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Tuapeka Births

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Tuapeka Times newspaper Births 1868-1908


ADAMSDaughter22.06.1876Mrs C. W. AdamsLawrence24.06.1876Eleanor Juliet Adams
ADAMSSon01.10.1870Mr and Mrs C. W. AdamsLawrence06.10.1870Charles Edward Adams
ADAMSSon14.07.1873Mrs C. W. AdamsLawrence17.07.1873Cecil Francis Adams
ADAMSSon08.05.1875Mrs C. W. AdamsLawrence12.05.1875George Frederick Adams
AGNEWSon13.08.1868Mr and Mrs George AgnewWaitahuna22.08.1868George Andrew Agnew
AIMERSSon26.07.1869Mr and Mrs T. AimersLawrence07.08.1869Alfred John Aimers
AIREYDaughter19.05.1869Mr and Mrs John AireyRoss Place Hotel, Lawrence22.05.1869Catharine Airey
AIREYSon14.03.1871Mrs John AireyLawrence16.03.1871Not located in Civil Registration records for births
AITCHISONDaughter28.02.1868Mr and Mrs Alexander AitchisonThe Camp, Tokomairiro07.03.1868Louisa Mary Aitcheson (sic)
ALEXANDERDaughter24.08.1874Mrs A. AlexanderPeel Street, Lawrence29.08.1874Margaret Alexander
ALEXANDERDaughter11.07.1876Mr and Mrs A. Alexander, LawrenceWetherstones12.07.1876Mary Drysdale Alexander
ALLANSon06.01.1872Mr and Mrs Andrew AllanTapanui25.01.1872William George Allan
ANDERSONDaughter06.10.1877Mr and Mrs Andrew AndersonSchoolhouse, Waitahuna10.10.1877George Gordon Anderson
ANDERSONSon29.03.1879Mr and Mrs James AndersonLawrence02.04.1879James Anderson
ANDREWSDaughter26.06.1884Mrs H. T. AndrewsPalmerston02.07.1884Adelaide Louisa Andrews
ANNESLEYSon20.06.1879Mr and Mrs Richard AnnesleyAnnesgrove near Castletown-Roche, County Cork03.09.1879Not a New Zealand Registration
ARBUCKLEDaughter03.09.1884Mr and Mrs J. C. ArbuckleBraehead Cottage06.09.1884Jessie Violet Arbuckle
ARBUCKLEDaughter28.11.1872Mr and Mrs J. C. ArbuckleLawrence05.12.1872Emma Jane Carse Arbuckle (not in civil registration - source: Lawrence Cemetery burial records - died aged 4 months)
ARBUCKLEDaughter02.01.1875Mr and Mrs J. C. ArbuckleSeaview House, Dunedin13.01.1875Charlotte Ellen Arbuckle
ARBUCKLEDaughter28.04.1881Mrs J. C. ArbuckleWhitehaven Street, Lawrence30.04.1881Charlotte Emma Arbuckle
ARBUCKLEDaughter - premature30.10.1871Mr and Mrs J. C. ArbuckleOn board the S.S. Gothenburg30.11.1871Not located in Civil Registration records for births
ARBUCKLESon07.07.1879Mr and Mrs J. C. ArbuckleLawrence09.07.1879John Carse Arbuckle
ARBUCKLESon15.12.1882Mr and Mrs J. C. ArbuckleLawrence16.12.1882Matthew Horace Arbuckle
ARBUCKLESon27.02.1887Mr and Mrs J. C. ArbuckleLawrence02.03.1887John Reid Arbuckle
ARBUCKLESon21.09.1888Mr and Mrs J. C. ArbuckleLawrence02.09.1888Frederick William Arbuckle
ARBUCKLESon29.08.1892Mr and Mrs J. C. ArbuckleLawrence03.09.1892Ernest Vernon Arbuckle
ARBUCKLESon15.01.1894Mr and Mrs J. C. ArbuckleLawrence17.01.1894Arthur Hope Arbuckle
ARBUCKLESon18.07.1895Mr and Mrs J. C. ArbuckleLawrence20.07.1895Eric Alfred Bastings Arbuckle
ARBUCKLESon - stillborn12.10.1873Mr and Mrs J. C. Arbuckle-16.10.1873Stillborn birth not registered
ARTHURDaughter15.11.1873Mr and Mrs T. Arthur-19.11.1873Matilda Arthur
ARTHURSon27.08.1871Mr and Mrs Thomas ArthurLawrence31.08.1871Alexander Montgomery Arthur
ARTHURSon18.03.1875Mr and Mrs T. ArthurLawrence20.03.1875Alexander Arthur
ARTHURSon03.09.1878Mr and Mrs T. ArthurLawrence07.09.1878Sinclair Arthur
ATTFIELDSon27.10.1874Mrs C. AttfieldClyde04.11.1874Edward William Attfield
BAGLEYDaughter20.01.1881Mr and Mrs R. P. BagleyFernside, London Street, Dunedin26.01.1881Matilda Eva Bagley
BAGLEYSon06.04.1879Mr and Mrs R. P. BagleyGeorge Street, Dunedin09.04.1879Richard Amor Bagley
BANNATYNEDaughter30.04.1869Mr and Mrs D. BannatyneSussex Hotel, George Street, Dunedin08.05.1869Mary Ann Nancy Bannantyne
BARKMANDaughter16.12.1882Mr and Mrs Peter BarkmanBathgate Street, South Dunedin20.12.1882Not located in Civil Registration records for births
BARKMANSon25.03.1887Mr and Mrs J. BarkmanBeaumont Road26.03.1887Olivia Barkman (no trace in civil registration, birth notice says son but Kaikorai School records a female called Olivia Barkman
BARKMANSon19.08.1884Mrs J. BarkmanHappy Home, Beaumont Road20.08.1884Frederick Barkman
BARNETTDaughter10.06.1870Mr and Mrs Thomas BarnettLawrence16.06.1870Hannah Newbold Barnett
BARNETTDaughter01.08.1875Mr and Mrs T. BarnettLawrence04.08.1875Margaret Hamilton Barnett
BARNETTDaughter28.12.1882Mr and Mrs Thomas BarnettLawrence30.12.1882Eliza Orene Orton Barnett
BARNETTDaughter07.10.1885Mrs T. BarnettPeel Street10.10.1885Hilda Violet Barnett
BARNETTDaughter14.03.1869Mr and Mrs T. BarnettPeel Street, Lawrence20.03.1869Jane Hamilton Barnett
BARNETTDaughter27.11.1871Mrs Thomas BarnettPeel Street, Lawrence30.11.1871Annie Hamilton Barnett
BARNETTSon14.08.1877Mrs Thomas Burnett-15.08.1877George Hamilton Barnett
BARNETTSon03.08.1873Mr and Mrs Thomas BarnettLawrence07.08.1873Joseph Barnett
BARRSon15.06.1888Mr and Mrs A. BarrBlue Spur30.06.1888Hugh Andrew Barr
BASTINGSSon13.07.1876Mr and Mrs Fred BastingsMilton15.07.1876Horace William Bastings
BASTINGSSon26.10.1873Mr and Mrs F. BastingsWhite Horse Hotel, Milton30.10.1873Frederick John Bastings
BATESSon30.09.1899Mr and Mrs E. W. BatesBeaumont04.10.1899Robert Edwin Bates
BEATONDaughter14.10.1880Mr and Mrs Duncan BeatonBlue Spur16.10.1880Ann Beaton
BEATONSon20.05.1883Mr and Mrs Duncan BeatonBlue Spur26.05.1883Duncan Beaton
BECKDaughter23.01.1875Rev and Mrs W. H. BeckFilleul Street, Dunedin27.01.1875Catherine Beck
BEIGHTONDaughter19.06.1873Mr and Mrs John Beighton, RoxburghHowe Street, Dunedin26.06.1873Maud Beighton (not located in civil registration - source Roxburgh School records)
BEIGHTONDaughter15.01.1879Mr and Mrs John BeightonRoxburgh18.01.1879Charlotte Ann Beighton
BEIGHTONSon23.04.1875Mrs John BeightonRoxburgh24.04.1875Adelaide Beighton (no trace in civil registration, birth notice says son but Roxburgh School records a female called Adelaide (Ada)
BEIGHTONSon14.01.1877Mr and Mrs John BeightonRoxburgh20.01.1877John Nathaniel Beighton
BENNETDaughter25.09.1885Mrs George Bennet-30.09.1885Barbara Bennet
BERESFORDSon11.05.1885Mr and Mrs W. BeresfordLaurel Creek near Roxburgh20.05.1885James Falconer Beresford
BIDGOODSon26.07.1869Mrs George BidgoodRoxburgh07.08.1869George Henry Bidgood
BIRCHDaughter18.09.1875Mrs Albert BirchRoxburgh29.09.1875Agnes June Birch
BJORNGAARDSon14.09.1890Mr and Mrs O. H. BjorngaardWaitahuna Gully24.09.1890Ole Hans Bjorngaard
BLACKDaughter16.08.1888Mr and Mrs George BlackLawrence18.08.1888Annie Nicol Black
BLAIRDaughter30.05.1870Mrs John BlairClarks Flat02.06.1870Agnes Blair
BLAIRSon27.06.1896Mr and Mrs Alexander BlairPeel Street, Lawrence01.07.1896William Whitehouse Blair
BLEWITTDaughter09.08.1871Mr and Mrs Augustus BlewittLawrence17.08.1871Alice Blewitt
BLEWITTDaughter26.12.1875Mr and Mrs A. BlewittLawrence29.12.1875Grace Blewitt
BLOXHAMDaughter10.09.1871Mr and Mrs Henry BloxhamLawrence14.09.1871Elizabeth Jane Bloxham
BLOYDaughter09.07.1876Mr and Mrs W. BloyLawrence12.07.1876Rosa Annie Bloy
BLOYDaughter19.09.1884Mrs w. BloySunnyside Farm20.09.1884Emma Marian Bloy
BLOYDaughter21.11.1897Mr and Mrs William BloyWhitehaven Street, Lawrence04.12.1897Phillis Catherine Jane Bloy
BLOYSon20.09.1879Mrs William BloyLaurel Cottage, Lawrence24.09.1879William Thomas Bloy
BLOYSon27.07.1888Mr and Mrs William BloySunnyside Farm near Lawrence01.08.1888George Arthur Bloy
BOOTHSon19.12.1887Mr and Mrs George F. BoothSchoolhouse, Manuka Creek31.12.1887George Frederick Booth
BORTONDaughter24.02.1883Mrs J. B. BortonClark's Flat near Lawrence28.02.1883Edith Ada Borton
BORTONDaughter01.03.1882Mrs J. B. BortonCottenham, Clarks Flat04.03.1882Winifred Eleanor Borton
BORTONDaughter15.06.1884Mrs J. B. BortonRoxburgh25.06.1884Rosamund Gertrude Borton
BOULTONSon13.01.1868Mr and Mrs Joel BoultonPeel Street, Lawrence27.01.1868Alfred Ernest Bolton
BOXSon24.05.1873Mr and Mrs William BoxEvans Flat near Lawrence29.05.1873William Stephen Box
BOXTwins - son and daughter26.06.1872Mrs William Box-27.06.1872Not located in Civil Registration records for births
BRAITHWAITESon26.10.1873Mr and Mrs W. J. BraithwaiteSwitzers05.11.1873William Nicholson Braithwaite
BREMNERSon19.01.1887Mrs P. BremnerSchoolhouse, Tuapeka Flat02.02.1887Andrew Henry Bremner
BROOKDaughter03.02.1874Mr and Mrs George BrookGreenhill Farm, Evans Flat04.02.1874Emily Jane Brook
BROOKSon15.06.1876Mr and Mrs BrookEvan's Flat21.06.1876William Brook
BROOKSon09.09.1872Mr and Mrs G. BrookGreehill Farm, Evans Flat, Tuapeka12.09.1872Not located in Civil Registration records for births
BROSNANSon - stillborn21.07.1885Mrs W. BrosnanBeaumont Road25.07.1885Stillborn birth not registered
BROWNDaughter26.08.1872Mr and Mrs Thomas BrownManuherikia12.09.1872Jane Brown
BROWNEDaughter30.09.1891Mr and Mrs John C. BrowneIrvine Street, Lawrence03.10.1891Laura Eden Collins Browne
BROWNEDaughter19.05.1892Mr and Mrs Edward BrowneIrvine Street, Lawrence21.05.1892Grace Ellen Browne
BROWNESon27.10.1889Mr and Mrs F. BrowneInvercargill13.11.1889Francis Collins Browne
BROWNESon17.03.1907Mr and Mrs Edward C. BrowneIrvine Street, Lawrence27.03.1907George Kay Browne
BROWNLEEDaughter12.05.1886Mr and Mrs Robert BrownleeMinmi, New South Wales05.06.1886Not a New Zealand Registration
BROWNLEESon31.07.1888Mr and Mrs Robert BrownleeMinmi, New South Wales12.09.1888Not a New Zealand Registration
BRYDIESon11.10.1868Mr and Mrs Alex BrydieBlue Spur24.10.1868Alexander Brydie
BUCKSon09.10.1872Mrs L. BuckWellington17.10.1872Percy Ames Buck
BULFINDaughter26.09.1878Mrs J. BulfinWoodley Farm, Tuapeka West28.09.1878Frances Lilian Bulfin
BURNESTERSon15.04.1896Mr and Mrs George BurnesterRoss Place, Lawrence18.04.1896George Leonard Burmester (sic)
BURNSSon13.01.1870Mr and Mrs Andrew BurnsGabriels Gully15.01.1870Alexander Melvin Burns
BURNSSon28.01.1880Mr and Mrs A. BurnsHavelock Street, Riverton04.02.1880John Campbell Burns
BURNSSon29.08.1872Mr and Mrs A. BurnsLawrence05.09.1872Andrew Nesbit Burns
BURNSSon12.09.1878Mr and Mrs A. Burns, late of LawrenceRiverton02.10.1878James Goudie Burns
BURTONDaughter07.11.1875Mr and Mrs Jabez BurtonRoxburgh27.11.1875Annie Burton
BURTONDaughter26.01.1880Mrs J. BurtonRoxburgh28.01.1880Catherine Mary Burton
BURTONSon22.05.1895Mr and Mrs George BurtonBald Hill Flat29.05.1895Lionel George Burton
BURTONSon16.03.1874Mr and Mrs J. BurtonRoxburgh25.03.1874William Burton
BURTONSon08.02.1878Mrs J. BurtonRoxburgh13.02.1878Arthur Preston Burton
BURTONSon27.10.1885Mr and Mrs Jabez BurtonRoxburgh04.11.1885John Frederick Burton
BUTTERFIELDDaughter13.08.1870Mr and Mrs Isaac ButterfieldFrenchman's Hill, Switzers25.08.1870Jane Potter Butterfield
BUTTERWORTHSon29.05.1870Mr and Mrs James ButterworthBakery Point, Waipori09.06.1870William James Butterworth
BYRNESon22.11.1883Mr and Mrs Francis M. ByrneLawrence24.11.1883Francis Hugh Byrne
CALDERSon05.10.1906Mr and Mrs J. C. Calder, late of LawrenceKing Edward Street, Dunedin10.11.1906Bryson Calder
CALDERSon12.03.1904Mr and Mrs J. C. CalderLawrence13.04.1904Robert Cadzow Calder
