoa Station26.01.1878William George Renwick
RETALICKDaughter21.11.1875Mr and Mrs E. RetalickNaseby03.12.1875Louisa Maud Miriam - - Birth registered with the surname RETALLICK
RICHMONDSon19.05.1878Mrs James RichmondRibble Street, Oamaru01.06.1878Stewart Richmond
RIDLANDSon22.10.1890Mr and Mrs W. RidlandSchoolhouse, Patearoa30.10.1890, 01.11.1890Cecil Andrew Ridland
RIDLANDDaughter29.06.1892Mrs and late Mr W. RidlandPatearoa02.07.1892Elsie Margaret Ridland
RIDLANDSon26.10.1889Mr and Mrs W. RidlandSchoolhouse, Patearoa31.10.1889, 02.11.1889William Thomas Ridland
ROBINSONSon10.05.1871Mr and Mrs H. W. RobinsonNaseby12.05.1871Birth registered but without Christian names
ROBINSONSon13.04.1882Mrs H. W. RobinsonSt Kilda, Oamaru13.04.1882, 15.04.1882Frank Wingman Robinson
ROBINSONSon19.10.1873Mr and Mrs H. W. RobinsonNaseby24.10.1873Henry Charles Lancelot Robinson
ROBINSONDaughter17.01.1884Mr and Mrs H. W. RobinsonSt Kilda, Oamaru24.01.1884, 26.01.1884Marjorie Wingman Robinson
ROBINSONDaughter - Stillborn08.07.1880 (sic)Mr and Mrs H. W. RobinsonDerwent Street, Naseby08.07.1880, 10.07.1880Stillborn - birth not registered
ROLLANDDaughter30.09.1882Mr and Mrs Adam Rolland, late of Otago6 Melville Street, Edinburgh23.02.1882, 25.02.1882Unable to locate a birth registration
ROSSDaughter31.07.1870Mrs R. RossNaseby05.08.1870Jane Ross
ROWLATTSon18.02.1882Mrs G. F. RowlattNaseby23.02.1882, 25.02.1882Unable to locate a birth registration
ROWLATTSon26.02.1881Mrs G. F. RowlattNaseby03.03.1881, 05.03.1881Unable to locate a birth registration
ROWLATTSon28.07.1875Mrs G. F. RowlattDerwent Street, Naseby31.07.1875Unable to locate a birth registration
ROWLATTSon31.07.1879Mrs G. F. RowlattDunedin07.08.1879, 09.08.1879Unable to locate a birth registration
ROWLATTSon05.02.1874Mrs G. F. RowlattNaseby06.02.1874Edmund Pycroft Rowlatt
ROWLATTSon12.05.1872Mrs G. F. RowlattDunedin17.05.1872Julie Helen Rowlatt
SAMSSon17.05.1886Mr and Mrs W. T. SamsEweburn Station29.05.1886George Rodham Home Sams
SAMSSon - Stillborn29.09.1883Mr and Mrs W. T. SamsEweburn06.10.1883Stillborn - birth not registered
SAMSSon17.08.1881Mr and Mrs W. T. SamsEweburn Station18.08.1881, 20.08.1881William Montague Home Sams
SAMSONSon06.06.1875Mr and Mrs James SamsonAlexandra11.06.1875John Robert Samson
SCHOENDaughter29.09.1887Mr and Mrs J. H. SchoenNaseby01.10.1887Alice Victoria Schoen
SCHOENDaughter25.03.1886Mr and Mrs J. H. SchoenNaseby03.04.1886Catherine Frederica Schoen
SCHOENSon29.03.1885Mrs Henry SchoenNaseby02.04.1885, 04.04.1885Henry Francis Schoen
SCHOENDaughter06.01.1890Mr and Mrs J. H. Schoen-09.01.1890, 11.01.1890Susan Catherine Downey Schoen
SCREENDaughter07.02.1880Mr and Mrs Thomas ScreenNaseby14.02.1880, 19.02.1880, 21.02.1880Alice Louisa Screen
SCREENSon20.04.1881Mrs Thomas ScreenNaseby21.04.1881, 23.04.1881Charles Robert Screen
SCREENDaughter17.08.1878Mrs Thomas ScreenNaseby22.08.1878, 24.08.1878Matilda Georgina Vincent Screen
SCULLYDaughter08.03.1888Mr and Mrs J. C. ScullyNaseby15.03.1888Ethel Adeline Scully
SEMPLESon13.03.1890Mr and Mrs D. P. SempleWedderburn20.03.1890, 22.03.1890Donald Patrick Semple
SHAWDaughter26.07.1884Mr and Mrs Charles ShawNaseby31.07.1884, 02.08.1884Elsie Mary Shaw
