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I joined the limited free version of the site but did not pursue it when I read the complaints. They don't have my credit card account number.

◦Basic plan is free to use
◦Premium plan is £4.50 a month ($6.86)
◦ Premium Plus plan is £7.95 a month ($12.12)
◦ Subscribe for multiple years to receive a discount of up to 30%
◦ Users should check the terms and conditions of the site’s basic package as some accounts are automatically updated after a period of time, and so you may incur charges

Prices are subject to change. For the most up to date information, please refer to the actual website.


◦ Over 1.3 billion profiles
◦ Around 24 million family trees
◦ Almost 180 million photos
◦ Download a family tree builder, testimonials and mobile apps
◦ Read an exclusive blog
◦ Host your family tree on your profile
◦ Upload a GEDCOM to import a partially completed family tree.
◦ Message boards allow you to be part of the MyHeritage Community.
◦ Search all existing family trees for entries to boost your own family tree.
◦ Host picture galleries for all your family to view.
◦ Free Technical support for all users.

Editor's Verdict:

With millions of members and family namesand the ability to share photos and chat with other members, MyHeritage.com is a bit like the Facebook of genealogy. In the busy world we live in, it's easy for even the closest of families to lose touch with one another. This is even more likely if your family lives all over the world! One of the best ways to make sure that everyone stays in touch and knows what is happening in one another's lives is through a new phenomenon known as 'family networking'. This works in exactly the same way as a regular social networking site, except it is specifically devoted to making sure that families can share photos and information without having to share it with the world.

 Users can join MyHeritage in minutes. Simply enter a valid email address and some contact details and you're ready to go. MyHeritage allows you to customize your profile to include picture galleries and slideshows so that family and friends can view your images as guests, or, if you share your password with them, they can contribute to joint family albums by adding photographs of their own. The site suggests that one of the best uses for these family albums is to collect together photographs of grandchildren so that grandparents, who may live far away, can view them from the comfort of their own home.

 Photo galleries aren’t all that are featured on MyHeritage – you can also create a family tree (or upload a GEDCOM file to upload a partially completed family tree from elsewhere), and use dedicated genealogical search functions to search (whilst maintaining the privacy of other users) through all the trees featured on the site for common ancestors to expand your tree. With millions of members and registered names on MyHeritage, there's a pretty good chance that a search will throw up something useful. You can also use the message boards to keep in touch with family members, leave notes to let others know what you and your family are getting up to, and write down memories and stories that are published through your profile.

 We really liked MyHeritage – it has a lot to offer as both a genealogy site and a family networking site and we firmly believe that it can help families share information and keep in touch. You may need to watch out for the auto-renewals on the site though, as some people have been caught out and ended up with a hefty bill. That said, there’s a fun buzz around this site, with a colourful and invigorating colour scheme and design, as well as several useful tools for sharing photos and histories with your family. What's more, its basic package is free, so why not check it out?

 Complaints about this site

 22 August 2011
 Reviewer: Charlie from Denver, Co

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 I signed up for this hoping to do some research. I have not been able to complete a single search without being directed to another site that requires payment. My Heritage provides no phone number to talk with anyone. Save your money.

 In summary, I would not recommend My Heritage to a friend.

I joined My Heritage to allow my family tree to be accessible to researchers without having to join something. My tree is large so I was/AM a premium member. "My Heritage" auto renewed my account WITHOUT my permission. There is absolutely no phone number to contact them to dispute the charge of $119. They offer email contact however no one responses to emails.

 I cannot dispute the charge until it moves from pending to posted. And I seriously doubt it can be disputed then because the phone number on file with the pending order is a shopper support line phone number. Even the shopper support billing service does not have a phone number for My Heritage.

 PLEASE BE SMART AND AVOID JOINING "My Heritage". Go to Ancestry