CAMERONDaughter06.07.1875Mrs John CameronSpylaw Station14.07.1875Mary Isobella Cameron
CAMERONDaughter11.12.1902Mr and Mrs Hugh Cameron, Tuapeka WestThe residence of Mrs Cormac (sic), Irvine Street13.12.1902Ruby Isabell Cameron
CAMERONSon21.05.1874Mr and Mrs John CameronSpylaw Station27.05.1874John Gemmel Cameron
CAMPBELLDaughter06.10.1876Mr and Mrs A. T. CampbellRoxburgh14.10.1876Wilhelmina Dryburgh Campbell
CAMPBELLDaughter10.04.1880Mr and Mrs John T. CampbellSchoolhouse, Roxburgh14.04.1880Beatrice Alice Campbell
CAMPBELLTwin daughters07.06.1870Mr and Mrs James CampbellColonsay Street, Lawrence09.06.1870Jane Campbell
and Annie Campbell
CAREWSon - stillborn - mother also died25.05.1874Mr and late E. H. CarewMount Stewart27.05.1874Stillborn birth not registered
CAREYSon24.09.1869Mr and Mrs J. CareyBlue Spur02.10.1869William Richardson Carey
CARNIEDaughter07.12.1873Mrs Henry CarnieCarnie Cottage, Carnie Hill, Switzers17.12.1873Annie Margarett Carnie
CARRSon07.04.1870Mrs William CarrWetherstones14.04.1870Laurence Carr
CLARKDaughter29.10.1870Mr and Mrs Hugh ClarkClarks Flat03.11.1870Christina Mitchell Clark
CLARKDaughter09.02.1869Mr and Mrs George ClarkMasonic Hotel, Ross Place, Lawrence20.02.1869Alice Maude Mary Clark
CLARKDaughter20.05.1870Mr and Mrs George ClarkRoss Place, Lawrence26.05.1870Rosa Clark
CLARKSon - posthumous birth20.05.1874Mr and Mrs George Clark-23.05.1874Not located in Civil Registration records for births
CLARKEDaughter01.11.1875Mr and Mrs J. M. ClarkeLawrence06.11.1875Archibald McCosh Clark (sic)
CLARKEDaughter03.03.1877Mr and Mrs J. M. ClarkeRoss Place, Lawrence07.03.1877Not located in Civil Registration records for births
CLARKESon19.10.1874Mr and Mrs J. McGowan ClarkeLawrence21.10.1874Grainger Tait Clarke
CLARKESon11.02.1873Mr and Mrs J. M. ClarkeRoss Place, Lawrence13.02.1873John Logan Clarke
CLOSSSon03.01.1883Mrs J. G. ClossSchoolhouse, Lovell's Flat06.01.1883James Robert Closs
CLULEEDaughter12.05.1876Mrs A. CluleeLismore Street17.05.1876Grace Clulee
COCHRANEDaughter01.12.1876Mrs D. CochraneLawrence13.12.1876Elizabeth Grace McFarlane Cochrane
COCHRANESon19.04.1878Mrs David CochraneLow Valley Field Cottage, Lawrence24.04.1878Robert Cochrane
COGHILLDaughter30.07.1870Mr and Mrs Robert CoghillBridge Hotel, Havelock11.08.1870Jessie Isabella Jane Coghill
COLQUHOUNSon11.12.1877Mr and Mrs Neil ColquhounTapanui22.12.1877Neil Henston Colquhoun
COOPDaughter15.06.1875Mr and Mrs Thomas CoopRoxburgh19.06.1875Clara Coop
COOPDaughter09.09.1877Mr and Mrs Thomas CoopRoxburgh19.09.1877Annie Coop
COOPDaughter15.06.1880Mr and Mrs Thomas CoopRoxburgh19.06.1880Jessie Alice Coop
COOPSon25.10.1894Mr and Mrs Thomas CoopRoxburgh27.10.1894William Harold Coop
COPLANDDaughter31.05.1869Rev Dr and Mrs CoplandPresbyterian Manse, Lawrence05.06.1869Anna Copland
CORMACKDaughter27.05.1870Mr and Mrs John CormackBlue Spur09.06.1870Euphemia Cormack
CORMACKDaughter09.04.1872Mr and Mrs John CormackBlue Spur11.04.1872Margaret Cormack
CORMACKDaughter09.05.1878Mrs John CormackGeorge Street, Dunedin11.05.1878Catherine Sinclair Cormack
COTTONSon30.10.1876Mr and Mrs R. CottonWaipori08.11.1876Robert George cotton
COTTONSon15.10.1878Mrs R. CottonWaipori19.10.1878Richard John Cotton
COTTONSon16.05.1883Mr and Mrs R. CottonWaipori19.05.1883James Henry Cotton
COUTTSDaughter13.08.1871Mr and Mrs James CouttsBlue Spur17.08.1871Jane Coutts
COWANSon - stillborn28.06.1874Mrs CowanHavelock01.07.1874Stillborn birth not registered
COXDaughter27.08.1877Mrs Joseph Cox-01.09.1877Annie Cox
COXDaughter17.07.1879Mr and Mrs Joseph CoxWaipori23.07.1879Maud Cox
COXSon04.03.1905Mr and Mrs Hugh CoxFreemans Bay, Auckland11.03.1905Alexander Russell Cox
COXSon21.11.1881Mrs Joseph Cox, WaiporiLawrence23.11.1881Joseph Charles Cox
COXSon04.05.1878Mrs W. H. CoxOutram11.05.1878Albert Henry Cox
COXSon16.04.1870Mrs William CoxWetherstones21.04.1870Joseph Thomas Cox
COXONDaughter03.10.1874Mr and Mrs George CoxonWetherstones07.10.1874Jessie Coxon
COXONSon09.09.1873Mr and Mrs George CoxonWetherstones18.09.1873Richard James Coxon
COXONSon10.01.1876Mrs Matthew CoxonWetherstones19.01.1876Anderson Carr Coxon
COXONSon09.10.1882Mrs Matthew CoxonWetherstones11.10.1882Edward Anderson Coxon
CRAIGDaughter12.02.1902Mr and Mrs David CraigColonsay Street, Lawrence19.02.1902Constance Mary Craig
CRAIGSon22.01.1887Mr and Mrs Robert CraigHorse Shoe Bend05.02.1887David William Craig
CRAIGSon21.04.1876Mrs James CraigJunction Hotel22.04.1876Hugh Craig
CRANLEYDaughter25.11.1868Mr and Mrs CranleyGolden Age Hotel, Wetherstones28.11.1868Catherine Cranley
CRANLEYDaughter - posthumous birth11.10.1877Mrs J. CranleyWetherstones20.10.1877Rose Cranley
CRAWFORDDaughter13.05.1879Mr and Mrs John CrawfordBraeside Cottage17.05.1879Isabella Crawford
CRAWFORDSon22.07.1884Mr and Mrs John CrawfordLawrence26.07.1884George James Henry Crawford
CROWDaughter07.07.1872Mr and Mrs James Crow-11.07.1872Elizabeth Crow
CROWDaughter14.11.1868Mr and Mrs J. CrowColonsay Street21.11.1868Jane Crow
CROWSon24.09.1870Mr and Mrs James CrowLawrence29.09.1870Robert Crowe (sic)
CROWTwin daughters08.08.1879Mr and Mrs James CrowLawrence09.08.1879Martha Crow
and Jessie Crow
CUMMINGSon16.10.1877Mr and Mrs W. CummingBeaumont17.10.1877William Grindlay Cumming
CUNNINGHAMSon17.01.1891Mr and Mrs J. W. CunninghamMoa Flat Station24.01.1891Douglas John Cunningham
CUNNINGHAMSon27.08.1892Mr and Mrs J. W. CunninghamMoa Flat Station03.09.1892Gordon Herriot Cunningham
CUNNINGHAMSon - stillborn18.02.1890Mr and Mrs J. W. CunninghamMoa Flat26.02.1890Stillborn birth not registered
DALYDaughter13.12.1870Mr and Mrs James DalyWaitahuna22.12.1870Catherine Elizabeth Daly
DALYDaughter08.08.1879Mrs James DalyWhite Horse Hotel, George Street, Dunedin13.08.1879Mary Daly
DALYSon24.06.1873Mrs J. DalyRoxburgh10.07.1873James Alfred Daly
DALZELLSon18.10.1868Mr and Mrs C. DalzellBlue Spur24.10.1868Andrew Dalzell
DANCASTERSon18.08.1880Captain and Mrs DancasterMasonic Hotel, Lawrence21.08.1880Nathaniel Francis Dancaster
DARTONDaughter04.05.1890Mr and Mrs James Darton327 Victoria Street, Collingwood, Melbourne14.05.1890Not a New Zealand Registration
DARTONDaughter09.01.1894Mr and Mrs Henry L. DartonLawrence13.01.1894Mary Isabell Darton
DARTONSon07.07.1869Mr and Mrs Thomas DartonLawrence10.07.1869Arthur Wilson Darton
DAVIDSONSon30.11.1872Mr and Mrs W. H. DavidsonSwitzers05.12.1872Gerard Walkinshaw Davidson
DAWSONSon15.01.1876Mr and Mrs Oliver DawsonTuapeka Mouth22.01.1876Thomas Dawson
DIMANTDaughter22.02.1884Mrs E. DimantGeorge Street, Dunedin23.02.1884Lilian Eliza Dimant
DIMANTSon23.06.1891Mrs E. DimantKew, Melbourne01.08.1891Not a New Zealand Registration
DIMANTSon29.01.1882Mr and Mrs E. DimantLismore Street, Lawrence01.02.1882Leslie Aitken Alexander Dimant
DIMANTSon21.12.1885Mrs E. DimantLondon Street, Dunedin23.12.1885Roy Howard Dimant
DIMANTSon15.12.1896Mr and Mrs Elias DimantPerth, Western Australia06.01.1897Not a New Zealand Registration
DINEENSon17.04.1881Mrs M. DineenWhitehaven Street, Lawrence20.04.1881Michael Joseph Dineen
DODDSDaughter04.07.1887Mr and Mrs Thomas DoddsRae Street09.07.1887Grace Dodds
DODDSSon16.12.1882Mr and Mrs T. DoddsLawrence20.12.1882George Henry Dodds
DODDSSon01.12.1885Mr and Mrs Thomas DoddsLawrence05.12.1885Alfred Charles Dodds
DODDSSon03.03.1884Mrs Thomas DoddsRae Street05.03.1884Thomas Dodds
DOWNESDaughter01.11.1870Mr and Mrs W. F. Downes, Bank of New South Wales, LawrenceDunedin03.11.1870Florence Daisy Downes
DOWNESDaughter03.12.1875Mr and Mrs W. F. DownesLawrence04.12.1875Florence May Downes
DOWNESDaughter05.01.1877Mr and Mrs W. F. DownesLawrence10.01.1877Mabel Florence Downes
DOWNESDaughter03.01.1878Mr and Mrs W. F. DownesLawrence05.01.1878Hilda Mary Downes
DOWNESSon05.10.1869Mr and Mrs W. F. DownesBank of New South Wales, Lawrence09.10.1869William Easte Downes
DOWNESSon21.03.1874Mr and Mrs W. F. DownesLawrence25.03.1874Francis Peveril Downes
DOWNESSon28.01.1881Mr and Mrs W. F. DownesLawrence29.01.1881Not located in Civil Registration records for births
DOWNIEDaughter23.11.1870Mr and Mrs John DownieSunnyside Farm, Hospital Flat01.12.1870Margaret Angus Downie
DRAINDaughter07.03.1879Mr and Mrs Alexander DrainTuapeka Flat08.03.1879Mary Jane Drain
DRYSDALEDaughter08.07.1876Mr and Mrs Andrew DrysdaleFairbank, Tuapeka West16.07.1876Jessie Ann Drysdale
DRYSDALEDaughter13.12.1872Mrs John DrysdaleLeabank, Tuapeka Flat19.12.1872Margaret Drysdale
DRYSDALESon28.05.1874Mr and Mrs John DrysdaleSealbank30.05.1874William Drysdale
DUFFEYSon17.03.1886Mr and Mrs M. G. DuffeyTuapeka Hospital, Lawrence03.04.1886Michael William Patrick Duffey
DUNCANSon27.06.1884Mr and Mrs P. H. DuncanPahautinui, Wellington09.07.1884Edmund Alexander Duncan
DUNLOPTwin daughters21.01.1883Mrs Dunlop, widow of late Robert Dunlop (died July 1882)Tuapeka Mouth27.01.1883Jemima Dunlop
and Elizabeth McGowan Dunlop
DWYERDaughter18.04.1879Mr and Mrs Thomas DwyerLawrence23.04.1879Jessie Dwyer
DWYERSon14.12.1880Mr and Mrs Thomas DwyerLawrence18.12.1880Thomas Dwyer
EDIEDaughter25.01.1887Mr and Mrs John EdieLawrence29.01.1887Mary Barbara Kerr Edie
EDIESon05.04.1888Mrs and Mrs John EdieIona Street11.04.1888Edgar Kerr Edie
EDIESon-Mr and Mrs John EdieIona Street, Lawrence25.11.1885Robert Abel Kerr Edie
EGGLESTONESon24.03.1886Mr and Mrs J. EgglestoneLawrence27.03.1886Thomas Morley Egglestone
EGGLESTONESon27.12.1887Mr and Mrs J. EgglestoneLawrence24.09.1887William Morley Egglestone
EGGLESTONESon06.07.1889Mr and Mrs Joseph EgglestoneLawrence24.07.1889Norman Winter Egglestone
EGGLESTONESon09.10.1892Mr and Mrs Joseph EgglestoneLawrence16.11.1892Joseph Valentine Egglestone
ELLISSon14.01.1887Mrs F. EllisGabriel's Gully19.01.1887Frederic Ellis
ELLISSon27.09.1870Mr and Mrs John EllisLawrence29.09.1870William Charles Ellis
ELLISSon29.08.1873Mr and Mrs John EllisLawrence04.09.1873Joseph Ellis
ELLISTwin sons28.04.1869Mr and Mrs John EllisLawrence01.05.1869William George Ellis
and John Thomas Ellis
EVANSDaughter27.09.1869Mr and Mrs W. EvansBlue Spur02.10.1869Margaret Evans
EVANSDaughter22.08.1871Mr and Mrs William EvansBlue Spur31.08.1871Ellen Evans
EVANSDaughter02.11.1874Mr and Mrs Jenkin EvansBlue Spur04.11.1874Roseina Evans
EVANSDaughter24.09.1870Mr and Mrs D. EvansEvans Flat29.09.1870Catherine Elizabeth Evans
EVANSDaughter29.08.1877Mr and Mrs D. EvansEvans Flat01.09.1877Amelia Evans
EVANSDaughter25.09.1900Mr and Mrs J. D. EvansEvans Flat06.10.1900Barbara Vye Evans
EVANSDaughter15.11.1880Mrs William EvansLawrence17.11.1880Elizabeth Evans
EVANSSon17.07.1874Mrs W. EvansBlue Spur22.07.1874William Evans
EVANSSon11.11.1875Mr and Mrs William EvansBlue Spur13.11.1875Henry Evans
EVANSSon17.03.1872Mrs David EvansEvans Flat21.03.1872 & 28.03.1872James Davis Evans
EVANSSon02.11.1883Mr and Mrs W. EvansWardensthorpe, Lawrence03.11.1883John Evans
EVANSSon01.08.1877Mrs William EvansWinton04.08.1877Jenkin Evans
FALCKSon05.11.1882Mr and Mrs F. Falck-08.11.1882Julius Falck
FARGIEDaughter17.02.1887Mr and Mrs Alexander FargieIrvine Street, Lawrence19.02.1887Janet Christina Fargie