SMITHDaughter01.04.1874Rev and Mrs James McCosh SmithThe Presbyterian Manse, Naseby03.04.1874Agnes Mary Smith
SMITHDaughter13.01.1879Rev and Mrs J. McCosh SmithThe Manse, Naseby16.01.1879, 18.01.1879Dora Lumsden Stuart Smith
SMITHDaughter26.08.1885Rev and Mrs James McCosh SmithManse, Naseby27.08.1885, 29.08.1885Harvey McCosh Smith - note entry was for a daughter
SMITHSon17.03.1883Mrs James McCosh-SmithPresbyterian Manse, Naseby22.03.1883, 24.03.1883James McCosh Smith
SMITHDaughter06.01.1885Mrs James SmithSmithdale, Little Kyeburn10.01.1885Jessie Falconer Smith
SMITHSon15.01.1878Rev and Mrs J. McCosh Smith of NasebyOn board the ship "Oamaru" at Bluff17.01.1878, 19.01.1878John Stuart Smith
SMITHSon14.02.1888Rev and Mrs J. McCosh SmithThe Manse, Naseby18.02.1888Rolland Lumsden Smith
STEPHENSSon08.06.1878Mrs Thomas StephensNaseby13.06.1878, 15.06.1878Frederick John Stephens
STEPHENSDaughter22.10.1880Mrs Thomas StephensNaseby23.10.1880, 28.10.1880, 30.10.1880Margaret Elizabeth Mary Stephens
STEPHENSSon22.03.1885Mrs Thomas StephensNaseby02.04.1885, 04.04.1885Richard Henry Stephens
STEWARTSon25.05.1874Mrs David StewartThe Ballarat Hotel, Naseby29.05.1874Daniel Stormont Stewart
STEWARTSon19.09.1874Mrs James StewartNaseby26.09.1874David Stewart
STEWARTSon28.05.1883Mr and Mrs David StewartNaseby31.05.1883, 02.06.1883Edward McIntosh Stewart
STEWARTSon26.07.1871Mr and Mrs James StewartNaseby28.07.1871James Robert Stewart
STEWARTSon28.11.1872Mr and Mrs David StewartThe Ballarat Hotel, Naseby29.11.1872James Stewart
STEWARTDaughter05.09.1884Mr and Mrs D. StewartNaseby06.09.1884Jessie Isabella Stewart
STEWARTDaughter28.10.1885Mr and Mrs David StewartNaseby29.10.1885Mary Stewart
STEWARTSon02.04.1891 (sic)Mr and Mrs David StewartNaseby02.04.1891, 04.04.1891Robertson McGregor Stewart
STEWARTSon30.09.1875Mrs D. StewartThe Ballarat Hotel, Derwent Street01.10.1875William Stewart
STEWARTSon30.11.1872Mr and Mrs James StewartNaseby06.12.1872William Stewart
STRONGSon21.11.1877Mr and Mrs R. StrongDerwent Street, Naseby24.11.1877Albert George Strong
STRONGDaughter11.12.1873Mr and Mrs R. StrongDerwent Street, Naseby12.12.1873Alice Ida Strong
STRONGSon26.09.1880Mrs R. StrongDerwent Street, Naseby30.09.1880, 02.10.1880Eglantine Humphreys Strong
STRONGDaughter21.07.1871Mr and Mrs R. StrongDerwent Street, Naseby28.07.1871Eliza Jane Strong
STRONGSon11.05.1875Mr and Mrs R. StrongDerwent Street, Naseby21.05.1875John Humphreys Strong
STRONGTwins - sons - one stillborn26.04.1870Mrs R. StrongNaseby29.04.1870Robert Strong - stillborn twin not registered
STRONGSon01.04.1879Mrs Robert StrongDerwent Street, Naseby03.04.1879, 05.04.1879William Strong
STRONGSon01.12.1872Mr and Mrs R. StrongDerwent Street, Naseby06.12.1872William Strong
TAITSon15.06.1906Mr and Mrs Hugh TaitNaseby22.06.1906John Clifford Wilson Tait
TAITSon24.04.1879Mr and Mrs James TaitManiototo Station26.04.1879Thomas Tait
TEAGUEDaughter16.10.1872Mr and Mrs Joseph TeagueLeven Street, Naseby18.10.1872Unable to locate a birth registration
THOMASSon11.11.1874Mrs George ThomasClark's Diggings, Mt Burster20.11.1874Unable to locate a birth registration
THOMASDaughter03.02.1878Mr and Mrs George ThomasKyeburn Diggings09.02.1878Birth registered but without Christian names