FENWICKDaughter14.08.1875Mr and Mrs George FenwickHigh Street, Dunedin21.08.1875Marion Robertine Fenwick
FERGUSONDaughter01.03.1877Mrs A. FergusonIrvine Street, Lawrence03.03.1877Helen Weghtman Ferguson
FERGUSONDaughter21.07.1885Mr and Mrs Robert FergusonLawrence22.07.1885Eliza Jane Ferguson
FERGUSONDaughter10.06.1876Mr and Mrs R. C. FergusonTapanui17.06.1876Clara Elsie Ferguson
FERGUSONSon13.12.1873Mr and Mrs A. Ferguson-13.12.1873Henry John Ferguson
FERGUSONSon07.07.1879Mrs A. FergusonIrvine Street, Lawrence09.07.1879Andrew Bainbridge Ferguson
FERGUSONSon11.08.1880Mrs A. FergusonIrvine Street, Lawrence14.08.1880John Ferguson
FERGUSONSon10.05.1875Mrs A. FergusonLawrence12.05.1875Lewis Wilson Ferguson
FISHERDaughter29.01.1876Mr and Mrs R. Hill FisherBank of New Zealand, Tapanui05.02.1876Edith Illa Fisher
FORSYTHSon10.06.1871Mr and Mrs James ForsythPort Molyneux15.06.1871James Stewart Forsyth
FOSTERSon13.05.1884Mr and Mrs Alex FosterLawrence21.05.1884John Herbert Foster
FRAERDaughter21.09.1879Mrs M. FraerColonsay Street, Lawrence24.09.1879Beatrice May Fraer (not located in civil registration - source Lawrence School records)
FRAERDaughter02.04.1882Mrs M. FraerColonsay Street, Lawrence05.04.1882Jane Alice Fraer
FRAERDaughter-Mrs M. FraerColonsay Street, Lawrence13.08.1884Ethel Maud Fraer
FRAERDaughter02.05.1875Mr and Mrs M. FraerLawrence05.05.1875Alice Laurence Fraer
FRAERSon23.07.1877Mrs M. FraerColonsay Street, Lawrence25.07.1877Francis John Fraer
FRASERSon11.03.1871Mr and Mrs Alexander FraserWaitahuna16.03.1871John Fraser
FRENCHDaughter10.08.1871Mr and Mrs Samuel FrenchBlue Spur17.08.1871Marion French
FUCHSDaughter30.04.1881Mr and Mrs FuchsWaitahuna07.05.1881Eva Fuchs(not located in civil registration - source Sydenham School records)
FULDSETHDaughter27.12.1887Mrs P. FuldsethWaitahuna Gully31.12.1887Peterina Elizabeth Margaret Fuldseth
FULDSETHDaughter21.06.1893Mr and Mrs P. FuldsethWaitahuna Gully24.06.1893Kathleen Marian Berret
FULDSETHSon09.09.1882Mr and Mrs Peter FuldsethWaitahuna13.09.1882Lap Christian Bernard Fuldseth
FULDSETHSon28.12.1884Mrs FuldsethWaitahuna10.01.1885William John Fuldseth
FULTONDaughter20.08.1881Mrs R. G. FultonWetherstones24.08.1881Jessie Fulton
FULTONSon28.05.1880Mr and Mrs R. G. FultonWetherstones02.06.1880Leopold Fulton
GAWNSon03.03.1879Mr and Mrs J. GawnBlue Mountain Valley, Beaumont08.03.1879William Robert Gawn
GEORGESon20.02.1871Mrs Peter GeorgeTeviot23.02.1871Jane George
GIBSONDaughter06.12.1894Mr and Mrs L. GibsonTees Street, Oamaru15.12.1894Audrey Theodora Gibson
GIBSONSon05.11.1883Mr and Mrs John GibsonBlue Spur07.11.1883James Gibson
GILLESPIESon23.03.1903Mr and Mrs Thomas GillespieLawrence01.04.1903Donald McBeath Gillespie
GILLIANDDaughter11.11.1887Mrs John GilliandNewarthill, Waitahuna West16.11.1887Ellen Innex Gilliand
GILLIANDSon24.08.1886Mrs John GilliandNewarthill, Waitahuna West01.09.1886David Gilliand
GILLIANDSon29.09.1889Mrs John GilliandWaitahuna West05.10.1889John Gilliand
GLASSSon16.05.1872Mr and Mrs John GlassRoxburgh23.05.1872William Campbell Glass
GODWINDaughter30.09.1875Mr and Mrs J. GodwinLawrence02.10.1875Frances May Pearce Godwin
GODWINDaughter21.05.1877Mr and Mrs James Godwin, OutramLawrence23.05.1877Grace Mary Pearce Godwin
GOODAYDaughter01.10.1875Mr and Mrs W. N. GoodayLawrence02.10.1875Alice May Gooday
GOODAYDaughter26.03.1878Mr and Mrs W. N. GoodayLawrence30.03.1878Gertrude Gooday
GORDONDaughter20.11.1884Mr and Mrs G. Harry GordonBank of New Zealand, Lawrence22.11.1884Ivy Anna Wahal Gordon
GORDONDaughter18.12.1886Mr and Mrs G. Harry GordonBank of New Zealand, Lawrence22.12.1886Janet Cowan Wahab Gordon
GORMLEYSon03.06.1870Mr and Mrs Terence GormleyGolden Age Hotel, Waipori09.06.1870Michael Francis Gormley
GRAHAMDaughter23.03.1876Mr and Mrs Moore GrahamEvans Flat25.03.1876Mary Ann Graham
GRANTSon27.04.1874Mrs Francis GrantMilton Hotel29.04.1874Charles Lewis Grant
GRAYSon24.06.1885Mr and Mrs William GrayRoxburgh01.07.1885Ernest Alexander Robert Fernbach Gray - note this birth was not registered until 1938
GRIEVEDaughter21.10.1875Mrs Robert GrieveBlue Spur23.10.1875Lily Grieve (not located in civil registration - source Blue Spur School records)
GRIEVESon12.01.1898Mr and Mrs R. G. GrieveAberdour, Elphine Road, Launceston09.02.1898Myrtle Ivy Blanche Grieve
GRIEVESon10.06.1871Mr and Mrs R. GrieveBlue Spur15.06.1871Name not recorded against birth registration
GRIEVESon03.11.1878Mrs Robert GrieveBlue Spur06.11.1878Not located in Civil Registration records for births
GRIEVESon10.03.1881Mrs Robert GrieveBlue Spur12.03.1881Mortimer Cunninghame Grieve
GRIEVESon23.05.1882Mrs R. GrieveBlue Spur27.05.1882John Edward Grieve
GRIEVESon11.12.1883Mr and Mrs R. GrieveBlue Spur12.12.1883Not located in Civil Registration records for births
GRIFFINDaughter01.11.1884Rev and Mrs C. GriffinWesleyan Parsonage, Lawrence05.11.1884Elsie Mary Griffin
GRIFFINDaughter27.07.1886Rev and Mrs C. GriffinWesleyan Parsonage, Lawrence28.07.1886Dora Alice Griffin
GROGANSon22.05.1869Mr and Mrs GroganMillers Flat29.05.1869Samuel Grogan
GRUNDYSon14.07.1890Mr and Mrs James GrundyClark's Flat23.07.1890Thomas Grundy
GRUNDYSon14.05.1889Mr and Mrs James GrundyLandslide, Clarks Flat22.05.1889James George Grundy
GRUNDYTwins - son and daughter. (The son, Henry, died on 14.09.1904)08.09.1904Mr and Mrs James and Margaret Ann GrundyClark's Flat21.09.1904Violet Grundy
and son's name not recorded on his birth certificate but his death certificate shows he was Henry
GUNNSon05.01.1876Mr and Mrs Rose GunnLawrence08.01.1876John Thomas Dent Gunn
GUYSon21.05.1870Mr and Mrs J. A. GuyTeviot02.06.1870Robert Henry Guy
GUYSon31.07.1868Mr and Mrs J. A. GuyTeviot, West Clutha29.08.1868Charles Edward Guy
HAGGITTDaughter02.08.1903Mr and Mrs C. S. Haggitt, WaiporiLawrence05.08.1903Eleanor Gertrude Haggitt
HAGGITTDaughter25.12.1902Mr and Mrs A. B. HaggittWhitehaven Street, Lawrence01.06.1902Catherine Cecil Joyce Haggitt
HAGGITTSon08.04.1904Mr and Mrs A. B. HaggittLawrence16.04.1904Bryan Cecil Haggett (sic)
HALESDaughter16.11.1869Mr and Mrs Samuel HalesBlue Spur20.11.1869Renata Mary Lane Hales
HALLDaughter01.03.1877Mrs G. S. HallTuapeka Mouth07.03.1877Edith Hall
HALLDaughter03.05.1878Mrs G. S. HallTuapeka Mouth15.05.1878Georgina Hall
HALLSon13.12.1881Mr and Mrs G. S. HallTuapeka Mouth17.12.1881George Samuel Hall
HALLSon22.07.1884Mr and Mrs G. S. HallTuapeka Mouth26.07.1884Leonard Thornton Hall
HANCOCKSon14.09.1892Mr and Mrs R. HancockMunro's Gully17.09.1892Philip Richard Hancock
HARRISSon02.05.1868Mr and Mrs James HarrisLawrence16.05.1868Robert Costegan Harris
HARRISSon04.02.1871Mrs James HarrisLawrence23.02.1871William Joseph Harris
HARRISSon13.08.1873Mrs Ephraim HarrisTuapeka Creek21.08.1873James Miller Harris
HARRISSon15.11.1874Mrs Ephraim HarrisTuapeka Creek18.11.1874Ephraim Harris
HARROPDaughter06.11.1875Mr and Mrs Jonas HarropMedical Hall, Peel Street, Lawrence10.11.1875Elfrida Beatrice Harrop
HARROPDaughter09.05.1869Mr and Mrs Jonas HarropPeel Street15.05.1869Constance Helena Charlotte Harrop
HARROPDaughter24.04.1868Mr and Mrs Jonas HarropPeel Street, Lawrence25.04.1868Dagmar Gertrude Harrop
HARROPSon09.07.1871Mrs Jonas HarropPeel Street, Lawrence13.07.1871Stanley Ernest Harrop
HARTDaughter07.11.1894Mrs H. Hart, LawrenceDuncan Street, Dunedin17.11.1894Dorothy Mary Hart
HAUGHTONSon - stillborn21.05.1869Mr and Mrs Joseph HaughtonTeviot29.05.1869Stillborn birth not registered
HAWSONSon04.01.1896Mr and Mrs W. B. HawsonBank of New Zealand, Ophir11.01.1896Reginald Mountney Hawson
HAWSONSon06.09.1893Mr and Mrs W. B. HawsonColonial Bank, Ophir20.09.1893Henry Charles Hawson
HAYDaughter30.06.1870Mr and Mrs William HayBlue Spur07.07.1870Harriet Hay
HAYDaughter02.06.1872Mrs W. HayBlue Spur06.06.1872Ellen Hay
HAYDaughter14.06.1872Mrs Matthew HayLawrence20.06.1872Not located in Civil Registration records for births
HAYDaughter12.05.1868Mr and Mrs HayWhitehaven Street, Lawrence16.05.1868Agnes Hay
HAYSon14.08.1870Mr and Mrs Matthew HayLawrence18.08.1870John Hay
HAYESSon25.11.1870Mr and Mrs William HayesPeel Street, Lawrence01.12.1870Not located in Civil Registration records for births
HENDERSONDaughter17.03.1873Mr and Mrs Hugh HendersonBeaumont Ferry10.04.1873Mary MacKay Henderson
HENDERSONSon11.08.1874Mrs Hugh HendersonBeaumont Ferry15.08.1874Henry Hugh Henderson
HENRYSon-Mr and Mrs James Young HenryCamp Hotel, Peel Street, Lawrence10.07.1869Robert James Henry
HERBERTSon22.03.1884Mrs J. F. HerbertArdmore26.03.1884James Laidlaw Herbert
HERBERTSon18.08.1874Mr and Mrs J. F. HerbertArdmore Station19.08.1874Not located in Civil Registration records for births
HERBERTSon12.03.1877Mrs J. F. HerbertArdmore Station14.03.1877Alfred Squires Herbert
HERBERTSon08.10.1878Mrs John F. HerbertArdmore Station12.10.1878John Francis Herbert
HERBERTSon20.12.1872Mrs J. F. HerbertMount Stewart near Lawrence26.12.1872William Edward Herbert
HEWITTDaughter13.10.1876Mrs Thomas HewittTapanui25.10.1876Jane Susan Gertrude Hewitt
HEWITTSon23.08.1872Mr and Mrs Thomas HewittTapanui05.09.1872Charles James Hewitt
HEWITTSon29.12.1874Mrs HewittTapanui02.01.1875Thomas Snowdon Hewitt
HEWSONDaughter17.04.1871Mr and Mrs HewsonWaitahuna Road20.04.1871Not located in Civil Registration records for births
HIGGINSDaughter05.06.1874Mr and Mrs Mark HigginsWaitahuna10.06.1874Ellen Higgins
HILLSon27.09.1874Mrs James HillCanongate Street, Dunedin30.09.1874John Hill
HINDMARSHDaughter01.08.1893Mrs W. M. HindmarshBank of New Zealand , Lawrence05.08.1893Marjorie Hindmarsh
HINDMARSHDaughter23.04.1891Mrs W. M. HindmarshBank of New Zealand, Lawrence02.05.1891Marion Elizabeth Hindmarsh
HINDMARSHSon13.10.1889Mr and Mrs Walter M. HindmarshBank of New Zealand, Lawrence16.10.1889Walter Scott Hindmarsh
HISCOXDaughter29.05.1874Mr and Mrs A. V. HiscoxLawrence30.05.1874Alice Maude Hiscox
HOGGDaughter28.06.1874Mrs A. HoggLawrence01.07.1874Elizabeth Ann Hogg
HOLMDENDaughter12.10.1878Mrs H. H. HolmdenBank of New Zealand , Lawrence16.10.1878Frances Annie Holmden
HOLMDENDaughter07.01.1880Mrs H. H. HolmdenBank of New Zealand, Lawrence10.01.1880Not located in Civil Registration records for births
HOLMDENSon05.05.1881Mrs H. H. HolmdenBank of New Zealand, Lawrence07.05.1881Harry Foster Holmden
HOLMESDaughter07.02.1877Mr and Mrs L. C. HolmesLawrence10.02.1877Fanny Amelia Katherine Holmes
HOLMESSon20.08.1871Mr and Mrs L. C. Holmes-24.08.1871Robert James Holmes
HOLMESSon25.04.1875Mrs L. C. Holmes-28.04.1875Percy Vere Holmes
HOLMESSon10.11.1869Mr and Mrs L. C. HolmesBeaumont Road13.11.1869Not located in Civil Registration records for births
HOLMESSon30.06.1873Mr and Mrs L. C. HolmesLawrence03.07.1873John Carter Holmes
HUGHESDaughter-Mr and Mrs John HughesFairview Farm, Tuapeka Mouth11.08.1875Ann Hughes
HUGHESSon17.08.1869Mr and Mrs John HughesShelter Valley, Tuapeka Mouth11.09.1869William Richard Hughes
HUMPHREYDaughter08.04.1882Mr and Mrs Thomas HumphreyLawrence12.04.1882Ellen Mary Humphrey
HUNTERDaughter28.02.1886Mr and Mrs Donald Ross Hunter-03.03.1886Annie Hunter
HUNTERDaughter23.11.1881Mrs D. R. HunterLawrence26.11.1881Miriam Margaret Hunter
HUNTERDaughter09.09.1883Mr and Mrs D. R. HunterLawrence12.09.1883Beatrice Mary Hunter
HUNTERDaughter07.04.1870Mrs Samuel HunterWetherstones14.04.1870Jemima Hunter
HUNTERSon15.12.1879Mr and Mrs Samuel Hunter-20.12.1879Robert Hunter
HUNTERSon05.02.1870Mrs D. HunterBeaumont12.02.1870John Hunter
HUNTERSon22.03.1872Mr and Mrs Thomas HunterWaikaka25.04.1872Thomas Hunter
HUNTERSon05.05.1877Mr and Mrs Samuel HunterWetherstones09.05.1877Samuel Hunter
HUNTERSon17.10.1878Mr and Mrs Samuel HunterWetherstones19.10.1878Frank Hunter
HUTCHINSONSon23.09.1870Mr and Mrs John HutchinsonBlue Spur29.09.1870John Hutchinson
ISTEEDDaughter11.12.1872Mr and Mrs James IsteedClarks Flat19.12.1872Not located in Civil Registration records for births
JEFFERSONDaughter26.06.1897Mr and Mrs Thomas G. JeffersonLawrence30.06.1897Fanny Gibson Victoria Jefferson
JEFFERSONDaughter04.08.1901Mr and Mrs Thomas G. JeffersonLawrence07.08.1901Constance Isabel Jefferson
JEFFERYDaughter15.06.1875Mr and Mrs G. JefferyLawrence16.06.1875Sarah Augusta Jeffery
JEFFERYDaughter10.08.1882Mr and Mrs G. JefferyLawrence12.08.1882Eva Jeffery
JEFFERYDaughter13.01.1890Mr and Mrs G. JefferyLawrence15.01.1890Annie Adelaide Jeffery
JEFFERYDaughter07.03.1871Mrs George JefferyRoss Place, Lawrence09.03.1871Susanna Jeffery
JEFFERYDaughter13.08.1880Mr and Mrs Frederick JefferyRoxburgh21.08.1880Adelaide Sarah Jeffery
JEFFERYSon24.10.1904Mr and Mrs F. JefferyDannevirke26.10.1904Eric Fred Jeffery
JEFFERYSon13.12.1879Mr and Mrs George JefferyLawrence17.12.1879Laurence Jeffery
JEFFERYSon16.07.1884Mr and Mrs G. JefferyLawrence19.07.1884Sydney Jeffery
JEFFERYSon21.12.1887Mr and Mrs G. JeffreyLawrence24.12.1887John Robert Jeffery
JEFFERYSon03.02.1878Mr and Mrs George JefferyPeel Street13.02.1878William Jeffery
JEFFERYSon24.04.1868Mr and Mrs G. JefferyPeel Street, Lawrence25.04.1868Frederick Jeffery (not located in civil registration - source Lawrence School records)
JEFFERYSon (died aged 5 days)05.12.1869Mr and Mrs George JefferyRoss Place, Lawrence11.12.1869Sydney Jeffrey (sic)
JOHNSDaughter20.03.1895Mr and Mrs E. JohnsMillers Flat23.03.1895Emily Johns
JOHNSSon03.08.1893Mr and Mrs E. JohnsMillers Flat05.08.1893James Arthur Jones
JOHNSONDaughter11.01.1869Mr and Mrs John JohnsonCommercial Hotel, Waipori23.01.1869Margaret Johnson
JOHNSTONDaughter30.10.1879Mr and Mrs Thomas JohnstonCampbelton Street01.11.1879Caroline Eleanor Louisa Johnston
JOHNSTONSon23.06.1881Mr and Mrs T. JohnstonCampbelton Street25.06.1881William David Johnston
JOHNSTONSon27.01.1875Mr and Mrs W. JohnstonGabriels Gully03.02.1875William Johnston
JOHNSTONSon29.08.1878Mr and Mrs R. H. JohnstonLawrence04.09.1878Robert William Johnston
JOHNSTONSon - premature19.03.1878Mrs Thomas JohnstonCampbelton Street20.03.1878Cosbey Richards Johnston
JONESDaughter15.06.1904Mr and Mrs W. E. JonesLawrence18.06.1904Marion Wilhelmina Early Jones
JONESSon01.07.1883Mrs John JonesCoal Creek04.07.1883Arthur Thomas Jones
JOPPSon15.11.1889Mr and Mrs Andrew JoppTeviot Station20.11.1889Andrew Abercrombie Jopp
KEENSon30.11.1872Mr and Mrs John L. Shadwell KeenLawrence05.12.1872Charles Sidney Shadwell Keen
KEENSon25.04.1869Mr and Mrs John L. Shadwell KeenPeel Street, Lawrence01.05.1869Henry Quarry Shandon Shadwell Keen
KEENSon - stillborn29.05.1871Mr and Mrs John L. Shadwell KeenLawrence01.06.1871Stillborn birth not registered
KELLYSon26.09.1869Mr and Mrs James KellyBlue Spur02.10.1869Cornelius Kelly
KENNEDYSon04.02.1903Mr and Mrs James KennedyTuapeka Mouth11.02.1903John Murray Kennedy
KEPPELSon26.04.1869Mr and Mrs James KeppelBlue Spur01.05.1869Michael Keppell (sic)
KERRDaughter24.12.1894Mr and Mrs John H. KerrEdgerhurst Park, Dunrobin05.01.1895Elizabeth Barbara Ellen Edie Kerr
KERRDaughter05.04.1889Mr and Mrs John H. KerrIona Street, Lawrence13.04.1889Mary Janet Shepherd Edie Kerr
KERRSon06.03.1886Mr and Mrs J. H. KerrManor Hill, Milton17.03.1886Abel Robert Edie Kerr
KERRSon16.10.1890Mr and Mrs J. H. Kerr, Beaumont StationThe Residence of Mr John Edie, Springfield, Crookston25.10.1890John Thomas Herbert Edie Kerr
KERRSon23.10.1884Mr and Mrs Charles KerrWaipori29.10.1884Robert Lewis Kerr
KEYSSon20.03.1897Mr and Mrs W. J. KeysToiro10.04.1897William John Keys
KILGOURSon28.10.1870Mr and Mrs Alex KilgourTapanui17.11.1870Alexander Kilgour
KINGDaughter13.08.1879Mrs George B. KingColonsay Street, Lawrence16.08.1879Harriet Cathleen King
KINGDaughter - posthumous birth23.01.1883Mrs George Byron King-24.01.1883Ethel Gernon Gardiner King
KINGSon01.04.1878Mrs George B. KingSomerset Villa, Rea Street, Lawrence03.04.1878George Gordon Byron King
KINGSon20.04.1881Mrs George B. KingWhitehaven Street, Lawrence23.04.1881Henry Husband Fitzroy Somerset King
KIRBYSon09.06.1870Mr and Mrs C. KirbyBlue Spur16.06.1870Thomas Edward Henry Kirby
KLINGSTSon - stillborn17.02.1879Mrs Charles KlingstFeldhausen, Waitahuna West19.02.1879Stillborn birth not registered
KNIGHTDaughter25.02.1892Mrs F. W. KnightWaipori12.03.1892Elfrida Mary Knight
KNIGHTSon30.03.1887Mr and Mrs F. W. Knight, WaiporiThe Rocks, Port Chalmers06.04.1887Fred Sydney Rocks Knight
KNIGHTSon15.01.1894Mr and Mrs F. W. KnightWaipori17.01.1894Eric Shirley Knight
KNIGHTSon26.03.1902Mr and Mrs F. W. KnightWaipori02.04.1902Guy Winchester Knight
KNOXDaughter23.09.1878Mrs William KnoxLawrence28.09.1878Catharine Janet Knox
LABESTwin sons07.06.1878Mr and Mrs William LabesTuapeka Flat12.06.1878Maria Louisa Labes
and William Feramiah Labes - note birth notice in paper recorded twin sons but a daughter and son were registered.
LAMBSon22.01.1878Mrs David LambWaikaia30.01.1878James William Lamb
LANGMUIRSon20.01.1887Mr and Mrs J. LangmuirHarrington Place, Lawrence26.01.1887Hugh Bayler Langmuir
LANGMUIRSon03.03.1888Mr and Mrs J. LangmuirHarrington Place, Lawrence14.03.1888Maurice Eric Langmuir
LAWSon24.10.1881Rev and Mrs J. LawWesleyan Parsonage, Lawrence26.10.1881Albert John Law
LAWSon07.12.1884Rev and Mrs J. LawGreymouth17.12.1884Egbert Victor Law
LAWSONSon07.07.1876Mr and Mrs E. LawsonBlue Spur19.07.1876John Lawson
LEACHDaughter12.05.1868Mr and Mrs Samuel LeachLawrence16.05.1868Anna Leech (sic)
LEACHSon16.09.1870Mr and Mrs Samuel LeachLawrence29.09.1870Alfred Edward Leach
LEARYSon21.11.1872Mr and Mrs J. F. Leary-28.11.1872Francis Alfred Leary
LEARYSon11.06.1874Mrs LearyLawrence13.06.1874Gerald Francis Leary
LEARYSon30.07.1905Mr and Mrs H. H. LearyWendouree, Lawrence02.08.1905Leonard Herbert Leary
LEVYSon05.12.1889Mr and Mrs Emanuel LevyParkside, Caversham07.12.1889Hyman Levy
LISTONDaughter14.04.1871Mr and Mrs George ListonPeel Street, Lawrence20.04.1871Louisa Beaumont Worley Liston
LITTLEJOHNDaughter07.05.1877Mrs A. LittlejohnChaucer Street, Milton12.05.1877Jeannie Carr Littlejohn
LIVINGSTONDaughter22.11.1871Mr and Mrs William LivingstonBlue Spur23.11.1871Not located in Civil Registration records for births
LIVINGSTONDaughter28.05.1885Mrs William LivingstonFairview Farm, Lawrence03.06.1885Margaret Livingston
LIVINGSTONDaughter15.11.1882Mr and Mrs William LivingstonWaitahuna18.11.1882Catherine Matilda Livingston
LIVINGSTONSon22.06.1870Mr and Mrs William LivingstonBlue Spur30.06.1870William John Livingston
LODGESon30.11.1884Mrs S. W. LodgeBank of New Zealand, Roxburgh10.12.1884Leonard Arthur Lodge
LOMASDaughter15.02.1879Mr and Mrs John LomasDunrobin22.02.1879Elizabeth Ann Lomas
LOMASSon08.12.1870Mr and Mrs John LomasLammerlay, Waipori15.12.1870John Richard Lomas
LONGSon24.08.1877Mr and Mrs C. LongPeel Street, Lawrence25.08.1877Louis Long
LONGSon14.11.1875Mr and Mrs Christian LongTuapeka Flat Hotel17.11.1875Christian Long
LOWSon15.04.1874Mrs James LowLawrence18.04.1874James Cowan Low
LYNGSon14.04.1870Mrs Patrick LyngLawrence21.04.1870Charles Henry Lynd
MACANDREWSon10.07.1882Mrs William MacandrewWaitahuna Schoolhouse15.07.1882James McMillen Macandrew
MacDONALDSon26.10.1869Mr and Mrs Donald John MacDonaldLong Valley Farm30.10.1869William Stirling MacDonald
MacGREGORDaughter12.08.1873Mr and Mrs A. MacGregorTapanui21.08.1873Isabella Mary MacGregor
MacGREGORSon13.08.1876Mr and Mrs Alexander MacGregorTapanui19.08.1876William Peter Swan McGregor (sic)
MacINTOSHSon05.09.1869Mr and Mrs A. MacIntoshBlue Spur02.10.1869David McIntosh (sic)
MacKAYDaughter25.12.1873Mrs Joseph MacKayEdina Cottage, Milton27.12.1873Lilian MacKay
MacKAYDaughter - stillborn18.08.1872Mr and Mrs John MacKayEvans Flat22.08.1872Stillborn birth not registered
MacKAYSon01.11.1872Mrs Joseph MacKayEdina Cottage, Milton07.11.1872Robert MacKay
MacKAYSon18.12.1894Mr and Mrs John MacKayHope Farm, Tuapeka West22.12.1894James Gordon MacKay
MacKAYSon23.09.1870Mr and Mrs John MacKayWaitahuna29.09.1870William Edward Farrar MacKay
MacKAYSon15.08.1883Mr and Mrs John MacKayYork Place, Dunedin22.08.1883Robert Finlay MacKay
MacKENZIEDaughter17.09.1872Mr and Mrs A. F. MacKenzieTapanui26.09.1872Elizabeth Ann MacKenzie
MAINDaughter - stillborn12.11.1881Mrs John MainBeaumont16.11.1881Stillborn birth not registered
MANUELDaughter22.03.1873Mrs E. ManuelRoxburgh27.03.1873Ann Manuel
MANUELSon30.09.1869Mr and Mrs E. ManuelBlue Spur02.10.1869Albert John Manuel
MANUELSon20.03.1875Mr and Mrs M. E. ManuelCoal Creek Flat27.03.1875Moses David Manuel
MANUELSon02.02.1871Mr and Mrs M. E. ManuelCoal Creek Flat, Teviot16.02.1871William James Manuel
MARKSon30.09.1884Mr and Mrs H. MarkKnoll near Lawrence04.10.1884Stanley Livinstone Mark
MARKSon09.09.1885Mr and Mrs H. MarkKnoll near Lawrence12.09.1885Henry Charles Gordon Mark
MARKSon24.04.1894Mr and Mrs Thomas MarkLawrence28.04.1894Henry Fenton Mark
MARKSon04.06.1902Mr and Mrs Thomas MarkLawrence07.06.1902Cyril Lionel Mark
MARKSon29.01.1883Mr and Mrs Thomas MarkWaitahuna Gully31.01.1883Hughey Thomas Mark
MARKSon11.07.1887Mr and Mrs Thomas MarkWaitahuna Gully13.07.1887Thomas Mark
MARSHALLDaughter22.02.1903Mr and Mrs Robert MarshallGabriel's Gully, Lawrence25.02.1903Olive Angelina Marshall
MARTINDaughter02.08.1868Rev and Mrs M. H. MartinParsonage, Lawrence08.08.1868Fanny Dora Martin
MATHESONSon17.05.1877Mrs George MathesonTuapeka23.05.1877Not located in Civil Registration records for births
MATTHEWSDaughter27.02.1903Mr and Mrs J. S. MatthewsCampbellton Street, Lawrence14.03.1903Marewa Violet Olive Matthews
MATTHEWSDaughter31.08.1870Mr and Mrs A. B. MatthewsDalhousie01.09.1870Mary Anne Matthews
MATTHEWSSon19.08.1906Mr and Mrs J. S. MatthewsCampbellton Street, Lawrence01.09.1906Albert John Rupert Matthews
MATTHEWSSon23.02.1873Mr and Mrs A. B. MatthewsParkmount, Lawrence27.02.1873Alexander Byers Matthews
MAYSon28.10.1869Mr and Mrs H. F. MayGabriels Gully30.10.1869Henry Francis May
McBEATHDaughter11.03.1878Mrs Sinclair McBeathBeaumont23.03.1878Jessie Campbell McBeath
McBEATHDaughter29.02.1880Mr and Mrs Sinclair McBeathBeaumont13.03.1880Agnes Stewart McBeath
McBEATHDaughter19.05.1878Mrs William McBeathMontecillo29.05.1878Edith Mary McBeath
McBEATHSon31.10.1870Mr and Mrs W. McBeathColonsay Street, Lawrence03.11.1870George Sinclair McBeath