THOMASDaughter02.10.1889Mr and Mrs George ThomasNenthorne24.10.1889, 26.10.1889Cresena Victoria Menthorn Thomas
THOMASTwins - Son and Daughter21.10.1876Mrs John S. W. ThomasNaseby27.10.1876John Silas Thomas and
Rosina Ann Thomas
TIETJENSDaughter16.12.1876Mrs H. TietjensNaseby21.12.1876Unable to locate a birth registration - but found her recorded as Anna Maria Tietjens at www.whakapapa.net/tree/fam00383.html
TIETJENSSon23.06.1878Mrs Herman TietjensNaseby27.06.1878, 29.06.1878James Henry Tietjens
TOWNESon28.03.1881Mrs C. E. TowneIdaburn09.04.1881, 14.04.1881, 16.04.1881Charles George Towne
TROTTERDaughter29.06.1887Mr and Mrs Robert W. TrotterTravison, Hyde14.07.1887, 16.07.1887Anna Margaret Trotter
TURNBULLSon24.09.1883Mr and Mrs Charles TurnbullLinnburn Station27.09.1883Charles Frederick Turnbull
TURNBULLDaughter11.08.1888Mr and Mrs R. M. TurnbullClifton, England11.10.1888, 13.10.1888Not a New Zealand birth registration
TURNERSon04.04.1882Mr and Mrs W. C. TurnerBlackstone Hill08.04.1882, 13.04.1882, 15.04.1882Ernest Thomas Collingwood Turner
TURNERSon17.06.1883Mr and Mrs W. C. TurnerBlackstone Hill12.07.1883, 14.07.1883Herbert John Turner
WADESon09.06.1877Mrs Mann WadeBlackstone Hill14.06.1877William John Wade
WEIRDaughter18.11.1878Mrs John WeirNaseby21.11.1878, 23.11.1878Edith Lavina Weir
WEIRSon29.11.1899Mrs J. Weir, Eden Bank, GimmerburnNaseby01.12.1899Finlayson Weir
WHITEHAD (sic)Son08.08.1880Mr and Mrs James WhiteheadRough Ridge19.08.1880, 21.08.1880Charles - birth registered as WHITEHEAD
WHITTONDaughter12.03.1888Dr and Mrs James WhittonNaseby22.03.1888, 24.03.1888Phyllis Amy Whitton
WILSONDaughter16.10.1882Mrs Hugh WilsonOughter Street, Naseby21.10.1882, 26.10.1882Annie Alexa Wilson
WILSONSon03.01.1880Mrs Hugh WilsonNaseby10.01.1880Arthur William Wilson
WILSONSon06.03.1873Mrs Hugh WilsonNaseby07.03.1873Campbell Dick Wilson
WILSONDaughter13.11.1884 (sic)Mrs Hugh WilsonNaseby13.11.1884Helen Wilson
WILSONSon03.04.1877Mrs H. WilsonNaseby05.04.1877Hugh Andrew Wilson
WILSONSon14.06.1874Mr and Mrs H. WilsonNaseby19.06.1874James Wilson
WILSONDaughter07.10.1878Mrs Hugh WilsonNaseby10.10.1878, 12.10.1878Maggie Wilson
WILSONDaughter14.02.1876Mr and Mrs Hugh WilsonKillarney Street, Naseby18.02.1876Mary Grant Wilson
WOODDaughter13.02.1901Mr and Mrs Horatio Wood, late of the Ancient Briton HotelNaseby15.02.1901Unable to locate a birth registration
WOODDaughter14.01.1899Mr and Mrs Horatio WoodWelcome Inn Hotel, Naseby20.01.1899, 21.01.1899Esmeralda May Wood
WOODDaughter16.02.1892Mr and Mrs E. WoodNaseby18.02.1892, 20.02.1892Ethel Octavia Wood
WOODDaughter09.05.1902Mr and Mrs Horatio WoodNaseby16.05.1902Mary Ann Wood
WOODHILLSon28.02.1877Mrs J. Henry WoodhillHigh Street, Naseby01.03.1877Bertram Ernest Woodhill
YORSTONDaughter16.01.1873Mrs J. D. YorstonSt Bathans24.01.1873Euphemia Yorston
YOUNGTwins - Daughters02.04.1890Mr and Mrs James YoungNaseby03.04.1890, 05.04.1890Ada Theresa Young and
Mary Frances Young
YOUNGDaughter22.12.1899Mr and Mrs James YoungNaseby29.12.1899Dorothy Hilda Young
YOUNGSon17.02.1894Mr and Mrs James YoungNaseby22.02.1894, 24.02.1894James Aldred Edwin Young
YOUNGSon06.07.1872Mr and Mrs Matthew YoungNaseby19.07.1872Matthew Young