McBEATHSon05.09.1872Mr and Mrs W. M. McBeathLawrence12.09.1872William McBeath
McBEATHSon22.08.1876Mr and Mrs William McBeathLondon Street30.08.1876Robert Gillespie McBeath
McCAWSon12.07.1899Mr and Mrs John McCawThe Manse, Tuapeka Mouth12.07.1899John Todd McCaw
McCOMBDaughter31.05.1875Mr and Mrs Stewart McCombMunros Gully05.06.1875Mary Ann Elizabeth McComb
McCOMBSon26.04.1876Mr and Mrs Stewart McCombMunros Gully29.04.1876William Alexander McComb
McCOMBESon25.03.1895Mr and Mrs John McCombeSt Bathans30.03.1895John Samuel McCombe
McCORKINDALESon25.01.1878Mrs Adam McCorkindaleMurrays Flat30.01.1878Adam Archibald McCorkindale
McCOYDaughter18.12.1872Mr and Mrs F. H. McCoy-19.12.1872Emily Mary Mabel McCoy
McCOYDaughter17.03.1879Mr and Mrs Frederick Henry McCoy-19.03.1879Blanche Ada McCoy
McCOYDaughter24.09.1874Mr and Mrs F. H. McCoyLawrence26.09.1874Maude Gertrude McCoy
McCOYDaughter30.12.1883Mr and Mrs F. H. McCoyLawrence05.01.1884Ethel Violet McCoy
McCOYSon04.04.1877Mr and Mrs F. H. McCoy-07.04.1877Arthur Harold McCoy
McCOYSon24.05.1881Mr and Mrs F. H. McCoyLawrence28.05.1881Claude Albert Victor McCoy
McCOYSon12.06.1886Mr and Mrs F. H. McCoyPeel Street, Lawrence16.06.1886Hubert Lancelot McCoy
McDONALDDaughter28.10.1877Mr and Mrs A. McDonaldBeaumont31.10.1877Jessie Elizabeth McDonald
McDONALDDaughter21.05.1879Mrs A. McDonald, Duke of Edinburgh HotelBeaumont28.05.1879Alexandrina McDonald
McDONALDDaughter17.12.1872Mr and Mrs D. J. McDonaldGlenmore Farm, Tuapeka19.12.1872Isabella McDonald
McDONALDDaughter25.09.1874Mr and Mrs Donald J. McDonaldGlenmore House26.09.1874Mary McLellan McDonald
McDONALDDaughter25.02.1883Mr and Mrs D. McDonaldTuapeka Hotel28.02.1883Margaret McDonald
McDONALDDaughter14.09.1885Mr and Mrs D. McDonaldTuapeka Hotel16.09.1885Mary Ann McDonald
McDONALDDaughter07.07.1888Mr and Mrs D. McDonaldTuapeka Hotel14.07.1888Louisa Alexandrina McDonald
McDONALDDaughter06.12.1893Mr and Mrs D. McDonaldWyndham13.12.1893Isabella McDonald
McDONALDSon07.03.1876Mr and Mrs A. McDonaldBeaumont11.03.1876Duncan McDonald
McDONALDSon30.07.1874Mr and Mrs Archibald McDonaldBeaumont05.08.1874John McDonald
McDONALDSon11.02.1881Mrs A. McDonaldDuke of Edinburgh Hotel, Beaumont19.02.1881Archibald McDonald
McDONALDSon10.04.1877Mrs D. J. McDonaldGlenmore House, Tuapeka11.04.1877 & 14.04.1877Colin MacDonald (sic)
McDONALDSon28.08.1890Mr and Mrs P. McDonaldTuapeka Hotel03.09.1890Bernard McDonald
McDONALDSon30.11.1892Mr and Mrs D. McDonaldTuapeka Hotel07.12.1892Andrew McDonald
McDONNELLDaughter04.07.1887Mr and Mrs John G. McDonnellTuapeka West09.07.1887Rose Ann McDonnell
McDUFFDaughter20.08.1883Mr and Mrs Alex McDuffSchoolhouse, Manuka Creek22.08.1883Eva Katherine McDuff
McDUFFDaughter16.09.1875Mr and Mrs Alexander McDuffTapanui22.09.1875Ada Maude Whyte McDuff
McDUFFSon16.03.1874Mr and Mrs Alex McDuffTapanui18.03.1874Alexander John McDuff
McFARLANESon07.05.1886Mr and Mrs John McFarlaneKelso15.05.1886Francis Ledingham McFarlane
McGILLDaughter02.08.1898Mr and Mrs A. L. McGillWaikaka03.09.1898Allison May McGill
McGREGORSon21.02.1881Mrs A. McGregorSt Andrew Street, Dunedin26.02.1881Duncan Sinclair MacGregor (sic)
McINTOSHSon02.08.1871Mr and Mrs Allan McIntoshBlue Spur17.08.1871Not located in Civil Registration records for births
McINTYREDaughter24.03.1869Mr and Mrs John McIntyreTuapeka Mouth10.04.1869Mary McIntyre
McINTYREDaughter18.04.1871Mr and Mrs John McIntyreTuapeka Mouth20.04.1871Catherine McIntyre
McINTYRESon24.02.1903Mr and Mrs S. A. McIntyreWaitahuna GullyBlue Spur28.02.1903Charles Alexander McIntyre
McKAYDaughter25.09.1874Mr and Mrs William McKayDunrobin Hotel30.09.1874Barbara Isobella McKay
McKAYDaughter22.01.1872Mr and Mrs W. McKayDunrobin Hotel01.02.1872Barbara McKay
McKAYSon14.11.1876Mr and Mrs William McKayDunrobin Hotel22.11.1876George Forbes McKay
McKAYSon18.01.1870Mr and Mrs William McKayDunrobin Hotel, Switzers Road29.01.1870Neil McKay
McKEICHDaughter06.05.1885Mr and Mrs Robert McKeich200 Princes Street, Dunedin09.05.1885Ethel McKeich
McKELLARDaughter26.07.1869Mr and Mrs John McKellarTapanui31.07.1869Rachel Wallace McKellar
McKENZIEDaughter27.06.1871Mr and Mrs Hugh McKenzieSpeargrass Flat06.07.1871Helen McKenzie
McKINLAYDaughter09.01.1872Mrs Archibald McKinlayMount Pleasant House, Lawrence11.01.1872Mary Stewart McKinlay
McKINLAYDaughter29.04.1873Mrs A. McKinlayMount Pleasant House, Lawrence01.05.1873Margaret McKinlay
McKINLAYSon21.08.1870Mr and Mrs A. McKinlayLawrence25.08.1870William Gilchrist McKinlay
McKINLAYSon30.03.1875Mrs McKinlayLawrence31.03.1875James Bryce McKinlay
McKINLAYSon11.10.1876Mrs A. McKinlayLawrence14.10.1876Archibald John McKinlay
McKINLAYSon17.05.1869Mrs Archibald McKinlayMount Pleasant House, Lawrence22.05.1869John Stewart McKinlay
McLARENSon05.04.1886Mr and Mrs T. McLaren of Waitahuna GullyBalclutha17.04.1886James McLaren
McLAUCHLANSon15.03.1870Dr and Mrs John McLauchlanTapanui31.03.1870William McLauchlan
McLAUCHLANSon19.04.1871Mr and Mrs John McLauchlanTapanui27.04.1871John McLauchlan - no birth registration but name appears in his death notice in the Tuapeka Times 27.04.1871
McLENNANSon20.01.1882Mr and Mrs Kenneth McLennanTapanui25.01.1882Alister Kenneth McLennan
McLEODDaughter12.08.1906Mr and G. McLeodCampbellton Street, Lawrence15.08.1906Ellen Mary Christina McLeod
McMILLANSon20.05.1876Mr and Mrs Noble McMillanTapanui27.05.1876Not located in Civil Registration records for births
McMILLINDaughter09.09.1874Mr and Mrs Noble McMillinTapanui12.09.1874Rachel Elizabeth McMillin
McNABDaughter07.10.1893Mr and Mrs Thomas McNabLawrence18.10.1893Margaret Elizabeth McNab
McNABSon02.11.1895Mrs T. McNabHarrington Street, Lawrence09.11.1895David James McNab
McNEILLDaughter18.08.1871Mr and Mrs John Boyne McNeillColonsay Street, Lawrence24.08.1871Ellen Boyne McNeill
McNEILLDaughter27.10.1868Mr and Mrs John Boyne McNeillMontrose Cottage, Whitehaven Street, Lawrence31.10.1868Mary Valentine McNeill
McNEILLYDaughter19.05.1870Mr and Mrs David McNeillyBlue Spur26.05.1870Eliza J. McNeilly (not located in civil registration - source Blue Spur School records)
McNEILLYSon22.05.1872Mr and Mrs David McNeillyMonrus, Blue Spur30.05.1872John. McNeilly (not located in civil registration - source Blue Spur School records)
McPHAILSon03.03.1873Mr and Mrs Angus McPhailMoa Flat13.03.1873Angus David Joseph McPhail
McRAEDaughter24.05.1876Mr and Mrs John McRaeRound Hill27.05.1876Emma McRae
McRAEDaughter - premature died aged 6 days04.03.1875Mr and Mrs John McRaeManuka Creek17.03.1875Esther Isabella McRae
McRAESon29.02.1876Mr and Mrs Donald McRaeGray's Flat18.03.1876Duncan McRae
McTAGGARTSon07.04.1875Mr and Mrs John McTaggart-14.04.1875John Gilchrist McTaggart
McTAGGARTSon26.06.1876Mr and Mrs John McTaggartLawrence01.07.1876Donald Reid McTaggart
McTAGGARTTwins - son and daughter15.11.1880Mrs Duncan McTaggartWaitahuna27.11.1880Dunedin McTaggart
and Catherine McTaggart
MEARSSon02.05.1876Mr and Mrs W. Mears-03.05.1876Horace Mears
MEARSSon16.08.1870Mr and Mrs William MearsLawrence18.08.1870Henry Oliver Mears
MEYERDaughter11.01.1877Mrs F. MeyerIrvine Street, Lawrence13.01.1877Mary Magdalene Meyer
MEYERDaughter01.08.1869Mr and Mrs F. MeyerRoss Place07.08.1869Johann Friederich Meyer
MEYERDaughter08.09.1871Mrs F. MeyerRoss Place, Lawrence14.09.1871Annie Augusta Meyer
MEYERDaughter10.01.1875Mr and Mrs F. MeyerWhitehaven Street13.01.1875Henrietta Frederica Meyer
MEYERDaughter - stillborn10.08.1870Mr and Mrs F. MeyerRoss Place, Lawrence11.08.1870Stillborn birth not registered
MEYERSon12.09.1878Mrs F. MeyerIona Street, Lawrence18.09.1878Ebenezer Robert Meyer
MEYERSon10.08.1868Mr and Mrs F. MeyerRoss Place, Lawrence15.08.1868Louis Henry Meyer
MEYERSon06.12.1873Mrs F. MeyerRoss Place, Lawrence10.12.1873Louis John Meyer
MICHELLDaughter26.09.1874Mr and Mrs Thomas P. MichellTregulla Villa near Roxbrgh03.10.1874Phillipa Elizabeth Harvey Michelle (sic)
MICHELLSon22.03.1873Mr and Mrs T. P. MichellTregulla Villa, Roxburgh27.03.1873Richard Harvey Michelle (sic)
MICHELLEDaughter - stillborn18.09.1889Mr and Mrs T. P. MichelleCoal Creek Flat25.09.1889Stillborn birth not registered
MIDDLEMISSDaughter11.02.1870Mrs James MiddlemissLawrence12.02.1870Jane Middlemiss
MIDDLEMISSSon22.08.1868Mr and Mrs James MiddlemissLawrence22.08.1868John Middlemiss (not located in civil registration - source Lawrence School records)
MIDDLEMISSSon19.05.1871Mr and Mrs James MiddlemissLawrence25.05.1871William Middlemiss
MILESSon17.09.1889Mr and Mrs T. J. MilesLawrence21.09.1889Charles Miles
MILESSon07.09.1891Mr and Mrs T. J. MilesPeel Street, Lawrence08.08.1891Lionel Finch Miles
MILLERDaughter28.04.1873Mr and Mrs S. A. MillerLawrence08.05.1873Dorothea Bertha Miller
MILLERDaughter03.12.1874Mr and Mrs S. A. MillerLawrence05.12.1874Sarah Amelia Miller
MILLERDaughter16.08.1896Mr and Mrs Alex MillerLismore Street, Lawrence19.08.1896Margaret Wilson Miller
MILLERDaughter31.07.1871Mr and Mrs S. A. MillerWetherstones Road, Lawrence03.08.1871Fanny Walpole Miller
MILLERSon22.12.1876Mr and Mrs S. A. MillerLawrence30.12.1876William Samuel Miller
MILLERSon24.03.1879Mrs S. A. MillerLawrence26.03.1879Horace Walpole Miller
MILLERSon19.12.1897Mr and Mrs Alex MillerLawrence22.12.1897Alexander John Miller
MILLSDaughter12.01.1870Mr and Mrs Nicholas MillsBlue Spur15.01.1870Margaret Mills (not located in civil registration - source Blue Spur School records)
MILLSDaughter17.05.1882Mr and Mrs E. MillsBlue Spur20.05.1882Margaretta Ann Mills
MILLSSon11.11.1869Mr and Mrs Henry MillsBlue Spur13.11.1869Edward Nicholas Mills
MITCHELLSon19.10.1868Mr and Mrs Allan MitchellMount Pleasant, Gabriels24.10.1868Allan Mitchell
MITCHINSONSon03.09.1884Mr and Mrs J. MitchinsonCambellton Street06.09.1884Frank Edwin Mitchinson
MOIRDaughter19.08.1880Mr and Mrs J. B. MoirColonsay Street, Lawrence21.08.1880Ethel Mary Moir
MOIRSon08.01.1882Mrs J. B. MoirColonsay Street, Lawrence11.01.1882John Charles Elkins Moir
MOOREDaughter09.08.1880Mr and Mrs Samuel MooreColonsay Street, Lawrence11.08.1880Alice Maud Moore
MOOREDaughter02.04.1879Mrs A. G. MooreLawrence05.04.1879Laura Moore
MOORHOUSEDaughter25.07.1897Mr and Mrs Charles MoorhouseClyde Cottage, Russell Street, Dunedin14.08.1897Winifred Sefton Moorhouse
MORGANDaughter06.07.1877Mr and Mrs W. MorganRoxburgh11.07.1877Evaline Morgan
MORGANDaughter27.08.1878Mr and Mrs W. MorganRoxburgh11.09.1878Louisa Morgan
MORGANSon09.02.1880Mrs W. MorganRoxburgh11.02.1880William Morgan
MORGANSon06.03.1883Mr and Mrs W. MorganRoxburgh21.03.1883Andrew Morgan
MORRISDaughter04.04.1897Mr and Mrs Alexander MorrisBank of New Zealand, Lawrence07.04.1897Gwendoline Lucy Morris
MORRISDaughter10.05.1870Mr and Mrs T. F. MorrisBlue Spur09.06.1870Elizabeth Ann Morris
MORRISSon18.06.1891Mr and Mrs Alexander MorrisColonial Bank, Lawrence20.06.1891Arthur Alexander Morris
MORRISSon07.12.1888Mr and Mrs Alexander MorrisRoyal Terrace, Dunedin12.12.1888Cecil Grahame Morris
MORRISSon - premature28.11.1885Mr and Mrs G. MorrisSchoolhouse, Coal Creek09.12.1885Henry Morris
MORRISONDaughter - premature02.01.1872Mr and Mrs Alfred MorrisonCamp of Beaumont and Tuapeka Water Race Company18.01.1872Not located in Civil Registration records for births
MORRISONSon18.10.1868Mr and Mrs W. D. MorrisonBlue Spur24.10.1868William Hopwood Morrison
MORRISONSon27.01.1870Mrs W. D. MorrisonLawrence12.02.1870William Morrison
MORRISONSon15.04.1875Mr and Mrs John MorrisonLawrence17.04.1875John Duguid Logan Morrison
MORRISONSon25.11.1877Mr and Mrs J. MorrisonLawrence28.11.1877William Peam Morrison
MORTONDaughter02.10.1874Sergeant and Mrs E. Morton, late of LawrenceClyde03.10.1874Edith Bridget Morton
MOUATSon15.09.1869Mr and Mrs John MouatCampbelton Street, Lawrence18.09.1869John Mouat
MOUATSon22.11.1871Mr and Mrs John MouatCampbelton Street, Lawrence23.11.1871Frederick William Mouat
MUNRODaughter17.08.1877Mr and Mrs Finlay MunroTuapeka Flat22.08.1877Catherine Ann Munro
MUNROSon27.01.1875Mr and Mrs F. MunroTuapeka Flat30.01.1875Not located in Civil Registration records for births
MURDOCHDaughter - stillborn23.07.1907Mr and Mrs Robert MurdochWaitahuna West27.07.1907Stillborn birth not registered
MURPHYDaughter07.11.1873Mrs I. MurphyGabriels12.11.1873Elizabeth Murphy
MURRAYDaughter08.08.1879Mr and Mrs George MurrayTuapeka Flat13.08.1879Margaret Ellen Murray
MURRAYDaughter10.01.1884Mr and Mrs George MurrayTuapeka Flat12.01.1884Isabella Violet Muray
MURRAYSon23.03.1870Mrs George MurrayGabriels31.03.1870Ernest Albert Murray
MURRAYTwin daughters14.12.1887Mr and Mrs William MurrayMoa Flat17.12.1887Janet Elizabeth Murray
and Johanna Helen Murray
NEEDHAMDaughter04.06.1874Mrs J. W. NeedhamLawrence06.06.1874Sarah Arabella Needham
NEEDHAMDaughter14.08.1876Mr and Mrs G. W. NeedhamLawrence16.08.1876Minnie Rosa Needham
NEEDHAMDaughter - premature23.12.1877Mrs NeedhamLawrence29.12.1877Not located in Civil Registration records for births
NEEDHAMSon24.05.1875Mr and Mrs G. NeedhamLawrence26.05.1875Philip Richard Needham
NEISHSon23.07.1873Mr and Mrs George Neish, late of TapanuiHigh Street, Dunedin31.07.1873George Stewart Neish
NICHOLSDaughter17.04.1892Mrs J. T. NicholsWhitehaven Street, Lawrence23.04.1892Margaritta Elizabeth Nichols
NICHOLSSon31.07.1890Mr and Mrs J. T. NicholsLawrence06.08.1890William Clarence Nichols
NICHOLSSon26.11.1897Mr and Mrs J. T. NicholsWhitehaven Street, Lawrence08.12.1897Robert Brook Nichols
NICHOLSDaughter24.01.1889Mr and Mrs J. T. NicholsWhitehaven Street, Lawrence26.01.1889Amy Florence Nichols
NICHOLSONDaughter01.11.1874Mr and Mrs Charles NicholsonEttrick11.11.1874Amelia Isabella Nicholson
NICHOLSONSon27.03.1884Mr and Mrs Charles NicholsonEttrick02.04.1884Samuel Nicholson
NICOLLDaughter29.01.1874Mr and Mrs Francis NicollBlue Spur04.02.1874Catherine Nicoll
NICOLLSon01.05.1870Mrs Francis NicollBlue Spur05.05.1870John Nicoll
NICOLLSon07.04.1872Mr and Mrs Francis NicollBlue Spur11.04.1872John Alexander Nicoll
NICOLLSon19.12.1875Mrs Francis NicollBlue Spur22.12.1875George Sutherland Nicoll
NICOLSONSon11.09.1870Mr and Mrs J. McLeod NicolsonLawrence15.09.1870James Miller Nicholson (sic)
NIVENDaughter07.04.1868Mr and Mrs J. D. NivenTapanui18.04.1868Ethel Ernest Niven
NOBLESon06.02.1897Mr and Mrs J. NobleMillers Flat10.02.1897James Winton Noble
NORRIESon - stillborn14.08.1900Mr and Mrs John NorrieLawrence15.08.1900Stillborn birth not registered
OCHILTREESon31.05.1868Mrs T. E. OchiltreeMonteagle House06.06.1868Thomas Edward Ochiltree
O'LEARYDaughter05.05.1873Mrs T. O'LearyPhoenix Farm, Wetherstones08.05.1873Ellen O'Leary
O'NEILTwins - one stillborn29.08.1870Mr and Mrs Arthur O'Neilnear Wetherstones01.09.1870Theresa O'Neil (remaining twin)
ORMONDSon10.02.1877Mr and Mrs Patrick OrmondOrmonds Hotel, Roxburgh21.02.1877Arthur Carr Ormond
ORMONDSon28.01.1871Mr and Mrs P. OrmondRoxburgh16.02.1871George Edward Ormond
ORMONDSon26.03.1874Mr and Mrs P. OrmondRoxburgh08.04.1874William Patrick Ormond
ORMONDSon19.05.1869Mr and Mrs P. OrmondTeviot29.05.1869John Henry Ormond
PATERSONDaughter06.09.1869Mr and Mrs James PatersonTuapeka Mouth11.09.1869Mary Patterson (sic)
PEARSONDaughter06.03.1875Mr and Mrs John PearsonMount Pleasant Farm10.03.1875Elizabeth Margurita Pearson
PEARSONDaughter30.06.1877Mr and Mrs John PearsonMount Pleasant, Lawrence04.07.1877Rose Ann Mulholland Pigot Pearson
PEARSONDaughter13.09.1879Mr and Mrs John PearsonMount Pleasant, Lawrence17.09.1879Hannah Jane Pearson
PEARSONSon23.03.1870Mr and Mrs John PearsonView Point Farm, Wetherstones24.03.1870William Pearson
PEARSONSon09.12.1872Mr and Mrs John PearsonViewpoint Farm12.12.1872Joseph Pearson
PEARSONSon - died aged 2 days19.11.1882Mr and Mrs John PearsonMount Pleasant22.11.1882George Pearson
PENNELSon13.08.1889Mr and Mrs John PennelWhitehaven Street, Lawrence14.08.1889John James Pennell (sic)
PERYSon09.12.1875Hon. Mrs E. A. J. PeryDromore, Tweed River, New South Wales19.02.1876Not a New Zealand Registration
PETERSDaughter18.04.1875Mr and Mrs I. PetersBeaumont05.05.1875Amelia Frances Peters
PETERSSon08.09.1872Mr and Mrs Isaac PetersWaipori12.09.1872Thomas Robert Peters
PICKETTDaughter20.07.1885Mr and Mrs Henry L. PickettBuller Road, Reefton29.07.1885Elizabeth Lilian Pickett
PICKETTSon10.08.1889Mr and Mrs Henry PickettBuller Road, Reefton17.08.1889Stanley John Ponsonby Pickett
PILLINGDaughter06.03.1891Mr and Mrs E. PillingDunedin08.04.1891Jessie Catherine Pilling
PILLINGDaughter29.10.1890Mr and Mrs Thomas PillingLawrence05.11.1890Marion McColl Pilling
PILLINGDaughter11.12.1891Mrs T. PillingLawrence16.12.1891Janet Campbell Pilling
PILLINGDaughter07.03.1895Mr and Mrs Richard PillingLawrence23.03.1895Ida Florence Pilling
PILLINGSon09.12.1891Mrs Richard PillingIrvine Street, Lawrence19.12.1891Richard Valentine Pilling
PILLINGSon07.08.1893Mr and Mrs Richard Pilling JnrIrvine Street, Lawrence16.08.1893James Milton Pilling
PILLINGSon19.06.1889Mr and Mrs Thomas PillingLawrence26.06.1889Thomas Lawrence Pilling
PILLINGSon25.12.1893Mr and Mrs Thomas PillingLawrence06.01.1894Spencer Carmichael Pilling
PILLINGSon20.12.1893Mr and Mrs E. PillingNorth East Valley, Dunedin23.12.1893Ewen George Pilling
PONSONBYSon13.10.1868Mr and Mrs J. PonsonbyBlue Spur24.10.1868Henry Jackson Dalzell Ponsonby
POOLDaughter25.06.1885Constable and Mrs W. PoolRoxburgh01.07.1885Mary Helena Ethel Pool
POOLDaughter10.12.1886Mr and Mrs William PoolRoxburgh22.12.1886Florence Gertrude Pool
POOLSon25.06.1881Mr and Mrs William PoolPolice Camp, Roxburgh29.06.1881William David Pool
POOLSon06.07.1888Mr and Mrs W. PoolThe Camp, Roxburgh21.07.1888Frederick Thomas Pool
POPEDaughter26.07.1871Mr and Mrs Matthew PopeBlue Spur03.08.1871Florence Anne Pope
POPEDaughter17.11.1877Mr and Mrs Edward PopeLawrence28.11.1877Theodosia Bertha Pope
POPEDaughter09.05.1882Mr and Mrs L. PopeWetherstones17.05.1882Isabel Zella Pope
POPEDaughter17.12.1884Mr and Mrs L. PopeWetherstones20.12.1884Jessie Helen Pope
POPESon04.08.1882Mr and Mrs Edward Pope, late of Lawrence3 Reeves Street, Carlton30.08.1882Not located in Civil Registration records for births
POPESon15.09.1869Mr and Mrs M. PopeBlue Spur02.10.1869Wallace Matthew Pope
POPESon09.05.1869Mr and Mrs Thomas PopeLawrence15.05.1869Thomas Pope
POPESon02.01.1871Mr and Mrs Thomas PopeLawrence12.01.1871Henry Pope
POPESon27.01.1874Mr and Mrs Thomas PopeLawrence04.02.1874William Pope
POPESon22.01.1885Mr and Mrs T. PopeUnion Hotel, Wetherstones Road31.01.1885Albert Pope
POPETwin sons17.01.1881Mrs Thomas PopeClyde22.01.1881Charles Pope
and Frederick Pope
POTTSDaughter - posthumous birth25.04.1869Widow of late Matthew PottsPeel Street, Lawrence01.05.1869Elizabeth Potts
PRESSLYDaughter01.07.1870Mr and Mrs J. H. PresslyLawrence07.07.1870Eliza Pressley (sic)
PURDUESon10.02.1870Mounted Constable and Mrs G. B. PurduePolice Station, Tapanui26.02.1870William Purdue
QUINDaughter10.03.1878Mrs William QuinTapanui13.03.1878Mabel Clifford Quin
QUINDaughter25.09.1879Mrs William QuinTapanui27.09.1879Mary Elizabeth Quin
QUINSon22.08.1881Mrs W. QuinTapanui27.08.1881Thomas Joyce Quin
QUINSon09.09.1884Mrs W. QuinTapanui13.09.1884William Roderick Quin
QUINSon10.04.1887Mr and Mrs W. QuinTapanui13.04.1887Philip Victor Quin
RALSTONDaughter21.10.1868Mr and Mrs G. RalstonBlue Spur24.10.1868Annie Ralston
RALSTONDaughter02.11.1869Mr and Mrs Gilbert RalstonBlue Spur13.11.1869Jane Grahame Ralston
RALSTONDaughter10.08.1872Mr and Mrs Gilbert RalstonBlue Spur22.08.1872Mary Ralston
RALSTONDaughter31.08.1875Mr and Mrs Gilbert RalstonBlue Spur04.09.1875Elizabeth Miller Ralston
RALSTONDaughter22.08.1877Mrs Gilbert RalstonBlue Spur25.08.1877Janet Hunter Ralston
RALSTONDaughter24.10.1878Mrs RalstonBlue Spur26.10.1878Agnes Ralston
RALSTONDaughter16.03.1882Mr and Mrs G. RalstonBlue Spur22.03.1882Martha Ralston
RALSTONSon28.04.1871Mr and Mrs Gilbert RalstonBlue Spur04.05.1871Robert Ralston
RALSTONSon27.08.1873Mr and Mrs Gilbert RalstonBlue Spur04.09.1873James Livingston Ralston
RALSTONSon06.06.1880Mrs Gilbert RalstonBlue Spur09.06.1880Gilbert Ralston
RASMUSSENDaughter03.04.1891Mr and Mrs Charles Henry RasmussenDunedin08.04.1891Gladys Victoria Louisa Rasmussen
RHEUBYDaughter12.05.1869Mr and Mrs Philip RheubyWetherstones15.05.1869Not located in Civil Registration records for births
RHEUBYDaughter22.08.1870Mr and Mrs P. RheubyWetherstones25.08.1870Esther Rebecca Harriet Rheuby
RICHARDSSon19.01.1869Mr and Mrs H. C. RichardsPeel Street, Lawrence23.01.1869Not located in Civil Registration records for births
RICHARDSONDaughter06.01.1880Mrs R. RichardsonMillers Flat11.02.1880Agnes Richardson
RICKARDSSon09.07.1899Mr and Mrs T. J. RickardsEttrick19.07.1899John Thomas Rickard (sic)
RITCHIEDaughter15.12.1870Mr and Mrs James RitchieWaipori22.12.1870Not located in Civil Registration records for births
RITCHIEDaughter17.07.1872Mr and Mrs James RitchieWaipori25.07.1872Martha Ellen Ritchie
RITCHIESon06.10.1870Mr and Mrs T. RitchieBank of Otago, Switzers20.10.1870Thomas Thompson Ritchie
ROBERTSSon24.07.1869Mr and Mrs W. H. S. RobertsPomahaka31.07.1869Charles Henry Roberts
ROBERTSONDaughter05.02.1875Mr and Mrs James RobertsonGough Cottage, Lawrence10.02.1875Julia Cecilia Robertson
ROBERTSONDaughter21.12.1876Mr and Mrs James RobertsonGough Cottage, Whitehaven Street27.12.1876Jessie Matilda Robertson
ROBERTSONDaughter25.02.1880Mrs Thomas G. RobertsonLawrence28.02.1880Charlotte Gladis Robertson
ROBERTSONDaughter19.07.1873Mr and Mrs Alex RobertsonWillow Cottage, Lawrence24.07.1873Margaret Ann Robertson
ROBERTSONSon18.03.1873Mr and Mrs James RobertsonGough Cottage, Lawrence20.03.1873Peter Frederick Arnott Robertson
ROBERTSONSon12.05.1878Mr and Mrs James RobertsonGough Cottage, Lawrence18.05.1878James Alexander Robertson
ROBERTSONSon18.05.1868Mr and Mrs Alex RobertsonLawrence23.05.1868Alexander William Robertson
ROBERTSONSon21.04.1870Mr and Mrs Alex RobertsonLawrence12.05.1870Alexander Robertson
ROBERTSONSon23.07.1906Mr and Mrs John RobertsonWetherstones25.07.1906Robert John Francis McIntyre Robertson
ROBINSDaughter31.05.1873Mrs W. H. RobinsClarence Cottage, Evans Flat05.06.1873Rosana Robins
ROBINSDaughter21.11.1874Mr and Mrs W. H. RobinsEvans Flat25.11.1874Elizabeth Robins
ROBINSDaughter11.04.1870Mrs W. H. RobinsEvans Flat14.04.1870Mary Ellen Robins
ROBINSONDaughter27.11.1870Widow of late George RobinsonBlue Spur08.12.1870Georgiana Robinson
ROBINSONDaughter16.08.1877Mr and Mrs H. A. RobinsonLawrence18.08.1877Edith Emily Fanny Robinson
ROBINSONSon30.09.1875Mr and Mrs H. A. RobinsonLawrence02.10.1875Henry Edward Robinson
RODGERSon21.03.1895Mr and Mrs R. A. RodgerTapanui30.03.1895Elliot James Rodger
ROGERSDaughter15.09.1868Mr and Mrs George RogersMidlothian Cottage, Peel Street, Lawrence19.09.1868Ellen Ogilvie Lindsay Rogers
ROGERSSon14.04.1873Mr and Mrs George RogersBlue Mountain House, Beaumont17.04.1873George Thomas Brisbane Kinghorn Rogers
ROSCOESon22.11.1869Mr and Mrs William RoscoeTuapeka Mouth27.11.1869Joseph Roger Roscoe
ROSSDaughter26.08.1870Mrs Angus RossBalclutha08.09.1870Jemima Jane Ross
ROUGHANSon10.07.1875Mr and Mrs J. RoughanLawrence21.07.1875Michael Roughan
ROUGHANSon26.07.1877Mr and Mrs J. RoughanLawrence28.07.1877Not located in Civil Registration records for births
ROWEDaughter30.10.1880Mr and Mrs W. J. A. RoweBlue Spur03.11.1880Carroline Rowe
ROWEDaughter28.10.1873Mr and Mrs James RoweLawrence30.10.1873Elizabeth Florence Rowe
ROWEDaughter15.02.1870Mr and Mrs Seppran RoweMount Whistle Farm26.02.1870Elizabeth Ann Rowe
ROWEDaughter07.09.1875Mr and Mrs Seppran, RoweMount Whistle Farm, Waitahuna Road25.09.1875Eliza Jane Rowe
ROWESon25.05.1875Mr and Mrs J. RoweLawrence26.05.1875George Henry Rowe
ROWESon25.11.1880Mr and Mrs James RoweRae Street, Lawrence27.11.1880Charles Jaspar Rowe
ROWESon11.08.1877Mr and Mrs James RoweRose Cottage, Lawrence15.08.1877James Allan Rowe
ROWETwins - son and daughter23.03.1871Mr and Mrs Seppran, RoweMount Whistle Farm, Waitahuna Road30.03.1871David Rowe
and Sarah Rowe
RYANDaughter09.11.1875Mrs J. RyanFernbank, Havelock13.11.1875Johannah Eliza Ryan
RYANDaughter17.01.1877Mrs J. RyanFernbank, Havelock20.01.1877Ann Marie Ryan
RYANDaughter14.02.1883Mrs J. RyanFernbank, Waitahuna17.02.1883Fanny Isabel Ryan
RYANDaughter23.05.1886Mrs J. RyanFernbank, Waitahuna26.05.1886Mary Josephine Ryan
RYANSon08.04.1878Mrs J. RyanFernbank, Havelock13.04.1878Edmund Thomas Ryan
RYANSon07.03.1880Mrs J. RyanFernbank, Waitahuna13.03.1880Gerald William Ryan
RYANSon31.07.1881Mrs J. RyanFernbank, Waitahuna03.08.1881Herbert Lawrence Ryan
RYANSon09.12.1884Mr and Mrs J. RyanFernbank, Waitahuna13.12.1884Martin Joseph Quin
RYANSon21.12.1873Mr and Mrs Martin RyanHavelock24.12.1873John Sylvester Lee Ryan
RYDERDaughter02.09.1875Mrs William RyderRoxburgh09.10.1875Mary Ann Jane Ryder
SALTERDaughter13.01.1883Rev and Mrs W. L. SalterParsonage, Pukekohe20.01.1883Adaline Harwood Salter
SAMSONSon07.06.1875Mr and Mrs James SamsonAlexandra16.06.1875John Robert Samson
SANSONDaughter16.09.1885Mr and Mrs W. SansonLawrence19.09.1885Lizzie Sanson
SAWYERSTwins15.03.1882Mr and Mrs John Sawyers, late of WetherstonesDunedin18.03.1882Not located in Civil Registration records for births
SEARLETwin sons05.08.1881Mr and Mrs Andrew SearleWaipori17.08.1881Albert Searle
and Henry Searle
SEE QUETwin daughters12.02.1881Mr and Mrs Wong See QueTuapeka Flat19.02.1881Not located in Civil Registration records for births (appears from previous registration surname should be Seque)
SELBYDaughter26.05.1882Mr and Mrs S. W. G. SelbyEvans Flat27.05.1882Bertha Graceabella Selby
SELBYDaughter01.04.1884Mrs SelbySchool Residence, Evans Flat02.04.1884Ethel Rose Selby
SELBYSon04.06.1895Mr and Mrs Charles W. G. SelbyLumsden Schoolhouse12.06.1895Cuthbert Challis Selby
SELBYSon23.12.1885Mr and Mrs C. W. G. SelbyWetherstones26.12.1885Edgar Andrew Selby
SEQUEEDaughter28.01.1877Mr and Mrs Wong SequeeTuapeka Flat31.01.1877Elizabeth Alexandrina Allen Seque (sic)
SHEATHDaughter07.05.1869Mr and Mrs William SheathLawrence15.05.1869Emma Sheath
SHEATHDaughter10.10.1870Mr and Mrs SheathLawrence13.10.1870Eliza Sheath
SHEATHDaughter20.08.1874Mr and Mrs William SheathLawrence22.08.1874Florence Blair Sheath
SHEATHSon09.05.1868Mr and Mrs William SheathLawrence16.05.1868Henry Sheath
SHEPHERDDaughter23.06.1884Mr and Mrs Forbes ShepherdLawrence25.06.1884Agnes Duguid Morrison Shepherd
SHEPHERDDaughter27.09.1879Mr and Mrs Edward ShepherdTapanui04.10.1879Margaret Ellen Shepherd
SHIELSDaughter28.03.1878Mr and Mrs Peter ShielsMillers Flat06.04.1878Francis Edward Sheils (sic)
SIMMONDSDaughter08.11.1876Mr and Mrs William SimmondsCommercial Hotel, Tapanui11.11.1876Alice May Simmonds
SIMMONDSDaughter06.02.1879Mr and Mrs William SimmondsTapanui12.02.1879Ada Jane Simmonds
SIMMONDSSon02.03.1890Mr and Mrs William SimmondsCommercial Hotel, Tapanui08.03.1890William Brosnan Simmonds
SIMPSONDaughter05.10.1893Mr and Mrs J. K. Simpson-11.10.1893Mary Constance Kerr Simpson
SIMPSONDaughter27.05.1896Mr and Mrs J. K. SimpsonSt Clair, Dunedin30.05.1896Zella William Isabel Simpson
SIMPSONDaughter08.10.1897Mr and Mrs J. K. SimpsonSt Clair, Dunedin03.11.1897Florence Jessie Pope Simpson (birth not registered until 1961)
SING LEEDaughter - stillborn18.12.1878Mr and Mrs Sing LeeChinese Camp, Lawrence01.01.1879Stillborn birth not registered
SKINNERDaughter28.08.1890Rev and Mrs J. Skinner, WaitahunaLondon Street, Dunedin30.08.1890Dora Skinner
SKINNERSon17.04.1888Rev and Mrs James Skinner, WaitahunaLondon Street, Dunedin25.04.1888Eric Skinner
SKINNERSon23.12.1894Rev and Mrs James SkinnerThe Manse, Waitahuna05.01.1895John Stuart Skinner
SMAILLDaughter03.05.1880Mr and Mrs W. SmaillIona Street, Lawrence05.05.1880Isobella Thomson Smaill
SMITHDaughter02.09.1880Mrs William SmithEvans Flat04.09.1880Mary Smith
SMITHDaughter12.03.1890Mr and Mrs J. Martin SmithGreenfield Station22.03.1890Kathleen Emily Martin Smith
SMITHDaughter21.08.1884Mr and Mrs James SmithMarama, Lawrence27.08.1884Ethel Jean Smith
SMITHDaughter24.06.1870Mr and Mrs James SmithWetherstones30.06.1870Blanche Smith
SMITHSon19.04.1870Mr and Mrs Gideon SmithBenger Flat28.04.1870John Crossan Smith
SMITHSon25.07.1885Mr and Mrs J. M. Smith, Greenfield StationDunedin01.08.1885Frank Martin Smith
SMITHSon05.12.1877Mr and Mrs William SmithEvans Flat05.12.1877Not located in Civil Registration records for births
SMITHSon22.12.1905Mr and Mrs Samuel Smith, WaiporiLawrence23.12.1905William Herbert Smith
SMITHSon04.08.1904Mr and Mrs Samuel SmithOban Street, Lawrence06.08.1904Charles Furneaux Smith
SNEDDONTwin daughters23.02.1885Mrs Robert SneddonTable Hill25.02.1885Not located in Civil Registration records for births
SPEIRSDaughter24.03.1875Mr and Mrs Joseph SpeirsBeaumont Ferry31.03.1875Alice Spiers (sic)
SPROULESon03.07.1870Mr and Mrs SprouleLawrence07.07.1870Not located in Civil Registration records for births
SQUIRESDaughter17.10.1878Mrs H. L. SquiresLawrence23.10.1878Mary Emily Dorothy Squires
SQUIRESSon17.06.1874Mr and Mrs H. L. SquiresLawrence24.06.1874Herbert Christian Squires
STABLESSon23.12.1878Mr and Mrs StablesSchool Residence, Waitahuna25.12.1878Robert Hugh Stables
STEELEDaughter27.06.1885Mr and Mrs James SteeleRoxburgh01.07.1885Mabel Eleanor Steele
STENHOUSEDaughter22.03.1870Mrs StenhouseSchoolhouse, Lawrence31.03.1870Maggie Deas Stenhouse
STENHOUSESon14.05.1877Mrs StenhouseSchoolhouse, Lawrence16.05.1877James Noble Stenhouse
STEVENSONSon28.05.1873Mr and Mrs Aaron Adams Stevenson, BeaumontKnoll near Lawrence12.06.1873Alfred Thomas William Stevenson
STEVENSONSon08.01.1877Mr and Mrs A. A. StevensonThe Knoll, Hospital Flat, Lawrence17.01.1877Ross Peter Stevenson
STEWARTDaughter03.11.1868Mr and Mrs Hugh StewartDuke of Edinburgh Hotel, Beaumont07.11.1868Rebecca Stewart
STEWARTDaughter10.04.1868Mr and Mrs Alexander StewartResidence of the surgeon of the Tuapeka Hospital11.04.1868Jessie Lawson Stewart
STEWARTSon23.12.1869Mr and Mrs Alex StewartLawrence25.12.1869John Alexander Stewart
STOKESDaughter16.11.1895Mrs Charles StokesRoss Place, Lawrence23.11.1895Margaret Sangster Stokes
STOKESSon10.11.1891Mr and Mrs Charles StokesBothwell Villa, Whitehaven Street, Lawrence11.11.1891Charles Stokes
STOKESSon11.06.1893Mr and Mrs Charles StokesLawrence17.06.1893Arthur Laurence Stokes
STORRYDaughter04.03.1878Mrs J. N. StorryRailway Hotel, Lawrence16.03.1878Grace Ann Duckworth Storry
STORRYDaughter08.11.1879Mrs J. N. StorryRailway Hotel, Lawrence12.11.1879Annie Goddard Storry
STORRYSon29.08.1876Mrs J. N. StorryCommercial Hotel, Lawrence30.08.1876Forbes Duckworth Storry - no birth registration but name appears in his death notice in the Tuapeka Times 15.11.1876
STREANDaughter11.08.1870Mr and Mrs W. StreanDuke of Edinburgh Hotel, Beaumont25.08.1870Louisa Henrietta Strean
STREANSon13.03.1868Mr and Mrs W. StreanTapanui Bush Hotel28.03.1868Thomas Martin Stream (sic)
STURROCKDaughter - stillborn28.05.1870Mr and Mrs William SturrockGreat Britain Hotel, Milton02.06.1870Stillborn birth not registered
SUTHERLANDDaughter23.02.1906Mr and Mrs William SutherlandLawrence03.03.1906Myra Sutherland
SUTHERLANDTwin sons08.12.1868Mr and Mrs Joseph SutherlandWetherstones12.12.1868John Sutherland
and Andrew Sutherland
SYMESDaughter07.01.1893Mr and Mrs R. T. Symes, White's Reef, Bald Hill FlatLeith Street, Dunedin08.02.1893Irene Elizabeth Symes
TAMBLYNDaughter04.01.1871Mr and Mrs John TamblynCoal Creek Flat12.01.1871Mary Elizabeth Tamblyn
TAMBLYNDaughter30.12.1876Mr and Mrs John Tamblyn, Coal Creek FlatExeter House, Dunedin03.01.1877Hannah Tamblyn
TAMBLYNSon22.03.1893Mr and Mrs A. H. TamblynCoal Creek29.03.1893Francis Tamblyn
TAMBLYNSon01.05.1891Mrs A. H. TamblynCoal Creek Flat06.05.1891Alfred Stonelake Tamblyn (not located in civil registration - source Coal Creek School records)
TAYLORDaughter17.06.1900Mr and Mrs W. H. Taylor-30.06.1900Catherine Walker Taylor
TAYLORDaughter20.02.1885Mrs G. O. TaylorLawrence21.02.1885Minnie Florence Taylor
TAYLORDaughter13.08.1884Mrs TaylorThe Manse, Tuapeka West20.08.1884Ellen Agnes Taylor
TAYLORDaughter23.03.1887Mrs TaylorThe Manse, Tuapeka West26.03.1887Alice Caroline Taylor
TAYLORSon-Mrs G. O. TaylorIona Street, Lawrence28.07.1888William Earnshaw Taylor
TAYLORSon22.12.1890Mrs G. O. TaylorIona Street, Lawrence31.12.1890Lionel George Taylor
THOMASDaughter26.01.1875Mr and Mrs W. ThomasMunro's Gully03.02.1875John Wedlake Thomas
THOMPSONDaughter15.11.1875Mr and Mrs A. ThompsonCamp, Lawrence17.11.1875Elizabeth Thompson
THOMPSONDaughter29.05.1874Mr and Mrs Andrew ThompsonLawrence30.05.1874Mary Thompson
THOMPSONDaughter23.02.1882Mrs James ThompsonWaitahuna01.03.1882Patricia Isabel Thompson
THOMPSONDaughter20.05.1875Mr and Mrs E. ThompsonWetherstones22.05.1875Mary Alice Thompson
THOMPSONSon15.09.1898Mrs John ThompsonAnnesgrove, Lawrence24.09.1898James Nevill Thompson
THOMPSONSon08.11.1869Mr and Mrs James ThompsonBlue Spur13.11.1869James Thompson
THOMPSONSon23.01.1884Mr and Mrs H. P. ThompsonHarrington Place, Lawrence26.01.1884Leonard Sinclair Thompson
THOMPSONSon02.05.1880Mrs John ThompsonLancaster Street, Lawrence05.05.1880John Beaumont Thompson
THOMPSONSon01.07.1881Mrs John ThompsonLancaster Street, Lawrence02.07.1881Robert Ernest Thompson
THOMPSONSon06.02.1882Mr and Mrs H. P. ThompsonLancaster Street, Lawrence08.02.1882Clifford Harris Thompson
THOMPSONSon06.03.1883Mrs John ThompsonLancaster Street, Lawrence07.03.1883William Annesley Thompson
THOMPSONSon17.03.1884Mrs John ThompsonLancaster Street, Lawrence19.03.1884Edgar William Patrick Thompson
THOMPSONSon27.05.1885Mr and Mrs John ThompsonLancaster Street, Lawrence30.05.1885Richard Samuel Thompson
THOMPSONSon08.06.1886Mrs John ThompsonLancaster Street, Lawrence09.06.1886Harold Tanton Thompson
THOMPSONSon10.09.1889Mr and Mrs John ThompsonLancaster Street, Lawrence11.09.1889Thomas Trench Thompson
THOMPSONSon21.05.1877Mr and Mrs George ThompsonLawrence23.05.1877Not located in Civil Registration records for births
THOMPSONSon23.09.1887Mr and Mrs H. P. ThompsonLawrence24.09.1887Arthur Revell Thompson
THOMPSONSon10.04.1870Mrs John ThompsonPaddie's Point21.04.1870Thomas Joseph Thompson
THOMPSONSon09.03.1870Mr and Mrs Edward ThompsonWetherstones17.03.1870James Robert Thompson
THOMPSONSon12.08.1872Mr and Mrs Edward ThompsonWetherstones22.08.1872David Thompson
THOMPSONTwins - premature - son and daughter survived one day01.08.1874Mrs John ThompsonLawrence22.08.1874John Thompson
and Frances Thompson
THOMSONDaughter24.04.1885Mr and Mrs George ThomsonLawrence29.04.1885Selina Bertha Thomson
TONKSSon25.09.1870Mr and Mrs Enoch TonksLawrence29.09.1870Enoch Edmund Tonks
TOWNSHENDSon04.10.1877Mr and Mrs Charles TownshendLawrence06.10.1877Fred Townshend
TOWSEYSon29.04.1884Mrs E. TowseyCampbelton Street, Lawrence03.05.1884Douglas McLean Towsey
TOWSEYSon20.09.1877Mr and Mrs E. TowseyLawrence22.09.1877Charles Augustus Towsey
TRAYESDaughter10.05.1871Mr and Mrs Frederick TrayesBlue Spur18.05.1871Catherine Isabella Trayes
TUBMANDaughter15.04.1870Mr and Mrs Francis TubmanRoxburgh28.04.1870Sarah Tubman
TUBMANSon13.10.1877Mr and Mrs F. TubmanBeaumont17.10.1877Francis Tubman
TUCKERDaughter30.09.1868Mr and Mrs D. TuckerBlue Spur24.10.1868Susan Jane Tucker
TUCKERDaughter01.01.1886Mr and Mrs H. B. TuckerBridge Hotel, Waitahuna06.01.1886Caroline Susana Tucker
TUCKERSon14.03.1887Mr and Mrs H. B. TuckerBridge Hotel, Waitahuna16.03.1887Henry George Tucker
TYNDALLDaughter03.01.1907Mr and Mrs A. W. TyndallSt Helens, Dunedin12.01.1907Revina Frances Clarissa Tyndall
TYNDALLSon12.04.1891Mr and Mrs A. W. Tyndall, Blue SpurDunedin22.04.1891Arthur Tyndall
TYSONDaughter22.09.1884Mr and Mrs J. TysonTuapeka Mouth08.10.1884Mary Ann Tyson
TYSONSon04.03.1882Mr and Mrs John TysonLawrence15.03.1882John William Tyson
URENDaughter30.07.1875Mr and Mrs Philip UrenBriar Cottage, Blue Spur31.07.1875Rosaline Maude Uren
URENDaughter01.09.1873Mr and Mrs Philip UrenBrier Cottage, Gabriels Gully04.09.1873Caroline Martha Uren
URENDaughter30.04.1877Mr Sampson Uren and Mrs Savina Ann Uren nee TamblynCoal Creek Flat09.05.1877Maud Uren (not located in civil registration - source Roxburgh School records)
URENSon13.01.1878Mrs Philip UrenBelmont House, Lawrence16.01.1878Hedley Vicars Uren
URENSon27.09.1880Mrs Philip UrenBerkley House, Lawrence29.09.1880Stanley Thornton Uren
URENSon09.08.1882Mr and Mrs Philip UrenBlue Spur12.08.1882Garnet Uren
URENSon12.02.1888Mr and Mrs Joseph Philip UrenBlue Spur18.02.1888John Philip Uren
URIEDaughter00.12.1868Mrs UrieManse, Pomahaka12.12.1868Catherine Elizabeth Urie
VALENTINEDaughter05.07.1894Mr and Mrs H. S. Valentine, Riversdale, Waimea PlainsManor Place, Dunedin21.07.1894Freda Margaret Valentine
VARCOESon02.05.1871Mr and Mrs VarcoeBlue Spur04.05.1871Sydney James Varcoe
VARCOESon22.05.1901Mr and Mrs S. J. VarcoeBlue Spur29.05.1901Clarence Albert Varcoe
VERNONDaughter02.12.1884Mr and Mrs E. J. VernonQuayle Cottage, Roxburgh10.12.1884Laura Mary Daisy Goodwin Vernon
VERNONSon19.08.1880Mr and Mrs Edward Jackson VernonVernon Terrace, Upper Waikaia25.08.1880Samuel Edward Postman Vernon
VIALDaughter31.12.1869Mr and Mrs James VialProvincial Hotel, Waipori08.01.1870Margaret Grace Vial
VIALDaughter11.01.1872Mr and Mrs James VialProvincial Hotel, Waipori08.02.1872Not located in Civil Registration records for births
VIALSon07.03.1868Mr and Mrs James S. VialProvincial Hotel, Waipori14.03.1868Lawrence Smith Vial
VIALSon31.08.1875Mr and Mrs J. S. VialProvincial Hotel, Waipori08.09.1875George Vial
VIVIANDaughter22.10.1886Mr and Mrs F. VivianHawthorne Cottage, Rae Street, Lawrence03.11.1886Nellie Osborne Vivian
VIVIANSon04.08.1891Mr and Mrs F. VivianHawthorn Cottage, Grey Street, Lawrence08.08.1891Herbert Vivian
WALKERDaughter22.09.1891Mrs D. WalkerCanna Street, Lawrence23.09.1891Agnes Leonie Novello Walker
WALKERDaughter30.10.1894Mr and Mrs David WalkerCanna Street, Lawrence31.10.1894Mary Beatrice Maud Walker
WALKERDaughter21.01.1878Mrs George WalkerCoal Pit Flat, Lawrence26.01.1878Mary Walker
WALKERDaughter17.01.1875Mr and Mrs George WalkerLawrence03.02.1875Jane Walker
WALKERDaughter22.06.1876Mr and Mrs George Walker, Coalpit FlatLawrence24.06.1876Matilda Walker
WALKERSon27.09.1880Mr and Mrs G. Walker-02.10.1880Robert Knowles Walker
WALKERSon01.08.1889Mr and Mrs David WalkerCanna Street, Lawrence03.08.1889David Augustus Stanley Walker
WALKERSon14.11.1868Mr and Mrs G. WalkerCoalpit Flat21.11.1868George Andrew Walker
WALKERSon06.02.1870Mrs George WalkerLawrence12.02.1870Andrew Walker
WALKERSon09.08.1872Mr and Mrs Isaac WalkerLawrence15.08.1872Harriet Jane Walker (birth notice recorded son)
WALLACEDaughter30.05.1881Mrs John WallaceTuapeka Flat04.06.1881Jane Wallace
WATSONSon24.04.1882Mr and Mrs William Watson JuniorWillow Holm, Brookside, Canterbury29.04.1882William Thomas Darton Watson
WEATHERALLDaughter11.10.1887Mr and Mrs John WeatherallRoxburgh15.10.1887Elizabeth Eliza Weatherall
WEATHERALLDaughter07.09.1894Mr and Mrs John WeatherallRoxburgh15.09.1894Laura Ann Weatherall
WEATHERALLDaughter - stillborn07.11.1892Mr and Mrs John WeatherallRoxburgh12.11.1892Stillborn birth not registered
WEATHERALLSon14.04.1885Mr and Mrs John WeatherallRoxburgh18.04.1885Francis William Weatherall
WEATHERALLSon20.05.1889Mr and Mrs John WeatherallRoxburgh22.05.1889George Clements Weatherall
WEBBDaughter13.01.1873Mr and Mrs Richard Webb, WaiporiHawthorn Cottage, Harrington Street, Lawrence16.01.1873Annie Webb
WEBBDaughter02.07.1882Mr and Mrs R. WebbMasonic Hotel, Lawrence05.07.1882Augusta Webb
WEBBSon04.10.1879Mr and Mrs Herbert WebbLawrence11.10.1879Reginald Herbert Webb
WEBBSon21.12.1884Mr and Mrs R. WebbMasonic Hotel, Lawrence24.12.1884George Webb
WEDLAKEDaughter - stillborn19.04.1870Mrs WedlakeBlue Spur21.04.1870Stillborn birth not registered
WEDLOCKDaughter10.11.1871Mr and Mrs Frederick WedlockBlue Spur16.11.1871Saupenias Ann - no birth registration but name appears in his death notice in the Tuapeka Times 17.04.1873
WEIRSon24.10.1894Mr and Mrs David WeirMillers Flat27.10.1894David Samuel Angus Weir
WESTDaughter07.02.1889Mr and Mrs J. WestPolice Station, Waitahuna16.02.1889Maud Ethel West
WESTSon22.03.1890Mr and Mrs J. WestPolice Station, Waitahuna29.03.1890Clyde Ormiston West
WESTCOTTSon26.10.1873Mr and Mrs W. WestcottMoa Flat05.11.1873William Henry Westcott
WHITESon09.11.1870Mr and Mrs James WhiteGabriels Gully10.11.1870George White
WHITESon05.03.1873Mr and Mrs James WhiteGabriels Gully06.03.1873George Toms White
WHITESIDEDaughter07.06.1870Mr and Mrs S. WhitesideEvans Flat09.06.1870Elizabeth Jane Whiteside
WHITTETDaughter13.10.1875Mrs David WhittetLawrence16.10.1875Margaret Ellen Whittett (sic)
WHITTETDaughter13.05.1872Mr and Mrs David WhittetWetherstones Road, Lawrence16.05.1872Julia Ann Whittet
WHITTETSon16.09.1870Mr and Mrs David WhittetLawrence22.09.1870James Whittet
WHITTETDaughter02.01.1874Mr and Mrs David WhittetLawrence07.01.1874Mary Alice Whittet
WILDEYSon31.01.1887Mr and Mrs Alex WildeyCambellton Street, Lawrence02.02.1887David John Wildey
WILDEYSon11.10.1888Mr and Mrs Alex WildeyColonsay Street, Lawrence13.10.1888Alexander Edward Wildey
WILKIESon25.05.1869Mr and Mrs W. WilkieTeviot29.05.1869David Wilkie
WILLIAMSDaughter09.08.1871Mr and Mrs Thomas WilliamsBlue Spur17.08.1871Jane Hannah Susan Williams
WILLIAMSDaughter19.08.1879Mr and Mrs T. E. WilliamsEgmont Farm, Tuapeka West23.08.1879Hannah Victoria Williams
WILLIAMSDaughter - stillborn22.09.1873Mrs WilliamsVictoria Hotel25.09.1873Stillborn birth not registered
WILLIAMSSon26.07.1884Mr and Mrs T. E. WilliamsEgmont Farm, Tuapeka West30.07.1884Gordon Harold Williams
WILLIAMSSon20.03.1878Mrs T. E. WilliamsEgmont Farm, Tuapeka West27.03.1878Henry Warton Williams
WILLIAMSSon - stillborn26.08.1872Mr and Mrs Richard WilliamsVictoria Hotel29.08.1872Stillborn birth not registered
WILLIAMSONSon14.09.1877Mr and Mrs Andrew WilliamsonLawrence19.09.1877Henry Barton Williamson
WILSONDaughter02.07.1877Mr and Mrs Thomas WilsonBurnside, Hospital Flat04.07.1877Annie Isabella Wilson
WILSONDaughter11.03.1880Mr and Mrs Thomas WilsonBurnside, Hospital Flat17.03.1880Grace Wilson
WILSONDaughter30.08.1879Mr and Mrs Robert WilsonWhitehaven Street, Lawrence03.09.1879Dinah Wilson
WILSONSon25.10.1878Mrs T. WilsonBurnside, Hospital Flat30.10.1878Frank Wilson
WITHERSSon26.09.1890Mr and Mrs Robert WithersEngland01.10.1890Robert Bryson Withers
WONG SEE QUETwin daughters12.02.1881Mr and Mrs Wong See QueTuapeka Flat19.02.1881Not located in Civil Registration records for births (appears from previous registration surname should be Seque. Also found spelt as See Quee)
WOODDaughter01.02.1895Mr and Mrs Robert WoodBeaumont Road09.02.1895Catherine Isabel Wood
WOODSon18.07.1875Mrs J. J. WoodLawrence21.07.1875John Joseph William Edward Woods (sic)
WOODHOUSEDaughter04.07.1872Mr and Mrs James WoodhouseUnion Hotel, Roxburgh18.07.1872Annora Eliza Woodhouse
WOODHOUSESon12.09.1877Mrs James WoodhouseRoxburgh29.09.1877James Michael Woodhouse
WOODHOUSESon25.11.1870Mr and Mrs Frank WoodhouseTeviot08.12.1870Francis Woodhouse
WOODHOUSESon20.02.1871Mr and Mrs James WoodhouseUnion Hotel, Teviot23.02.1871Robert Gerald Woodhouse
WOODHOUSESon - stillborn01.09.1874Mr and Mrs James WoodhouseUnion Hotel, Roxburgh02.09.1874Stillborn birth not registered
WOODSDaughter19.12.1880Mr and Mrs J. J. Woods-22.12.1880Mary Woods
WOODSSon28.12.1876Mrs J. J. Woods-03.01.1877Percival Daniel Francis Woods
WOODSSon05.06.1879Mr and Mrs John J. WoodsWhitehaven Street07.06.1879Henry Norman Woods
WOOTTONDaughter09.06.1878Mrs S. WoottonRoss Place12.06.1878Matilda Wootton
WOOTTONSon14.06.1875Mr and Mrs S. WoottonLawrence16.06.1875Henry Grainger Wootton
WOOTTONSon07.03.1881Mrs S. WoottonLawrence09.03.1881James Bertie Wootton
WRIGHTSon25.06.1874Mr and Mrs James Wright, WaiporiLawrence27.06.1874Edwin John Wright
WYLIESon05.10.1868Mr and Mrs John WylieBridge Hotel, Waipori17.10.1868William John Wylie
YOUNGSon02.09.1884Mr and Mrs George Black YoungDalry Cottage, Abbotsford, Green Island20.09.1884Albert Victor Young
ZURBANOSon17.11.1883Mr and Mrs Bonifacio ZurbanoPrince of Wales Hotel, Princes Street, Dunedin21.11.1883Bonifacio Zurbano